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Is Video the Future of Qualitative Research?


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Can quantitative research simultaneously identify new insights and confirm market opinions? Can video play a role in quantitative research? Yes it can! Through the creative use of video open ends, you will see that quantitative research can uncover deep insights while also providing the market underpinnings we rely on.

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Is Video the Future of Qualitative Research?

  1. 1. VIDEO ANSWERS AND THE FUTURE OF BIG QUAL? Frank Kelly October 2016
  2. 2. Marketing Research: The process or set of processes that links the producers, customers, and end users to the marketer through information (Wikipedia) Quantitative (Quant) Research: The systematic empirical investigation of observable phenomena via statistical, mathematical or computational techniques (Wikipedia) Qualitative (Qual) Research: is a broad methodological approach that encompasses many research methods that examine the why and how of decision making (Wikipedia) What is Big Qual? The systematic empirical investigation of the why and how of decisions making Quantitative and Qualitative Research What’s the Difference?
  3. 3. Quantitative Research Qualitative Research Open-ended Dynamic Input Closed-end Static Input 2016 2016 2020
  4. 4. Surveys Are Changing… They are getting shorter (slowly!) They are increasingly completed on a mobile device Survey design guidelines typically suggest limiting open- ended questions, particularly for mobile. Enable the use of video instead
  5. 5. Sampling No longer REP without MOBILE SIMPLIFY Mobile first – Create shorter surveys, and allow for fewer answers MODULARIZE Break surveys up into multiple parts ADAPT Be responsive – Video can provide more input for the same amount of time
  6. 6. Video Capture and Transfer is the Driving Force Behind Big Data Source: Statista
  7. 7. 0.5 1 1.5 2 2.5 3 15 25 35 45 55 65 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 Users-Billions DataTraffic-ThousandPetabytes Global Video, Smartphone, and Social Media Usage Video Monthly Data Traffic Smartphone Users Social Media Users The Rise of Video Video will account for 70% of increase in data transfers over next 3 years
  8. 8. 60% Of Respondents Were Engaged In Another Activity While Completing The Survey 40% 37% 4% 8% 2% 6% 3% Nothing Else Watching TV Reading or Studying Eating or Drinking Playing an Online Game or App Surfing the Internet on Different Device Surfing the Internet on Same Device UK survey 1,000 completes on mobile devices June 2015
  9. 9. Benefits of Video Response 1. Incorporating Big Qual techniques into Quant research 2. More direct link between product user and product creators. Hear words, feelings and emotions people use to describe products and needs 3. Potentially create shorter surveys: one video can replace 3 open-ended questions 4. Add a Qual element for a fraction of the price with less lead time needed
  10. 10. Video Research Data Capture works equally well on Computer and Mobile. QUALITATIVE QUANTITATIVE COMPUTER MOBILE DEVICE Ad Hoc Quant Trackers Ethnography In the Moment Research Geo-location Discussion Forums Voice of the Consumer Diary Studies Online Focus Groups
  11. 11. Fieldwork Considerations for Video Research Willingness Analytics Incentive Quality Privacy/Security Capture
  12. 12. How Willing Are Respondents To Provide Video? Lightspeed study December 2015 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 USA Brazil Singapore China % Willing To Do Video
  13. 13. Video Management / Analytics Platforms 1. Storage & analytic tools 2. Time-coded transcriptions enables search 3. Filtering by:  Content  Qualifying criteria  Demos  Responses 4. Video editing & collage creation
  14. 14. • Bad lighting • No sound • No one speaking • Background noise (traffic, dog barking) Varying Quality For The Video Responses 26% questionable
  15. 15. 63% Good videos without instructions 83% Good videos with instructions Instructions Make a Difference Good videos with instructions 83%
  16. 16. Blockers From Respondents 43% have security / privacy concerns - don’t know what but just don’t feel comfortable 6%of people can’t use / don’t have the technology 45%of people say they are uncomfortable with the video - saying ‘too personal’ and ‘don’t like showing myself’
  17. 17. 147 (40%) Gave Consent 53 (14%) Videos Received 371 Responses 73% Good Quality
  18. 18. Different Sample Composition = Different Data Provided Consent Declined Consent Liked Ad Very Much 87% 68% Ad is Very Different 30% 14% Ad Impact on you 41% 16% Feel ‘better’ about Brand X 64% 39% Feel ‘better’ about Brand Y 79% 53%
