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Weekly Reflections (in ANVILL 2)


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ANVILL's "portfolio tool". This short tutorial explains how to add your weekly reflections. These reflections are a dialog between you and your instructor. You're the only ones who can view them.

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Weekly Reflections (in ANVILL 2)

  1. 1. Weekly Reflections a chance to summarize and probe your weekly learning ANVILL 2 Course System
  2. 2. Every Monday... You’re asked to upload your weekly reflection. While you can type the reflection right into ANVILL, I don’t recommend it. A better strategy is to attach your document (or copy and paste, or link or...) To get started, follow these steps...
  3. 3. Click on the weekly reflections button on them main menu Click the “+” button on the bottom It creates an entry in your name. Step 1
  4. 4. Give your reflection a title Go to the Attachments section Click the Select Media button Step 2
  5. 5. Find the file you want to Upload on your computer Click Choose File button; Click the Upload button Click Submit. Step 3
  6. 6. You can see your attachment is now part of the entry. Click Save. Step 4
  7. 7. If you’re successful, you see your entry. It will look something like this. Click Save. Step 5
  8. 8. copy the text in your document Click the Paste from word button Copy & Paste
  9. 9. Press Control + V on the keyboard edit your text (if necessary) Click insert Insert
  10. 10. More Questions? You can always post them to the Help Desk discussion board!