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Openehr clinical modelling

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Openehr clinical modelling

  1. 1. Ian McNicoll openEHR: Clinical information modelling Co-chair openEHR openEHR rep. INTEROPen
  2. 2. Anatomy of an app User interface (the app itself) Information model Database
  3. 3. the ‘information model’? Any definition of the structure and content of information that should be collected or shared
 A ‘minimal dataset’ A message or interface definition Internally every application has some kind of information model
 Sharing information requires developing shared information models
  4. 4. Mismatched clinical information models
  5. 5. Megasuite + feral apps User interface Information model Database
  6. 6. idea 1- ‘the platform’ ‘free the data’ In the future the organisation or company that handles your health datastore will be separate from the company or organisation that build your applications.
  7. 7. idea 2 ‘commoditise data handling’ Handling healthcare data is a specialist activity. 
 In the future health data-handling will be provided as a service by a variety of providers working to a common standard
  8. 8. open platform architecture Third-party apps Technology-neutral datastore (CDR) openEHR Rest API + AQLVendor-neutral Information model
  9. 9. Vendor-neutral Content to support apps
  10. 10. idea 3 ‘democratise healthcare standards development’ Healthcare providers must play a leading role in the definition of healthcare information standards but this is an evolutionary process
  11. 11. Stakeholders in control
  12. 12. openEHR - Two-level modelling
  13. 13. openEHR: Archetypes open source computable models of discrete clinical concepts Familiar components of a health record Blood pressure, Body weight Medication order, Family history Urea, Creatinine results ‘Maximal dataset’ Capture as many clinical perspectives as possible
  14. 14. openEHR: Templates Templates deliver the datasets by aggregating archetypes together Key clinical endpoint and start point for generation of technical artefacts i.e. openEHR archetypes and 
 templates can be used directly Class libraries, Message schema GUI skeletons, API Profiles
  15. 15. Archetype re-use Oximetry Issue Weight Blood Pressure HbA1c Assessment Template underpinning application Template underpinning application Archetypes used in template
  16. 16. New openEHR archetype/template tooling
  17. 17. Healthcare Information Standards Process #FAIL Clinical stakeholders engage through top-down governance Committee-based Late vendor engagement Fixed review cycles Unclear / unresponsive change request mechanism a
  18. 18. my ACP / RESPECT
  19. 19. CKM: Social media ‘standardisation’
  20. 20. Clinical Content Components
  21. 21. Web-based ‘democratised’ collaborative review
  22. 22. Evolutionary standardisation
 ‘distributed Governance’ Implementers Secondary endorsement
  23. 23. Playing (nicely) with FHIR
  24. 24. Playing nicely with SNOMED-CT
  25. 25. Evolutionary standardisation Sharing of structured, coded actionable information between different applications (users)
 ’Semantic interoperability’ a grand plan of logics, linguistics and philosophy
 ‘Evolutionary standardisation’ wrangling enough computable meaning out of a horrible mess to make useful progress Innovation <> standardisation