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LevelTen Interactive Presents
The Social Media Bootcamp for Business!
As popular as it is, very few companies are effectively using social media. Come to this important seminar, featuring one of the country's leading social media experts, Giovanni Gallucci, and understand the proper application of social media and learn how to drive sales, create huge impact and dominate your market!

In Part One of Level Ten's series about building a comprehesive online business marketing ecosystem, you'll learn how to generate real leads and sales with social media. This social media bootcamp will train your marketing, public relations, and communications teams to utilize the new media marketing tools of online videos, photos, social networks and other social media related websites in your online marketing, customer relations, audience development, and pr efforts.
Social media has become a rapidly growing marketing tool for the business world.
Giovanni Gallucci is a well-respected and well-known social media expert. During the Social Media Bootcamp for Business event you’ll be able to learn his techniques, developed over ten years as an online community developer, search engine programmer and online marketing consultant to help utilize these tools and platforms for yourself.
Seats are going fast so more workshops will be announced soon if this bootcamp sells out.
Giovanni's intensive courses are designed to provide you with a strong understanding of the digital space as well as help you create an action plan to start using digital strategies to build your business. You will walk away with a solid action plan and the knowledge and tools to bring it to life.
He knows that your time is valuable – he's worked hard to develop training programs that teach how to get results. Get your digital marketing in shape today with The Social Media Bootcamp for Business.
CEO’s, Business Owners, Social Media Specialists, Account Executives, Sales Executives, Presidents/Vice-Presidents, Senior Marketing Execs, Media Executives
Generate quality, relevant links;
Create new relationships with potential clients;
Drive direct and indirect sales;
Improve customer service;
Take marketshare from your competition;
Improve your Google search results;
Integrate online efforts with broadcast, print, outdoor, and other off-line efforts;
Grow your online audience and develop an engaged fan base;
Effectively manage your online reputation;
and more...
Section 1: SEO 101: The Basics
Section 2: Online Communities: Facebook/Google+ for SEO and Sales
Section 3: Microblogging and Location-Based Platforms: Using Twitter and Pinterest Appropriately and Effectively
Section 4: Video and Image-based Social Marketing via YouTube & Flickr for Better Google Results
Section 5: Audience Development - Growing & Managing Your Fan Base
Section 6: Bringing It All Together - Connecting Your Platofrms So They Work Together &

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Social Media Boot Camp for Business at LevelTen Interactive

  1. 1. Social Media Workshop For Business
  2. 2. Howdy@giovanni
  3. 3. Giovanni Gallucci I’m a hack. I have no business teaching anyone anything about social media or SEO for that matter. But - for some reason I’ve been blessed with great success online. So, I’ll not teach. I’ll just show you what works for me.@giovanni
  4. 4. - stats from over 150,000 websites What *Really* Drives Traffic?@giovanni
  5. 5. - stats from over 150,000 websites What *Really* Drives Traffic?@giovanni
  6. 6. - stats from over 150,000 websites What *Really* Drives Traffic?@giovanni
  7. 7. - stats from over 150,000 websites What *Really* Drives Traffic?@giovanni
  8. 8. Section 1 SEO 101: The Basics
  9. 9. click thrus | humans keywords & phrases | humans back links | search engines anchor text | search engines @giovanni
  10. 10. Keywords How Google Works(Simplified) @giovanni
  11. 11. Keyword Research @giovanni
  12. 12. Keyword Research @giovanni
  13. 13. Keyword Research @giovanni
  14. 14. PR & Social Media Deal In The Same Currency social capital = reputation = access to resources/ access to more connections = reciprocity (favors added up) = public accomplishments = increased levels of trust = reputation = more social capital: wash, rinse, repeat @giovanni
  15. 15. Section 2 Facebook & Google+
  16. 16. Options for Marketing @giovanni
  17. 17. What did facebook do right? @giovanni
  18. 18. What did facebook not do right? @giovanni
  19. 19. What are you gonna do? @giovanni
  20. 20. What are you gonna do? @giovanni
  21. 21. And the crowd went wild.
  22. 22. Google+ Launches Public Beta 6/27/2011 @giovanni
  23. 23. Google+ Invites Start Pouring In 6/29/2011 @giovanni
  24. 24. 16 days @giovanni
  25. 25. 120 days @giovanni
  26. 26. 120 days 53 Million + @giovanni
  27. 27. And then lots of them left.
