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Guy Fawkes Day


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Guy Fawkes Day

  1. 1.  James I becomes King of England.  Fines Catholics not attending Church of England services and he puts Catholic priests to death.
  2. 2.  Robert Catesby hatches a plan to blow up Parliament on the day it opens.
  3. 3.  The plotters recruit Guido Fawkes, an explosives expert.
  4. 4.    Rent a house near to Houses of Parliament and start tunnelling. Water leaks in from the River Thames Walls of the House of Lords could not be penetrated.
  5. 5.   State Opening of Parliament postponed until 5th November 1605 Cellar room becomes available for rent.
  6. 6.   36 barrels of gunpowder moved to the cellar and hidden behind firewood. Guy Fawkes left in charge of guarding it.
  7. 7.  Lord Monteagle, an MP – and cousin of Francis Tresham – receives a letter, warning him to not attend the State Opening of Parliament.  Monteagle shows letter to Robert Cecil who, in turn, shows it to the King.
  8. 8.  King orders search of the cellars.  ‘John Johnson’ found with pile of wood.  2nd search - gunpowder is found.  Johnson is arrested and taken to the Tower.
  9. 9.  Johnson confesses to being Guy Fawkes.  After four days of torture he confesses to the Plot.
  10. 10.  Meanwhile, the other plotters had been hiding in a house in the Midlands.  Soldiers surround the house.  Catesby, Percy & Winter brothers are shot dead.  Remaining plotters taken to the Tower.  Tried, and found guilty of High Treason.
  11. 11.  Plotters hanged, drawn and quartered for their crimes.