Content marketing retreat video budgets 5.9


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Content marketing retreat video budgets 5.9

  1. 1. Video Budgets: From LowJon Wuebben - CEO, ContentLaunchFriday, May 24, 13
  2. 2. What is your goal?• Branding• Search Engine Optimization• Social Sharing• Teaching• All of the above• Just to get some video up on the siteFriday, May 24, 13
  3. 3. Considerations• Intended use (60-second video news release or five-minutedocumentary story?)• Intended audience• In house talent or hiring talent?• Scripted or not?• Quality of the final editing (is it to be edited in iMovie or Final CutPro?)• Other questions important too: “why” and “what kind” and “whofor?”• “Low Production Value” (LPV) video vs. a “High ProductionValue” (HPV) videoFriday, May 24, 13
  4. 4. Low Production Value VideosChoosing LPV videos makes sense when:• There’s little to no budget to hire a videographer• The look and feel of LPV is acceptable for the subject and audience typeLPVs have the following characteristics:• They are captured with a “prosumer” level of camera (i.e. cameras marketed to consumers butwith some features found on professional grade products), or small handhelds such as Flipcameras, the iPhone 4, etc.• The camera is often handheld• The audio is often captured by an in-camera microphone• The audio is usually “voice on tape” (versus voiceover narration recorded in a studio)• The videos have minimal editing done in amateur apps such as iMovie• Available light is the primary light source• Color balance, tone and saturation are often what the camera originally captured (i.e., there islittle to no post-processing adjustment of the picture)• There are little to no motion graphics (animated text, etc.)• The video is shot at a convenient location, even if better locations exist elsewhereFriday, May 24, 13
  5. 5. LPV Video ExampleHubspot TVh"p://­‐Marke3ng-­‐Moments-­‐from-­‐2012-­‐Marke3ng-­‐Update-­‐1-­‐4-­‐13Friday, May 24, 13
  6. 6. High Production Value VideosHPV videos are used most often when:• There is budget for a professionally-produced product• Meeting the objective of the video storytelling can’t be left tochance or luck, to an intern or an inexperienced employee• High-fidelity color is important (e.g., showing products, interviewingthe CEO, etc.)• Messages have to be on point, either through scripted on-screendialog or voiceover narration• A consistent product, on budget and on time, needs to be deliveredfor a series of videos, a conference or special event, etc.Friday, May 24, 13
  7. 7. High Production Value VideosCommon features of HPV video include:• High-quality motion graphics, including animated logos, title slides, lower thirds,ending credits, animated infographics, etc.• Video lighting set-ups ensure accurate color reproduction• Professional-level HD video or HD video-enabled digital still cameras are used• High-quality ambient audio is captured on location or from a set• Wireless microphones are used on interview subjects• A written script is often reviewed by several people• Voiceover narration is recorded in a professional sound studio, often by aprofessional voiceover talent• A paid host or talent may be a primary onscreen character or personality• Licensed music is used• Principal video is edited together with “B” roll video• Editing is done by a skilled professional using Final Cut ProFriday, May 24, 13
  8. 8. HPV Video ExampleDollar Shave Clubh"p://, May 24, 13
  9. 9. Key Budget Considerations• Arranging the shoot• Conducting the shoot• Managing the content (backing up tapes or disks)• Logging the tape• Editing the content• Managing the approval process with the client and/or manager• Uploading the videoFriday, May 24, 13
  10. 10. Videographer Costs• Producing HDV videos, costs between $1,000 and $6,500 per finishedminute for planning purposes• Depends on the number of variables involved• Editing usually takes up a big portion of this budget• A professionally-produced LPV video: lower end of the range• Video produced with the productionvalues found in broadcast programming(Discovery Channel or PBS): higher end.Friday, May 24, 13
  11. 11. Videographer: Key Questions• Do you already have a concept, or are we developing one for you?• If your concept is more expensive to produce than you thought, are you open toa different concept that achieves your goals within your budget?• What exactly needs to be shot? (determines which equipment is needed)– How large a crew is needed– how many days of shooting will be required• Where are we shooting the video? Are there location expenses?• Do we need to hire actors or models or voice-over talent? Or are we using yourown people? (There are pros and cons to each.)• How complex is the editing?• Will there be sophisticated graphics or special effects?• Will we need an original music score, or stock music, or no music at all?• How long will the finished video be? (Helpful hint: Shorter is better)• Do we need to shoot in HD or standard definition? (HD looks great, but is moreexpensive. Standard-def is often more practical, especially for webcommercials)Friday, May 24, 13
  12. 12. Types of Videos & My BudgetRecommendation• A company overview video: On your website, social media, in anemail marketing campaign or for sales staff• Product announcement / launch video: Expand your reach and helpyour customers, partners understand the big picture• Educational content: After face-to-face meetings, video is the 2ndbest way to ‘Show and Tell’, teaching without selling is HUGE.$3-5K/Video (MAX)Friday, May 24, 13
  13. 13. Great Resource• “What  does  a  corporate  web  video  cost?  25  Factors”• One  Market  Media  blog• h"p://­‐does-­‐a-­‐web-­‐video-­‐cost-­‐25-­‐factors-­‐with-­‐prices-­‐that-­‐affect-­‐video-­‐produc3on-­‐costs/Friday, May 24, 13
  14. 14. Video ContentBest PracticesØ Nothing coverts better thanvideo, it can tell your the storywith higher impact, engagementand ROI.Ø Its about telling a story! Find theangle, develop the story and getyour viewers truly engaged.Ø Expensive editing and productionis not needed or expected, thinkinstead, how can I authenticallyconnect?Ø Like any other type of content,don’t sell your products andservices, inspire connection.Friday, May 24, 13
  15. 15. Video Content – Key TipsSEO• Create a relevant, keyword-rich title and description• Include your URL in your video• Provide a transcript of the video• Brand your video• Always provide an HTML link for yourvideos• Place video on all of your contentchannelsDistribution• Create a YouTube channel• Add your video to your blog or website• Use mass syndication service TubeMogul• Add videos to industry publication websitesFriday, May 24, 13
  16. 16. Content Launch• Work with 500 companies, in 7 countries, in over 50different industries• Subsidiary of Telegent Media, LLCFriday, May 24, 13
  17. 17. Buy the Book!Available on Amazon in all formatsFriday, May 24, 13
  18. 18. Contact InformationJon Wuebben:• (909) 437-7015 mobile•• Twitter: @jonwuebbenFriday, May 24, 13