  28. 28. one @giovanni
  29. 29. Friends Lists - Closed @giovanni
  30. 30. Friends Lists Can’t be Optimized @giovanni
  31. 31. Twitter Lists are a vote for people Google is looking at... @giovanni
  32. 32. Circles @giovanni
  33. 33. Circles are a vote for people Google is looking at influence. @giovanni
  34. 34. Circles are a vote for people Google is looking at authority. @giovanni
  35. 35. Circles are a vote for people Google is looking at connections. @giovanni
  36. 36. Circles are a vote for people Google is looking at memes. @giovanni
  37. 37. Circles @giovanni
  38. 38. Optimization Let’s talk about SEO for Facebook @giovanni
  39. 39. Optimization Let’s talk about SEO for Facebook @giovanni
  40. 40. Optimization That was quick. @giovanni
  41. 41. Optimization But Seriously @giovanni
  42. 42. Google+ Profile Page @giovanni
  43. 43. Introduction/About You @giovanni
  44. 44. Occupation/Employment @giovanni
  45. 45. Location @giovanni
  46. 46. Make sure you’re visible to Google @giovanni
  47. 47. Social Plugins Like & Share Buttons & More @giovanni
  48. 48. Social Plugins Like & Share Buttons @giovanni
  49. 49. Social Plugins Like & Share Buttons @giovanni
  50. 50. Google+ Style You can write in bold or italic, but you just have to make some small “additions”. To write in bold, write the word in asterisks: *example*. If you want to write in italic, put it in underscores: _example_. If you want the words you write to appear cut, use a hyphen: -example-. @giovanni
  51. 51. Get Your Brand @giovanni
  52. 52. Pages NOT Profiles @giovanni
  53. 53. Promote Your Page Offiline @giovanni
  54. 54. Promote Your Page Offiline @giovanni
  55. 55. Branded Applications Mind The Performance! @giovanni
  56. 56. Branded Applications Be Efficient! @giovanni
  57. 57. Facebook Ads “Why do you ‘Like’ brands on facebook? Brand Invitation or Ad - 75% Friend Inviting - 59% Personal Research - 49% *eMarketer @giovanni
  58. 58. Facebook Ads Design > Text & Image @giovanni
  59. 59. Facebook Ads Targeting @giovanni
  60. 60. Facebook Ads Set Daily Budget & Pricing @giovanni
  61. 61. Facebook Ads Review & Pay @giovanni
  62. 62. Section 3 Twitter & Foursquare
  63. 63. Best Practices for TwitterUse a photo of yourself that’sinterestingFollow people that YOU thinkare interesting, not just b/ceveryone else is following them.Mix in SOME personalinformationDon’t SPAM - Bring valueUse twitter search to find othersJoin the conversation! use the @ sign before another person’s nameto get their attentionMost importantly - create and build relationships @giovanni
  64. 64. Best Practices for TwitterEstablish twitter accounts forspecific demographicsGrow your twitter follower list firstPopulate twitter streams withrelevant content using Twitter Feedor Ping.fmUse innovative ways to get them to follow and friend you onfacebookSweepstakes are terrific @giovanni
  65. 65. ApplicationsHootsuite @giovanni
  66. 66. ApplicationsTweetdeck @giovanni
  67. 67. ApplicationsTwitter Local @giovanni
  68. 68. Foursquare What Is Foursquare? @giovanni
  69. 69. Foursquare Mobile App Venue Ownership Reviews/SuggestionsSocial Game5 Million UsersSpecial Deals400 Million Checkins @giovanni
  70. 70. Places/Check-In Incentives @giovanni
  71. 71. Places/Check-In Incentives Types Of Deals @giovanni
  72. 72. Section 4 YouTube & Flickr
  73. 73. Photos/Video One Of My Weapons Of Choice@giovanni
  74. 74. Equipment Canon 5D @giovanni
  75. 75. EQUIPMENT Canon 5D@giovanni
  76. 76. EQUIPMENT Canon 5D Canon 7D@giovanni
  77. 77. EQUIPMENT Canon 5D Canon 7D@giovanni
  78. 78. EQUIPMENT Canon 5D Canon 7D Canon T2i (T3i) Canon G12 GoPro HD iPhone@giovanni
  79. 79. Tools Of The Trade Facebook Flickr Foursquare Google+ Tumblr Twitter Wordpress YouTube @giovanni
