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Kagurazaka New Offices LM3LABS


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Published in: Business, Technology

Kagurazaka New Offices LM3LABS

  1. 1. >> a place to meet, think, invent, create a fun future !
  2. 2.  Make Kagurazaka offices the new Head Quarter of LM3LABS  Make more than Corporate Offices:  A Live Showroom of interactive technologies of LM3LABS  A Hub for international companies with amazing technologies and who want to enter the Japanese market  A meeting place for interactivity researchers seeking a touch to the market  An Event Place where LM3LABS will invite people from:  Big brands (luxury brands, etc…)  Advertising companies: Dentsu, Hakuhodo, TBWA…  Leaders in interactivity (university, PhD, etc…)
  3. 3.  Leader in Computer Vision interactivity applied to:  Advertising  Prestigious Showrooms  Museums  Architecture  LM3LABS serves leading brands in the world with unique and Wow! solutions.
  4. 4. ≠ More than a showroom More than offices More than a party place More than a hub for talent a place where we design the future
  5. 5. Make interactive technologies visible.
  6. 6. Demo place Show window to the street Meeting Room Indoor party place
  7. 7. The terrasse is well suited to LM3LABS’vision of technology+architecture integration
  8. 8. Event place Outdoor showroom Outdoor meeting room
  9. 9. LM3LABS staff office Meeting Room Demo Room Interactive furniture Guest working space
  10. 10. Display of interactive Furniture: • Interactive Tables • Interactive Vitrine • Interactive Vending Machines • Interactive Kiosk • Interactive Pointing Device
  11. 11. Use glass as a support for interactive images
  12. 12. Show unique interactive technologies integrated to architecture
  13. 13. this world needs more vision.®  Web site:  Blog:  Catchyoo: On the web  Ubiq’window:
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