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Brandons Presentation


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Published in: Education
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Brandons Presentation

  1. 1. TUDOR WELCOME TO THE TUDORS By Brandon Lawrence
  2. 2. Tudor entertainment They didn’t entertain there selves with ps2 and ps3 there entertain there selves with fox hunting , throwing a sledgehammer ,leaping ,pitch the bar ,shin kicking and more .
  3. 4. HENRY THE 8 TH AND HIS 6 WIFES HENRY’S first wife was Catherine of Aragon. Henry’s second wife was Anna Boleyn But I have 2 wifes not 6
  4. 5. Tudor Houses It has a texture of black and white on the house and it is made out of wattle and daub . People who has lot’s of money lives in big houses and poor people lives in little houses.
  5. 6. Crime and punishment <ul><ul><li>Many towns had a whipping post. The victim was chained to the post, stripped to the waist and whipped. You could be whipped for stealing a loaf of bread! </li></ul></ul>