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Hello and welcome to your Library!                                              How do I borrow books?•    The Library is ...
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Student guide


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Guide for students to the Michael Parker Library at The Dixie Grammar School.

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Student guide

  1. 1. What is in the Library? The Dixie Grammar SchoolThe Library has all these types of resources and facilities: Michael Parker Library• General and Young Adult fiction (stories).• Graphic novels and Manga.• Reference and information books (non-fiction).•• Books and information about our local area. Newspapers and magazines. Welcome to your• ICT - 6 fixed laptops, colour printer, screen and projector.•• Catalogue computer to help you find library resources. Study tables and chairs, lovely comfortable seating. Library!• Mrs Robinson, the Librarian, to help and advise you! How can I get to use a computer?• If you want to use one of our laptops after school or at lunchtime please book in advance with Mrs Robinson.• Sixth Formers can book laptops to use during a Study Pe- riod by talking to Mrs Robinson or ringing the Library exten- sion 225. What are Library Online Services?Our Library has lots of useful websites to help you with researchand choosing books to read. You can also find out about events Student Guideand activities in the Library. The sites are all linked from ourmain Library Online website at this address: http://library-online.org.uk Open up for a whirlwind tour.... © Library 2009
  2. 2. Hello and welcome to your Library! How do I borrow books?• The Library is for everyone in the school to use and You can borrow the following items from the Library: everyone is a member. Years 6-11:• Mrs Robinson is the Librarian. Please introduce • Most books 4 books for 4 weeks yourselves when you come in. • Short Loan 1 item for 3 days• We hope that you will make good use of the Library as it • Reference Reference books cannot be borrowed. has a lot to offer! Don’t forget that joining your local public library also makes good sense (and it’s free too!) Years 12-13: • Most books 6 books for 6 weeks • Short Loan and Reference as above. Please bring anything you wish to borrow to the Desk, even if When is the Library open? you only want to take it out for a few minutes. If Mrs Robinson is not in, then please sign the sheet on the Desk.Years 6-11 can come in to the Library:• Lunchtimes: 1.00-2.00 Remember YOU are responsible for any items borrowed in your• After school: until 5.15 name, please look after them and bring them back on time.• During lessons you may be sent to the Library by your class teacher to research or to use our computers. Reservations and Renewals• Your class may be booked in to use the Library with your If you want to have your book for teacher and Mrs Robinson working together. We will let longer or you want to reserve a book, you know when that happens! just ask at the Desk.Years 12-13 can come in to the Library: Fines• During lunchtimes and after school as above. The Library does not charge fines, but• You are also welcome during your study periods, unless please bring resources back on time. the Library is booked for class use. Please check on the If you lose or damage anything then notice board at the bottom of the Library Staircase or ring the school will have to charge for Mrs Robinson on extension 225. replacement.Mrs Robinson works in the Library from 8.15-5.15. She takes herlunch break from 12.00-1.00.