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Apple Health Kit from the Application Developer Point of View


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Developer's view on HealthKit introduced by Apple as part of iOS8 operating system

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Apple Health Kit from the Application Developer Point of View

  1. 1. Apple HealthKit App Developer View Prepared for Personal Analytics Meetup By Gene Leybzon
  2. 2. Health/Fitness Data Collection Sensor-based apps Health Provider Information Staring Statistical/Personal Analytics Applications That Can benefit from Health Kit
  3. 3. API Statistics/Data Aggregation Health Info Data Store What’s in HealthKit?
  4. 4. Data Units Object Types HealthStore Access Permissions Data Save API Data Query API What’s defined in API?
  5. 5.  What data is requested (Ex: Blood Sugar)  How to sort result  Predicate (how to filter data?)  Limit on the amount of data  Date/Time range Simple Data Query API
  6. 6. Data Store Listener Listener Data Observers (Observer Query)
  7. 7. Data Element 1 Data Element 2 Data Element 3 How to sync data with the cloud store?
  8. 8. SUM() MIN() MAX() AVERAGE() HealthKit Statistics
  9. 9.  Group by day/hr  Used to display graph/disarms with aggregated data Statistics Collections
  10. 10. Quantitative (Per Data Object) Read or Write or Both? Possible Permissions: Not Determined, Denied, Authorized Separate Permissions are needed for each data source Data Access Permissions
  11. 11. Number formatters Units (Kg/Pound) Custom formatters Date formatters Energy formatters Localization
  12. 12.  Structured data support for more data types  HL7 integration  Support for other eco-systems (Android, Windows) What is missing in the kit?
  13. 13. Code Demo