  80. 80. Tools Of The Trade Google Analytics Grader HARO HootSuite Klout Map My Followers PeerIndex TubeToolbox TweetAdder @giovanni
  81. 81. Tools Of The Trade Google Analytics Grader HARO HootSuite Klout Map My Followers PeerIndex TubeToolbox TweetAdder @giovanni
  82. 82. Tools Of The Trade Google Analytics Grader HARO HootSuite Klout Map My Followers PeerIndex TubeToolbox TweetAdder @giovanni
  83. 83. BEFORE @giovanni
  84. 84. BEFORE Passion: “I have never had a job I was not passionate about.” - Kurt Podeszwa (Camp For All), SchipulCon in the speaker room. If you are not passionate about what you’re doing, stop. I’m serious. Just stop.@giovanni @giovanni
  85. 85. BEFOREBuild Relationships@giovanni
  86. 86. BEFORE We need to reset: Anyone who says social media is free doesn’t know squat about running an effective social media campaign. @giovanni
  87. 87. BEFOREFOR EXAMPLE: Building a portfolio (translated: work, write, orshoot for free sometimes.)But, DO NOT establish the value for your product/services at $0.00. NEVERbe available for anyone for free when THEY request your time. NEVER. @giovanni
  88. 88. BEFORE Easy enough (kind of) if you are doing this for your own brand. But if you have employees or a vendor doing this for you, it just stopped being “free”. @giovanni
  89. 89. Plan, plan, and plan some more. BEFORE Site review, scheduling, shot list, backup equipment, batteries, know where your exits are, know alternate entrances... @giovanni
  90. 90. Plan, plan, and plan some more. BEFORE Who, What, Where, When, Why? @giovanni
  91. 91. BEFORE Use those contacts! @giovanni
  92. 92. BEFORE Small footprint @giovanni
  93. 93. BEFORE Media badge - the key to the city...almost @giovanni @giovanni
  94. 94. BEFORE Don’t describe yourself as anything other than a professional photographer if you want to be taken seriously. @giovanni
  95. 95. BEFORE You’re not a “blogger” - You’re a writer or an online journalist. @giovanni
  96. 96. BEFORE Know your rights. Know the law/know the TOS on sites you’re working on. @giovanni
  97. 97. DURING @giovanni
  98. 98. DURING First order of business: get the shots you need. @giovanni
  99. 99. DURING Know your rights. Don’t be unnecessarily confrontational, but don’t be a doormat either. Private security are NOT the POPO. Have them call the police if you can’t come to agreement and they attempt to detain you. NEVER give anyone your camera. NEVER give anyone your photos. But give the POPO “the disk from your camera” if they ask - Use The Cloud @giovanni @giovanni
  100. 100. DURING Be patient. Be nice. Be respectful. Be invisible. @giovanni
  101. 101. Be creative. Duh, really? Really. DURING Find the angles that no-one else would. If you want your photography to stand out, you must get shots no-one else is getting. @giovanni
  102. 102. DURING Be present. Be alert. @giovanni
  103. 103. DURING Be present. Be alert. @giovanni
  104. 104. DURING Shoot everything. Shoot until you get kicked out or until there’s nothing left to shoot. @giovanni
  105. 105. DURING Remember I said the get the shots you NEED first? Once you have gotten those AND backed up those photos? Sneak around. Shoot to get kicked out. @giovanni
  106. 106. TOP TIPS BASICS: Rule of thirds. Balancing elements in the shot. Leading lines. Symmetry. Background. Framing. @giovanni
  107. 107. TOP TIPS People love the fisheye. CREATIVE LIGHT: Using extreme ends of Over exposure. zoom lenses. Under exposure. Aperture for dummies. Flash rings. Customize the buttons on your camera. Natural lens flare. Zoom with your feet. Light hacking. @giovanni
  108. 108. TOP TIPS OTHER STUFF: Dress the part. Change - cards ROCK. of clothes available. Compose the picture in the Keep business cards ON camera. (?) you. Keep a step ladder in your car. Monopods & tripods are Knee pads. Band-Aids. Igloo. Paper your friends. towels. Shoot RAW. @giovanni
