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Kyle Tudors


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Kyle Tudors

  1. 1. The Tudors days
  2. 2. Henry the 8th Henry the 8 th had 6 wives One of his wives was called amber ling he was her favourite wife.
  3. 3. Houses The poor had cottages or bungalows Like this
  4. 4. rich tudor houses only rich people can afford big Tudor houses like castles. Anne Boleyn only had a small house called Heaver castle. This is heaver castle
  5. 5. crime and punishment You wouldn’t like to do some think bad in the Tudor times.because the punishment .like: beheading,hanging,burning,crushed,boiled alive,whipped,branded with hot ions,the pillory,the stocks, ducking stool,the brank ,limbs cut of,the drunkards cloak ,
  6. 6. Tudor medicine Some of the Tudor medicines were really weird and unusual .there were medicines like: