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Guide to Philip Allan Archives


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Instructions for Dixie Grammar School staff and students for accessing and using our Philip Allan Magazine Archives subscription.

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Guide to Philip Allan Archives

  1. 1. Instructions for using Philip Allan Magazine ArchivesWhat is the Online Archive?Online archives of back issues are available for all Philip Allan A-level magazines whichprovide full access to the text of all articles from back issues. The Online archive dates asfar back as 2004-05 (or to the first issues in the cases of A-level Law Review, PE Reviewand RS Review). We have unlimited access for all DGS staff and students at home or atschool.PhotographsThe Online Archive provides full access to the text of all articles. Some photographs havebeen masked for copyright reasons. Philip Allan are working with copyright owners tounmask more photographs over time.Where a photograph is referred to in the text and is required for direct analysis, it isincluded.How do I access the Philip Allan Magazine Archives?Go to our Library Online website and click on the“Online Resources” tab at the top.Library Online: takes you to a password protected page. Pleaseask Mrs Robinson for the current password. When the Online Resources page loads, scroll down to the Philip Allan Magazine Archives and click on the image.You will then go through to the Philip Allan page. Itwill open in a new tab on your browser. From thispage you can access the individual titles in oursubscription.
  2. 2. Using the drop-down menus beside the title(s)that we subscribe to, choose the volume andissue numbers and click on Open. You nowhave access to the magazine and anyresources linked to it.To get back to this page at any time, click onthe “Archive” button on the left.How do I use the magazines online? Text on screen Once you have selected the magazine, click on the cover, or on Open digital magazine to open your magazine on the screen. Zoom and Full screen Use the scale - plus and minus buttons - to change the size of the section being viewed on screen.Click on the full screen to automatically size the pages to full screen, so that you can readthe text in better resolution.Moving through the magazineUse the arrows at the left - and right-hand page edges to move through the magazine.PrintClicking on the print button will print your article.How do I search?Simply use the search box at the top of the page. The search function allows you tosearch within a single title, or, if you subscribe to more than one title, across those titles.How do I access the resources for my magazines?All the resources which accompany each issue of the magazine are listed on the issue homepage, you can also access these at any time by clicking the “Resources” button whilstbrowsing through the digital magazine pages. The resources have icons to show their content. Power- Word Excel PDF Audio Podcast Video Other Point
  3. 3. How do I search across all magazines?To search across all magazines rather thanselecting one issue, click on the “MyMagazines” button or on “Home”. When thispage loads, click on “Search MagazineContent”.The Advanced Search boxes will then load.Use the drop down boxes to refine yoursearches.Can I download material?The magazine Online Archives are web-based products that cannot be downloaded andstored. This ensures that you have access to the most up-to-date version of the archivewith added resources.Can I share log-in details with a colleague in another school?All subscriptions and log-in details are specific to individuals or to an individual educationalinstitution and may not be shared.What do I do if the Online Archives logs me out?Sometimes the Online Archives may log out if you leave it inactive for a few minutes oraccidentally click on “Logout”. To get back in to the system, go to the tab on your browserwith the Library Online> Online Resources page and click on the Philip Allan Online Archiveimage again.How do I use the other online resources available to the school?Our Library Service subscribes to the following online resources: Credo Reference  Philip Allan Magazine Archives Guardian and Observer Digital Archive  Science Reference Center History Study Center  Essential Articles OnlineThe Librarian is preparing a set of instructions for all of our online resources. These will bemade available as soon as possible.You may also be interested in our other publication:Guide to Library Online Services—this explains all of the virtual and web-based servicesoffered by the Library. DGS Library Services 2013