  109. 109. TOP TIPS - BLOGGERS Define Your Goals Be Visible Know Your Audience Take Risks Be Consistent Ask for Feedback Be Persistent Keep Learning Be Inviting Be Yourself @giovanni
  110. 110. Video SEO @giovanni
  111. 111. Video SEO Tips @giovanni
  112. 112. Video SEO Tips @giovanni
  113. 113. Video SEO Tips @giovanni
  114. 114. Video SEO Tips Video SEO Ranking Factors -Title -Description -Tags -Views -Ratings -Playlist Additions -Inbound Links -Relevance of content -Flagging/Favorites -Shares/Embeds -Onsite Links -Comments -Age of VIdeo -Channel Views -Subscribers @giovanni
  115. 115. Video SEO Tools @giovanni
  116. 116. Video SEO Tolls @giovanni
  117. 117. Video SEO Tolls tube toolbox - don’t use tools to cheat! use technology to work more efficiently YouTube TOS Section 4.G: "You agree not to use or launch any automated system, including without limitation, "robots," "spiders," or "offline readers," that accesses the Website in a manner that sends more request messages to the YouTube™ servers in a given period of time than a human can reasonably produce in the same period by using a conventional on-line web browser." @giovanni
  118. 118. TOP TIPS NOW BREAK THE RULES @giovanni
  119. 119. AFTER @giovanni
  120. 120. AFTER Review. Crop. Color correction (you shot RAW, right?). Filters. @giovanni
  121. 121. Using Filters @giovanni
  122. 122. Using Filters @giovanni
  123. 123. AFTER META Data - Optimization. @giovanni
  124. 124. Photos on Google+ @giovanni
  125. 125. Photos on Facebook @giovanni
  126. 126. iPhoto Metadata @giovanni
  127. 127. Aperture Metadata@giovanni
  128. 128. Google+ Pictures@giovanni
  129. 129. Facebook Pictures @giovanni
  130. 130. Great. Prove it. This is where I put my $$ where my mouth is... @giovanni
  131. 131. Great. Prove it. What do the results look like? @giovanni
  132. 132. What do the results look like? @giovanni
  133. 133. What do the results look like? @giovanni
  134. 134. What do the results look like? @giovanni
  135. 135. What do the results look like? @giovanni
  136. 136. What do the results look like?@giovanni
  137. 137. What do the results look like? @giovanni
  138. 138. Section 5 Audience Development
  139. 139. Lemons Into Lemon-aide Identify The Threat @giovanni
  140. 140. Lemons Into Lemon-aide Awareness @giovanni
  141. 141. Lemons Into Lemon-aide Awareness @giovanni
  142. 142. Lemons Into Lemon-aide Resolve The Issue In Public @giovanni
  143. 143. Lemons Into Lemon-aide Reap The Rewards In Public @giovanni
  144. 144. Create A Landing Tab Take Fans Where They Need To Go @giovanni
  145. 145. Offers, discounts, deals @giovanni
  146. 146. Bring Value @giovanni
  147. 147. Contests/Sweepstakes Tie In Partners @giovanni
  148. 148. What do the results look like? Fan Engagement @giovanni
  149. 149. Section 6 Bringing It All Together
  150. 150. Monitoring Twitter @giovanni
  151. 151. Facebook Insight Audience Analytics @giovanni
  152. 152. Facebook Insight Audience Analytics @giovanni
  153. 153. External Analytics Audience Analytics @giovanni
  154. 154. What Kind Of Campaigns Are Out There? What are you in the mood for? @giovanni
  155. 155. Small Business Example Keyword Research Website Optimized (10 Pages) Facebook (5 posts/week) Twitter (10 Tweets/week) @giovanni
  156. 156. Medium Business Example Small Biz Package+ 15 More Pages Optimized YouTube Flickr Set Up Google Analytics @giovanni
  157. 157. Large Business Example Medium Biz Package+ 25 More Pages Optimized Blogging/Commenting Bookmarking Training @giovanni
  158. 158. White Label What are you in the mood for? @giovanni
  159. 159. @giovanni
  160. 160. Thank You tom mccracken 469.362.4613 x306 @giovanni