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On what’s attractive in Rakuten Technology Conference 2015, English version

  1. Masaya Mori 森正弥, Program Chairman Executive Officer On what’s attractive in Rakuten Technology Conference 2015. 楽天テクノロジーカンファレンス2015 の見どころ 英語版
  2. Technology Conference 2015 On Nov. 21st Saturday free of charge at Rakuten CrimsonHouse in Futako Tamagawa Go Register! →
  3. Highlights
  4. Highlights of this year We’ll show our new HQ, CrimsonHouse!
  5. Highlights of this year We’ll show our new HQ, CrimsonHouse!
  6. Highlights of this year We’ll show our new HQ, CrimsonHouse!
  7. Highlights of this year Front runners and legendary presenters will take the stage!
  8. Thought leaders of state-of-the-art! Yukihiro Matsumoto a.k.a. Matz Ruby Creator Prof. Yutaka Matsuo AI thought leader Prof. Takeo Kanade a world-class professor on RoboticsDr. Masataka Goto a leading multi-media & web researcher Prof. Kazuhiko Yamazaki a leading UX researcher and designer for ThinkPad
  9. Presenters on IoT Cerevo a leading IoT device venture Mr. Ken Tamagawa From SORACOM IoT startup Mr. Masakazu Takasu From TeamLab a leader for Makers a fashion IoT company In Rakuten group Musio an AI Robot startup Top Flight Technologies a Drone Startup
  10. Presenters on DevOps and Agile Mr. Ryutaro Yoshiba an author of Chef book Mr. Angel Medinilla an author of Agile Kaizen Marketizator a SaaS marketing AB/test venture …And evangelists from several companies
  11. Algorithmia Algorithm platform & marketplace DEXTRA Data innovation platform & marketplace Presenters on Innovation & Education Make School a Silicon Valley boot camp for developers IdeaScale an innovation facilitating company
  12. Rakuten group cutting edge companies Slice Data Science company DeepForestMedia Data-Driven Marketing Company Aquafadas Digital-publishing & e-graphic- book authoring company From Rakuten Group, rising companies will talk about their starte-of-the-art technologies.
  13. Rakuten Speakers Mikitani, CEO of Rakuten will take the keynote stage. And, we’ll deliver presentations that provide a through look behind the scenes at ICHIBA, Travel, Card, and newest researches. HiroshiMikitani, CEO of Rakuten Group
  14. Yoga Session As well as last year, we will providea special session about yoga and meditation for engineers. Through meditation, relax your body and soul, and enhance your creativity!!
  15. Cafeteria, Lunch We’ve offered free & delicious lunch at cafeteria since 2011. Please enjoy!! (at CrimsonHouse!)
  16. Enjoy Conversation A conference is a meeting of people who "confer" about a topic. We are putting a lot of work into offering an exciting atmosphere. We hope you will enjoy discussions with speakers and other participants!!
  17. Starts at 11:00 am on Saturday, Nov 21st!! Go Register! → Rakuten Technology Conference 2015
  18. Whatis TechConf?
  19. What’s Rakuten Technology Conference? It’s a technology conference that Rakuten Engineers voluntarily plan and operate by themselves. This year marks the eighth anniversary which we have been hosting with your continuing support since 2007.
  20. We have a internal study session named “Rakuten Tech Talk” twice or three times per month. This internal community works as the core team to drive Tech Conference. From Rakuten Tech Talk to Tech Conference
  21. We began with presenting the inside story of Rakuten’s development & technology in 2007, originally.
  22. We’ve set aside sessions for external speakers, open source community (Ruby, PHP, Linux, etc.) and engineer community. Emerging technologies have been picked (Hadoop, MongoDB, NoSQL, Redis, Spark, Jenkins, etc).
  23. Globalization Globalization has been a big topic since 2011 in TechConf. We’ve picked topics, for instance, global engineers performing all over the world, or actual official language’s effort, in the keynote speech, each session and panel discussion.
  24. Plus, we changed official language to English in 2012. Official Language
  25. Topics Topics are not limited to the specific areas. Inviting external speakers, we’ve covered a broad range of topics.
  26. Lightning Talks We’ve provided a slot of lightning talks, where a variety of presenters take turn delivering presentation within 4 minutes. It has gained popularity and good reviews.
  27. RIT, our research instituteshares the newest researches. This year we’ll present WallSHOP, a CEATEC Award winner! Cloud FileSystem R-HC Global Product Automation Tech AI / Data Science Machine Learning ! Search & Recommend Augmented Reality Programming Language R.I.T. (楽天技術研究所)
  28. Rakuten Technology Award Not only sessions, we’ve given the award to the contributor to internet and web tech, since 2008. That’s named “Rakuten Technology Award.”
  29. Beer Bash Enjoy talking and drinking at the beer bash after the conference. We’dbe very glad that you’ll have fun communicating with speakers and other participants. (Of course, it’s free of charge!!)
  30. One more thing…
  31. Preparing to hold TechConf and welcome you with OMOTENASHI, we’re looking forward to seeing you!!
  32. Join us!!
  33. Thank you!!!

Editor's Notes

  1. We have a internal study session named “Rakuten Tech Talk” twice or three times per month. This internal community mainly are moving ahead with Technology Conference.
  2. Considering actual business, we select research projects. Especially, Machine Learning is now one of the most powerful areas in the internet.
  3. Before getting right down to business, I’ll show some photos so that you feel the atmosphere about this Technology Conference.