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Marketing Via Blogs: Burgers

My partner, Dylan Li, and I analyzed two existing burger blogs and created a burger blog of our own with the intent of bringing awareness and driving traffic to the restaurants we blogged about.


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Marketing Via Blogs: Burgers

  1. 1. Burger Blogs!Dylan LiJasmine LeongRestaurantsFebruary 20, 2013
  2. 2. Keywords used: SF food burger blogsURL: bestburgerinsf.comBlogger: Nikki, mid-30’sAudience: 20’s-60’s, men and womenPurpose: To report her experiences on hersearch for the perfect burger
  3. 3. Design:- Eye-catching header- Mint green outer background- White main text background- A couple ads- Detailed reviews- One post above the foldFrequency of Posts:- 2010: At least one post for almostevery month- 2011: About one post a month- 2012: Only five posts- Inconsistent, random
  4. 4. Strategies:- Evaluate burger’s size, price, taste, texture,toppings, emotions evoked- Direct readers to restaurant’s Yelp page andauthor’s other properties- Make money via advertisingTactics:- Search bar- “Best of” list- List of reviewed places- Geographical map- Facebook plug-in- Blogroll- Twitter plug-in- Archives- Comments
  5. 5. Keyword search: Fat Guy Denny BloggerURL: Mark Lim, Late 20’sAudience: Burger Fanatics in the U.S.Purpose: Expressing himself as a fan and to givehis review.
  6. 6. Design:•1 Blog-Post above the Fold•Photos of greasy burgers•Background is a burger•Easy-to-read colors•Catchy Headline•Archives columnPost Frequency:•Sporadic•Uncommitted consistency•Posts at his leisureEntire blog is Ad-Free!ArchivesCatchy Header& Catch Phrase
  7. 7. TacticsStrategy: To Communicate His Review•Lots of photos•Doesn’t over-write•Down-to-earthcomments•Polite Humor•Short Posts“So far this has been my favorite burger.My roommate agrees because we went to get himone after I finished mine.”“It fit just right in my hand. I couldn’t wait to swallow it whole.”•Easy-to-read, conversational posts•Allows comments•Phrase appealing to his target audience“Be Fat! Be Happy!”•Footer ends with links to restaurants•Links to Facebook and Youtube page
  8. 8. URL: Meatmeburger.blogspot.comKeywords to search:•Fat Burger•Meaty Burger•Greasy Juicy Burger•Bay Area burger jointPurpose:•To inform readers of our reviewed burgerhotspots•To potentially make money after gatheringfollowers
  9. 9. Target Audience• 20-40 year olds–Males & Females•Can withstand large amounts ofexcess calories• Bay Area Residents• Weekly to biweeklyburger-eating fanatics• Willing to travel
  10. 10. StrategiesStrategy 1:Communicateour opinionsStrategy 2:Direct readersto otherproperties
  11. 11. Blog Tactics• Catchy headlines• Images• Frequency: once a week• Asks for reader input• Links
  12. 12. Blog Functions• Archives• Comments• Blogroll- Ohsofat- Bestburgerinsf-Hoosierburgerboy•Tags• Permalinks
  13. 13. Meat Me!! Blog Post Analysis• Keywords– Common words• Meaty, Fat, Greasy– Unique to subject(burgers)• Catchy Blog Titles– Inspires curiosity– Faithful to ouraudience