  19. 19. My workout for the week is I do 75 sit-ups, I do leg squats, about 100 of those, then I do 'em on each leg, 100 of those. I do the back arms 100 times, I do my dumbbells 400 repetitions, and I do them back like this. I do that 100 times. I have a Leg Magic machine. I do it twice a day. It's basically gliding your legs back and forth and like squeezing them and countin' two. I count to 60 for each repetition. I think I said 75 sit-ups a day. I do the, I don't know what they're called, like crunches. I do 500 of those. I work my legs out. I do the leg lift . I do two different kinds of leg lifts. I do 350 for one and 120,this is on each leg, for another. I drink eight ounce glasses of water a day. I have one cup of coffee with one tablespoon of sugar, one tablespoon of half and half, fat-free. Like for TEXT I walk around my neighborhood every morning which is about 1-1 1/2 miles with hills. I also jump rope to get my heart rate up. @LightspeedGM I @AddedValueUS @zoedowling VIDEO Words – How do they Compare? Both have many words, but which has more information?
  20. 20. The Question Matters Ask a more personal question: Using personal wording can generate more insights and this can be increased with video. 10.1 43.7 13.4 61.4 Avg Word Count Your Routine Ad Feelings No. Codes 1.5 3.3 2 4.2
  21. 21. Marketing Research will evolve over the next few years from primarily closed end surveys to incorporate qual techniques at scale that enable a more natural way to provide insights Marketing Research As We Know It
  22. 22. Biometrics: • Heartrate/Blood Pressure • Facial Emotions • Voice Analysis • Eye Tracking Video/Pictures Virtual Reality Chat Bots Examples of Tech Based Qual Tools that can be Launched at Scale
  23. 23. Story Telling Finding the Story in the Data: Knowing how to ask insightful questions that can bring out the story
  24. 24. • Methods need to be independent but come to the same conclusion Triangulation Independent Research Protocols to Confirm Research Objectives • Methods need to be independent • Two is better than one if both give the same answer • To avoid bias, dynamic insight questions should precede closed-end questions
  25. 25. EVOLUTION OF RESEARCH TECHNIQUES Interviewers Talk to People People Interact with Surveys People provide video Machines talk to people People Talk to People
  26. 26. Market Research Over Time Forecast Report Issued Timeline Survey Design Data Provided In Person Focus Group Interviews Report Provided 20 20 20 500 Online Interviews Survey Design 500 Online Interviews Customized Follow Up Interviews 100 Data Provided Report Provided
  27. 27. ADAPTIVE LEARNING: 1. Visual 2. Aural 3. Verbal 4. Physical 5. Logical 6. Social 7. Solitary ADAPTIVE RESEARCH 1. Direct 2. Indirect 3. Associative 4. Emotional Adaptive Learning We now know how to teach people based upon the way they learn, we should similarly learn how to derive insights from people according to the way they can best provide it.
  28. 28. Big Data is really layered data Conscious and non-conscious inputs combine to give the full story Facial Emotions Voice Tonality Other Biometrics Background Analytics Words Insights&Understanding
  29. 29. Emotion As a Service Emotions aggregated across respondents for key phrases from video responses in hotel study can enrich understanding Free Breakfast Early Check-in Exercise Room Toiletries/ Amenities Hotel Brand Loyalty Points Pool Late Check- out
  30. 30. Use Cases For Video Research Tracker with Video Key Characteristics • Subset of respondents • Focus on topical issues Benefits • Regular consumer feedback for brand managers Ad Hoc Infusion Key Characteristics • Subset of respondents Benefits • More detailed insights generation than text open ends alone • Seek out respondents that feel strongly positive or negative Video Ad Hoc Key Characteristics • All respondents required to do video • Short survey with several video responses • Highly engaging data collection medium Benefits • Quick turn around • Can be event triggered
  31. 31. Examples of Video Research Offer 1. BASIC VIDEO CAPTURE AND ALBUM DELIVERY  Scripting by Lightspeed  Specialty incentives  Editing – removing poor data  Append demographics or survey responses for easy filtering 2. ENHANCED  Basic Video Capture and Album Delivery  Analysis through a valued video technology partner  Filtering by topic, demos, key words  Transcription
  32. 32. Why Use Video? Emotions/ Real Decision Making Respondent Validation Background Context Observed Usage Deeper Understanding Increased Engagement
  33. 33. Video is gaining as a way to communicate and consume media and we will see increased usage of video in research. We expect that about 25% of respondents today would be willing to provide a video, although higher incentives will be required. We believe that short videos will become a standard component of surveys for a portion of the respondents. These videos will be used to add color and new insights to the traditional data sources. New tools to manage video content will enable video processing much like other data types. Prediction: within 5 years 25% of research projects will incorporate video capture. Summary