My MBA Resume/Marketing agency/Online media strategist Pitch


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This presentation is meant to accompany my resume in certain situations.

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My MBA Resume/Marketing agency/Online media strategist Pitch

  1. The Michael Musgrove Story (abridged)
  2. Name: Michael Musgrove City: Louisville, KY Quick description: Hard working and fun Specialties: Marketing Strategy, Rebranding/positioning, Data analysis, Market research, Project & change management, Communications and much, much more… Family: 1 beautiful wife, 1 beautiful 7 y/o stepdaughter, 1 amazing dog, 2 questionable cats
  3. I was born in Atlanta, Georgia Me
  4. I grew up in Charleston, South Carolina
  5. I went off to a boys boarding school in Virginia for high school
  6. I went to the University of South Carolina and majored in English And minored in Business Administration, which I liked more than English. 1 9 9 3 I also did other stuff while in college: Worked 30 hrs/week at law offices  Kappa Alpha Order Parliamentarian Rush Chairman Varsity Men’s Lacrosse Beaux Arts
  7. I traveled upon graduation
  8. I went back to Charleston and sold real estate for 3 years • I was the youngest realtor in the area out of 1700+ realtors. • I sold a lot of properties but couldn’t get any listings. • I was offered a desk job with benefits and a steady paycheck. • I took it. 1 9 9 3 | 1 9 9 6
  9. I became a Senior Claims Adjuster 1996-1999
  10. I then became Managing Editor for Actually me Supervised 7 editors Brought in Fortune 500 clients Proofed over 10,000 sensitive financial press releases every year Met seriously intense deadlines Led our bureau to be and stay #1 in accuracy and turnaround 2000-2004
  11. But I wanted more business, less editing. I bought a franchise. 2004-2006
  12. I went from Asheville to Alabama.
  13. I earned an MBA from The U of A. Marketing Strategy concentration Team Leader Engagement manager MBAA Net Impact Entrepreneurship Club Scholarship recipient Lewis Manderson Mentorship Award Graduate Assistant An award of which I am proud2008-2010
  14. Meanwhile… My wife wraps up her PhD in marketing, also at The University of Alabama. She will be a professor of marketing at Indiana University Southeast in 2011.
  15. So I start NexusOne Consulting My Clients Include: U of A Office of Technology Transfer CHEnjoy the Heights •Integrated marketing campaigns •Channel marketing strategies •Brand strategy & positioning •Strategy development & implementation •Technological integration •Market research/target market identification •Messaging plans
  16. But what I really want to do: Brand Management  CEO, Mid-cap firm
  17. What I bring to the table: ∞ Ability to work in virtual teams ∞ Analytic tools ∞ Bringing innovation to market ∞ Business experience ∞ Competitive analysis ∞ Custom integration ∞ Customer insight ∞ Data management ∞ Experience in large-scale survey design ∞ Financial modeling/forecasting ∞ Leadership ∞ Market research ∞ Optimization strategies ∞ Presentation skills ∞ Press release experience ∞ Project management ∞ Quantitative AND qualitative talent ∞ Sophisticated marketing analysis ∞ And even more!
  18. What your firm has less of without me: Dedication Experience
  19. (843) 368-1007 MBMusgrove •