Touchless interactivity is the new frontier


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After iPhone cracked the multi-touch market, the next step is touchless interactivity.
LM3LABS work on the subject since 2003.
This is a presentation of the current available product.

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Touchless interactivity is the new frontier

  1. 1. touchless interactivity product overview
  2. 2. ubiq'window, the touchless technology HINT: this presentation is made interactive with links to more information on the web. linked elements follow this sign >>>
  3. 3. what is touchless interactivity? touchless interactivity is the next frontier of interactivity interaction with digital content, without any contact thanks to computer vision computer vision is camera with brain it relies on multiple technologies: shape recognition • tracking • multi-point interactivity • stereo vision for better accuracy touchless museum interaction – more on >>> natural interactivity for users
  4. 4. an amazing technology stereo computer vision ubiq'window sensor uses stereo vision real time triangulation light speed performance high precision unique benefits: no need for contact • no surface needed • unique gestures • keeps display clarity • invisible to user • the stereo cameras track the finger in the air as would do human beings' eyes
  5. 5. a brief history of ubiq'window born from a CNRS research in optics and mathematics a brand name born in a kitchen from N. Loeillot and Y. Misaki: ubi = finger in Japanese • ubiquitous = anywhere • ubiq'window= the ubiquitous window you use with the finger • a registered brand and logo to LM3LABS worldwide patented to LM3LABS first presentation to customers: spring 2003 first customer installation: February 2004 (NTT DoCoMo, Japan) more than 2000 units installed
  6. 6. a great technology, for great applications
  7. 7. open your imagination because ubiq'window works with any display because ubiq'window is compliant to any PC-based application because ubiq'window creates a wide range of interactive space sizes ubiq'window creates a very wide range of opportunities for applications in many environment and businesses from jewelery to industry, from medical to museums
  8. 8. high-end showrooms touchless + transparency + hidden technology = future ubiq'window is symbol of future strongly attractive to visitors seamless integration for nicer architecture NTT DoCoMo headquarter, Tokyo, Japan ● other example on >>> ●
  9. 9. large size retail application 70% of purchase decisions are made in shops ubiq'window brings digital down to the street interactive show windows extra large size interactivity interactive in-store Get more ideas of deployments on >>> catalog browsing in shopping mall - more on >>>
  10. 10. interactive museums create a new relationship between visitors and content immerse visitors higher quality image crowd-proof Engage in an easy-to-use relationship more information on >>> Le Louvre seasons, Tokyo, Japan – more on >>> ●
  11. 11. amazing events amaze your visitors with new types of interactivity interactive branding (>>>) make it very big with: >>>LED walls, • interactive illuminated buildings, • >>> real size holograms,... • interactive hologram - more on >>>
  12. 12. beyond touch screen LCD screen simulates touch screen interactivity is broader than screen ubiq'window can make the full show window interactive it brings interactivity to: real objects is display • stickers and posters • more creativity, more attractive design sticker on glass each key is functional Vodafone campaign, Paris, France
  13. 13. beyond conventional kiosks ubiq'window offers kiosk manufacturers multiple ways to create innovative designs standard installation makes mass production a breeze accommodate very large interactive surface bridging digital and non digital in the seamless interactivity LM3LABS network allows international deployments AeroDisplay integration based on AirStrike Pan-Asia Samsung campaign - more on >>>
  14. 14. digital + non-digital come together ubiq'window bring interactivity outside the traditional screen: real objects • stickers • posters • ubiq'window's secondary zones are plain paper posters are made unlimited in number and size interactive Century 21, Spain ●
  15. 15. interactive showcase bring interactivity to xxx any real object Invisible interactive zones in display around real artifacts (secondary zones) behind a glass invisible interactive zones are created around objects, they trigger targeted content displayed on museums • LCD Screen, interactive thru the glass (main zone) the screen which can be also be navigated. jewelery • and others • The Rocks Museum, Sydney, Australia
  16. 16. touchless gestures touchless = faster motions precision many gestures possible fast and easy gesture creation multi-finger multi-touch (requires Windows 7, SDK and drivers)
  17. 17. ubiq'window's gestures recognition ubiq'window comes with a gesture recognition set: 1 finger 2 fingers 3 fingers hand 1 poke 2 pokes downward motion upward motion left to right motion right to left motion 2X additional gesture recognition can be created with ubiq'window Software Development Kit. each action can be associated to specific actions based on time, speed, amplitude,...
  18. 18. free air interactivity
  19. 19. free air interactivity: AirStrike free air interactivity association to any screen: monster projection • large plasma • holography • fog/mist/water screen • super fast installation natural learning wow! results NTT ICC, Tokyo – more on >>>
  20. 20. AirStrike principle AirStrike faces up it tracks gestures above it user's brain naturally make the association between gesture and action instantaneous adaptation no teaching, no learning no limitation in screen size, nor format, nor distance can be integrated in gates, floor, ceiling AirStrike is a modified version of ubiq'window.
