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Hoshin planning presentation

  1. Stakeholders ‘catch’ the improvement topic and through Kaizen, VSM etc develop ideal current state, identify other issues etc
  2. Leadership evident at all levels
  3. Everyone understands the goals of the organisation
  4. Aligns resources, objectives and metrics to all goals and at all levels of the organization
  5. Employees are involved in setting targets, improvement schedules and reviews
  6. There is a clear line of sight

Editor's Notes

  1. First we will look at the literal meaning of Hoshin Kanri to understand how it guides an organization from development of vision through strategy deployment
  2. Together it suggests we set our compass in a direction in a control and logic
  3. We understand that our strategic plan is developed in support of achieving our vision.The 3-5 year strategic plan sets…
  4. Developing the annual objectives is typically
  5. Matrix may appear complicated at firstIt is a strategic planning documentThat articulates the intent of the companies actions through
  6. An action plan is developed for each improvement priority.Here we will define the process owner, the improvement team, the background and the relationship to the annual objective. All the steps necessary to deliver on the annual objective are listed.
  7. Catchballing is a unique element of hoshin planning and is at its heartStakeholders “catch” the improvement initiative through kaizen and value stream mapping and through their involvement they identify other improvement ideas and develop their plans of actions and then plans for improvement are thrown back to management
  8. The concept of catchballing can be represented in this way whereby the strategy of the leadership become the objective for middle management who develops strategy and actions plans, their strategy becomes the objective of line management who develop strategy and actions plans for which they become accountable. As we can see this ensures that the objectives and strategy are linked up and down the organization
  9. What at the benefits of Hoshin planning to the organization?