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Similarities and differences skyfall ill manors


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Similarities and differences skyfall ill manors

  1. 1. Unit G322 – Section B – The Film Industry · The reason for choosing -BBC Films/the Film London Microwave low budget scheme and Sony for our case studies for this unit is because they offer such a striking comparison. Sony is everything that these companies are not and vice versa. · There may not be the requirement for you to write about both in the exam – OR the exam may ask you to specifically compare and contrast the two. · Either way, my advice is to compare the two institutions as it will enable you to show off what you have learnt about the film industry better than just focusing on one of the institutions. · Although the institutions are clearly very different there are some similarities between the two films – even if they’re not necessarily immediately obvious as well as many differences.FILMS
  2. 2. Ill Manors / SkyfallSimilarities between the two films in terms of genre andnarrative · They’re both British films – Ill Manors is more ‘British’ than Skyfall (deals with social issues and themes relating to British society). Funded and filmed in Britain. · They were both filmed predominantly in Britain. · Both enjoyed strong opening weekends at the Box office · Large British cast in both. · They both have a high profile musician linked with the film whose music was released close to the film’s release.Ill Manors / Skyfall – Differences between the two filmsin terms of genre and narrative · Different genres – Skyfall is an Action/Adventure and Ill Manors is a gritty social realist drama. · Bond is a part of long running (47 years and counting) franchise. Ill Manors isn’t.
  3. 3. INSTITUTIONSBBC Films & Film London Microwave /Sony –Similarities · Both involved in film production. · Both are companies whose main goal is to make profit – both are driven by the bottom line. · Both split production across different companies “film is fundamentally a collaborative medium”.BBC films & Microwave / Sony –Differences · Budget – Ill Manors £100,000 Million · Skyfall $150-200M. · BBC Films and Microwave are low budget independent film making companies – Sony is a major global conglomerate with a diverse range of interests. · Sony work on lots of films each year enabling them to spread their risk; BBC Films and Microwave only work on a few each year · Cipher is UK urban specific. · Sony are involved in production (MGM), distribution (Columbia Tristar and Sony Pictures Entertainment) and exhibition (Sony Blu-ray machines/ Sony DVD
  4. 4. Players/ Sony TVs / Sony phones.) THIS IS CALLED VERTICAL INTEGRATION.BBC Films and Film London Microwaveare ONLY involved in film production.Sony – well established. Microwave –new company in its infancy.Sony are better placed to withstandlosses. BBC Films and Film LondonMicrowave cannot sustain losses.Sony make films with leading directors– BBC Films and Film LondonMicrowave focus on new directors.BBC Films and Film London Microwavefilms will mainly be distributed in theUK to a selection of cinemasSony – makes films distributed globallyand internationallyAUDIENCESBBC Films and Film London Microwave– AUDIENCE DIFFERENCES · Skyfall was aimed at a huge mainstream target audience:15 – 55 year olds. Core male target audience with a wider secondary female audience, straddling broad cross sections of class, ethnicity and sexuality.
  5. 5. · Ill Manors was aimed at a niche audience – urban 16-24 year olds, heavily pitched at a male audience. · Skyfall is aimed at an international audience so the dialogue/script is less specific than Ill manors which uses contemporary urban colloquialisms.PRODUCTION / DISTRIBUTION /EXHIBITIONBBC Films and Film London Microwave– PRODUCTION DIFFERENCES · Skyfall had a huge budget – Ill Manors didn’t. · Skyfall used a host of well known famous ‘stars’ – Daniel Craig, Judi Dench etc – Most of the cast of Il Manors were unknown or first time actors (apart from the main star) so cast were less recognizable. · Skyfall used exotic and varied locations round the world – Ill Manor’s setting was much more geographically specific, as exotic locations weren’t called for in the story. · Skyfall used a lot of expensive special effects. Ill Manors didn’t.
  6. 6. · Skyfall utilized product placement within the film – Heinekein, Coke, Aston Martin, Omega. Ill Manors didn’t. · Skyfall had expensive action sequences – highly produced fight and chase scenes. (writing off various cars!) Ill Manors’s dramatic scenes were less full of action.Ill Manors / Skyfall – DISTRIBUTION DIFFERENCES · Skyfall’s marketing campaign was huge and extensive. Ill Manors’s marketing was very specific and highly targeted. · Skyfall used synergy Eg Sony PS3, phones, games, DVD, TV, soundtrack and film were released at the same time. Whereas Ill Manors didn’t/couldn’t use synergy to the same extent by releasing just the DVD and soundtrack at the same time as the film · Skyfall had a series of huge international premieres – all over the world. Ill Manors didn’t. · Skyfall used cross promotion through a range of companies all advertising Skyfall – Heinekein, Omega, Sony TVs, Coca-cola, etc. Product placement earned
  7. 7. $50Million plus ($44 M for just Heinekein alone)· Sony had blanket advertising with tease trailors in cinemas, TV adverts, newspaper and radio adverts and interviews with main stars· Ill Manors had much smaller advertising.EXHIBITION DIFFERENCESSkyfall opened in 580 cinemas – over 1000screens in the UK and IrelandSkyfall broke box office records and overtook thehighest grossing film of all time, Avatar in terms oftakings on opening night and opening weekendand overall profits globally.Will Skyfall land straight into number 1 spot onUK DVD chart? Quantum of Solace did and hitnumber 2 on Blu-ray chart and became the UKsbiggest selling DVD and Blu-ray release of 2009.It would be expected Skyfall would do the samein 2013.A worldwide box office phenomenon, brokecountless records and now scores as the topgrossing film of all time.Ill Manors didn’t break box office records, nor didit get to top of the DVD or Blu-ray charts on dayof release.
  8. 8. It played in much fewer, selected and nichecinemas.