  21. 21. OEM and industrial partnerships touchless technology brings significant value to PC users touchless technology improve security in industrial and medical environments seamless integration into device is possible LM3LABS is open to industrial partnership for integration into: laptop • keyboard • music instrument • industrial machine • medical devices • browsing images on a PC with AirStrike – more on >>> automotive integrations •
  22. 22. deploying ubiq'window
  23. 23. a typical ubiq'window setup Ubiq'window sensor projector ubiq'window installation is fast and easy training can be made from documentation polarizing screen integration preparation is critical for the final result all equipment enjoy a life-long support from LM3LABS Windows XP computer DNP, Osaka, Ubiq'window software Japan
  24. 24. adaptable to any display projection • Ubiq'window is independent from the display front projection • it can be adapted to any types of display plasma screens • it creates a close or distant interactive overlay LCD screens • LED • holograms • fog screens • mist screens • water falls • fabric • pain walls • pulsed air/helium • Google Earth on 99% transparent holographic screen ubiq'board ice • – more on >>>
  25. 25. real life-proof, built to last ubiq'window is designed for outdoor usage components are “tropicalized” to stand light rain and heavy humidity operation temperatures range from -35C to +50C ubiq'window is auto-adaptive to changing light conditions same performances by night or strong sun ubiq'window is adapted to South hemisphere light conditions ubiq'window is dust-proof ubiq'window's aluminium body protect it against corrosion
  26. 26. dimensions 5 dimensions to fit all needs model max screen hardware max interactive max interactive (main zone) length (cm) width (cm) height (cm) ubiq'window 200 80” 198 190 200 ubiq'window 150 60” 148 140 190 ubiq'window 120 40” 118 110 140 ubiq'window 96 30” 96 96 130 ubiq'window 80 furniture 78 72 120 integration only
  27. 27. minimum requirements and skills Intel PC Pentium III and above Windows XP or Windows 7 (TBA soon) 2 USB ports on 2 different controllers 512 Mo Memory required skills: Windows
  28. 28. technical details Weight: about 1.5 kg but depends from models Power consumption: Input// 100/240V 50/60Hz – Output// 12V – 3A Plug types: US/Japan or European Cable length: 3 meters. Can be extended up to 40 meters. Available software language: English, Japanese, French ubiq'window is proudly made in France CE marked
  29. 29. software structure Application: Adobe Flash, Director, HTML, OpenGL,... Software Development ActiveX Reader Development Kit module Kit Windows XP/Windows 7 ubiq'window comes in standard with 2 software: Reader, the core software, and Development Kit for gesture ● customization and interactive zones creation. developers can create new gestures and better integration with Flash thru the Software Development Kit. ●
  30. 30. an open platform most PC applications are compliant: web sites • 3D contents • games • product presentation • Adobe Flash, Director are strongly recommended for content creation ubiq'window is friendly to existing application applications can be developed without knowledge of the product ubiq'window's DK will adapt gestures to the application ubiq'window SDK will help developers create amazing applications
  31. 31. references Acuvue (Johnson&Johnson) – Audi - British American Tobacco - Calvin Klein – Cartier – Casio – Century21- Chanel – Citroen – Dior – Epson - Galerie Lafayette - Hugo Boss - KDDI AU - Levi Strauss - Manpower – McDonalds – Microsoft - NEC - NTT DoCoMo – Olympus -Pepsi Co. - Renault – Samsung – Tesco – Toyota – Vodafon – VolksWagen – Cellcom - New Zealand Telecom - NTT Learning Systems – NTT InterCommunications Center – O2 - Paris Metro (RATP) – SFR – Singtel - Tepco (Tokyo Electricity)- Vodafone – Renault – Toyota - Daiwa House - Mitsui Fudosan - Sumitomo Fudosan - DNP Museum Lab/ Le Louvre - National Archives of Malaysia – Singapore Science Centre - Sydney Seashore Museum - Thai King Museum - Volkswagen Museum - ABN AMRO - Adobe – Airbus - Adobe Barco - Brisbane City Council - Caracol TV - City of Brisbane - Craft Complex – Heineken - Ito En - Koizumi Sangyo – NEC - Nissho Electronics – Nittele – Oracle - Paris Metro – Philips – Rabobank - Saatchi and Saatchi - SGI Japan - Sony BMG – XM - Yamaha Music - Yazaki Keiki >>> and more... interactive plasma for Cartier – more on >>>
  32. 32. reactions “This is no machine, this is magic. Plasma screens have no glamour, too squared, ubiq'window is incredibly attractive” A marketing director in Tokyo “I can use very different and innovative contents with ubiq'window. I just develop and install it, it works” A software development agency manager in Tokyo “This is the ultimate shop window interactivity solution, any object can become interactive” A dynamic signage specialist in Australia “This is very flexible for integration in my architecture projects. The technology is invisible, and clients have never seen this before” An architect in New-York   “ Sugooiii” (wow!) the typical reaction of users in Japan
  33. 33. ubiq'window in the news The Wall Street Journal Le Monde CNN L'Expansion Nikkei Canal+ FujiTV Interactive Marketing Tokyo TV 5Dias Sin Chiew Daily Radio France International and more >>>
  34. 34. online resources product web site: movies: latest ubiq'window news on LM3LABS blog: retail solutions: museum solutions:
  35. 35. Antipolis Innovation Campus TGarden Square 409 300, route des Cretes 3-5-26 Funabori 06560 Sophia-Antipolis Edogawa-ku France 134-0091 Tokyo Japan +33 (0) +81 (0)3-3877-0779