An example: Using ppt for resume


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Doing this ppt is pretty interesting as you might never know how resume could be so different.

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An example: Using ppt for resume

  1. A Brand Called Jia By Jia Liu [email_address]
  2. In a Chinese village Jia was born and raised up …
  3. At eleven she went to a middle school in the city But for three years she only made One friend there…
  4. She felt something within herself should be overcome and she did “ ”
  5. went to college volunteered to help seniors received annual scholarships involved with Drama festival activities won prizes in National English contests served on the Chinese Department Students’ Association and … made a lot of friends S H E
  6. Later… She realized Lotus flower is not born to be so beautiful Life favors courage, confidence, and efforts
  7. Gave up the offer to be an M.A. candidate in Sociolinguistics at Sun Yat-Sen University Immigrated to California without knowing what the future would be… So… She made a choice upon graduation
  8. An Ocean Away, A World Apart
  9. She was fascinated by the strong business climate on the west coast and soon started as a sales associate in a clothing boutique She found that was a perfect place for beginners to be familiar with business practices, observe consumer behaviors, and enhance persuasion skills Upon arriving… Later, she was promoted to be the assistant manager She made and carried out promotion plans; participated in merchandise ordering, buying, and stocking; built up and maintained customer databases by using QuickBooks; trained new employees and assisted in managing the sales team
  10. Meanwhile… She took college classes in Economics, Marketing, Statistics etc. to better understand the world outside of sales She was delighted to find that her sales background would be helpful in a marketing era where the role of consumers and the importance of interactive communication had been focused on…
  11. As Marketing is being challenged by Media Clutter Market Fragmentation Technology Innovation Touchpoints Interaction Then i t means Everybody within a company is, could, and should be a marketer
  12. 4P Product Price Place Promotion Consumer Cost Convenience Communication Experience Exchange Everyplace Evangelism 4C 4E + + = The Marketing Universe SHE CONCLUDED THAT … A gradual integration process in mind and practice
  13. That is why she is now an M.A. candidate in Integrated Marketing Communications at Suffolk University Her strong internet information collection and research skills substantial knowledge about Asia bilingual language skills will definitely add an different perspective to your company as an intern
  14. <ul><li>Thanks for Your Precious Time! </li></ul>The appropriate person fits the appropriate position, and that’s what she firmly believed in.