Casework & Custom Millwork for School Construction and Commercial Spaces


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Longo has been in the casework and custom millwork business for over 40 years. We have designed and built general school classrooms, science labs, libraries, dental rooms, medical exam rooms, reference desks, charge desks, and many more commercial spaces.

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Casework & Custom Millwork for School Construction and Commercial Spaces

  1. 1. Casework & Custom Millwork for Commercial and School Construction Longo Associates Inc. is the Stevens representative for Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Phone: 508-635-4354 Email: [email_address]
  2. 2. Commercial Lab with Plastic Laminate Benches
  3. 3. Laboratory Casework and Workstations Email Nat Longo ( [email_address] ) if you are a private school in CT, MA, RI looking for lab design and construction services.
  4. 4. Custom Healthcare Casework Longo is able to provide custom cabinetry for the healthcare market – email [email_address] for more details.
  5. 5. Pier Laboratory Design Visit to see additional laboratory projects completed by Longo Associates.
  6. 6. High School Chemistry Classroom Longo provides laboratory design and turnkey construction services to private schools – email Nat Longo ( [email_address] ) to discuss your upcoming laboratory project.
  7. 7. Science Room Perimeter Casework
  8. 8. Laboratory Construction Services
  9. 9. Science Room Casework Longo’s laboratory design & construction team building state-of-the-art science classrooms – email Nat Longo ( [email_address] ) for more information.
  10. 10. Home Economics Lab with Laminate Casework In need of laboratory planning – email [email_address] for assistance.
  11. 11. School Casework
  12. 12. Classroom Laminate Casework
  13. 13. Music Casework
  14. 14. Chemistry Lab with Laminate Casework & Workstations
  15. 15. Elementary School Casework
  16. 16. Plastic Laminate Casework
  17. 17. Elementary School Cubbies
  18. 18. Laminate Casework & Corian Tops
  19. 19. Plastic Laminate Computer Stations
  20. 20. Art Room Cabinet Configuration Longo can provide art room planning and specialized cabinetry to accommodate painting, pottery, sculpting, glazing and other art-oriented activities. Email [email_address] to learn more.
  21. 21. Industrial Lab with Laminate Casework Longo builds commercial/industrial labs – email Nat Longo ( [email_address] ) to learn more about our services.
  22. 22. Laminate Library Circulation Desk Longo provides library planning and furniture to interested private schools – visit to see completed projects.
  23. 23. Elementary School Cubbies
  24. 24. Classroom Casework
  25. 25. Nurse Workstation Stevens is able to produce both modular workstations and custom cabinet configurations – visit and call 508-635-4354 if you are located in CT, RI, and MA.
  26. 26. Staff Room Cabinetry
  27. 27. Custom Millwork
  28. 28. Laminate Library Furniture
  29. 29. School Break Room Casework
  30. 30. Art Classroom Cabinetry
  31. 31. Laminate Casework
  32. 32. Physics Laboratory Classroom Visit to see how Longo has assisted others with their laboratory planning and future science classroom construction projects.
  33. 33. General Classroom Casework
  34. 34. Science Prep Room Casework
  35. 35. Computer Stations – Nat Longo has designing and building classrooms for private schools for over 25 years. Email Nat ( [email_address] ) to learn how Longo can provide turnkey services for science labs, library/media centers, art rooms and technology classrooms.
  36. 36. Science Classroom Cabinetry Longo is able to provide both wood and plastic laminate laboratory casework – email [email_address] to find out what kind of casework fits your requirements.
  37. 37. Middle School Science Classroom
  38. 38. Custom Millwork Reception Desk
  39. 39. Science Classroom Design & Furniture
  40. 40. Exam Room Laminate Casework
  41. 41. Custom Wood Lockers
  42. 42. Science Teacher’s Demonstration Desk Longo has been involved with laboratory construction projects for over 40 years – visit to see school science rooms completed by Longo.
  43. 43. Custom Perimeter Computer Stations
  44. 44. Base & Wall Plastic Laminate Casework
  45. 45. Administration Workroom
  46. 46. Laminate Casework in Commercial Labs – learn more about Longo’s industrial lab design and construction services.
  47. 47. Plastic Laminate Lab Casework More lab projects at
  48. 48. Stevens Industries Distributed by Longo in Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts <ul><li>We provide high quality plastic laminate casework and millwork by Stevens for: </li></ul><ul><ul><li>Commercial/Industrial Lab Spaces </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>High School & Middle School Science Classrooms </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Libraries (Custom Circulation Desks) </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>General Classrooms </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Healthcare/Hospitals/Medical Facilities </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Art Rooms </li></ul></ul>