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OOH Media Trends 2012

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  • A new KPMG study suggests that 52% of digital users said they would be willing to let their usage patterns -- and even their personal information -- be tracked by advertisers, if this resulted in free access to content or lower product costs. The study also shows that 43% are willing to receive advertising in exchange for lower fees of service. As many privacy researchers have pointed out over the years in these studies, exactly how the questions are posed, and which attitudes are measured can affect outcomes markedly. Length of relationship with a company, platform and even product category likely become variables in people’s willingness to make the data-for-value exchange with advertisers or publishers. Consumers who are ritualizing online shopping are in the best position to understand the ways in which the data exchange can help them. An educated consumer may be data’s best customer. 
  • Mickey Mouse Brings… video
  • The Airwalk Invisible Pop-up store video
  • Disney Cruise Cam in Cinema video
  • Courtyard by Marriott
  • Occupation: Place brands, products, ideas and causes directly in front of teens, in the spaces and places where they spend their time. With all the hype over media occupation, comes an even greater need for content, creativity and opportunities for connectivity that let brands not just take over in terms of media, but in terms of engaging
  • The Home Depot ran a LOCAL manhattan program where they updated the street level Digital Urban Panels with locally relevant Home Depot deals
  • 62% of all Hispanics in the United States in 2009 were born in the U.S. This figure represents a seismic shift in the way most people — particularly marketers — think about Hispanics. Every year 50,000 Latinos are turning 18yo.
  • Presentation psusa trends 2012 modified

    1. 1. PosterscopeTrends Report201210/01/2012
    2. 2. trendEra In Accountability A NewtrendEYES ON expansion across bettermore media is resulting ingreater accountability in Measurementdelivering audience metricswhat this meansA movement from Proof ofPosting to Proof ofPerformance VAIs
    3. 3. trend is King ContexttrendNew contextually awaretechnologies are allowingadvertisers to not only collect,but also predict and optimizemessaging by gender, moodand gesturewhat this meansOOH is providing a new level ofaccountability, efficiency andinsight into ROI
    4. 4. trendis King: Kraft Facial Recognition Context
    5. 5. trend & Scale ContenttrendThe success or failure ofcommercial engagement isunderpinned by provision of relevantinformation rather than purebrandingwhat this meansExpansion of digital networks hasfinally provided OOH considerationas a viable content channel with itsflexibility in messaging and capacityfor scale
    6. 6. trend Smart World Fast MovingtrendThe adoption and capabilities ofnew digital gadgets enables peopleto move more freely with a singledevice, and in turn has expeditedthe conversion to a more digitalOOH media landscapewhat this meansAs the connector to mobilelifestyles OOH is moving fromOpportunity To See to OpportunityTo Connect as a metric for success
    7. 7. trend O-CommercetrendNFC-enabled mobile handsetsare projected to increase thepenetration of O-commerce withover 700 million handsetspredicted to be in market by 2016what this meansOOH Platforms are movingbeyond an interface for triggeringpurchase consideration, toactually facilitating the transactionconverting OOH to POS
    8. 8. trend O-Commerce: Tesco
    9. 9. trendHome Space Out oftrendNew applications of AR enableadvertisers to engage in a variety ofenvironments with or without OOHinfrastructure as its basewhat this meansAn intelligently planned ARcampaign that fits in to peoples’lives making things more convenientor more fun can convert an out ofhome space into a user experienceexpanding OOH beyondrecognizable boundaries
    10. 10. trendHome Space: Disney AR Out of
    11. 11. trendHome Space: Airwalk Out of
    12. 12. trend PlaytimetrendGames are the second-mostpopular internet activity aftersocial networks, ahead of emailwhat this meansBrands are embracing venuesoffering dwell time as ideal spacesfor deploying gaming to engageconsumers OOH at moments of v=kEDMIwHLRygrelevance with time to spare
    13. 13. trend Disney Cruises Playtime:
    14. 14. trend Courtyard by Marriott Playtime:
    15. 15. trendTime SpringtrendOWS - Signage and technologyare being used to spread the wordand engage a public locally andglobally, occupying space andshare of mindwhat this meansConnected OOH media providesthe opportunity for brands to notonly speak to their audience, butalso allows their audience tospeak back, actively occupyingspace and mind
    16. 16. trend Space A Better World A GreenertrendThe OOH advertising industry istaking a number of steps to reduceits carbon footprintwhat this meansNew and innovative ways areemerging for brands to effectivelyrecycle OOH materials intoalternative solutions in line withbrand initiatives or charitableassociations
    17. 17. trendSpace: Billboard Vinyl Recycling A Greener
    18. 18. trend Buzz HyperlocaltrendHyperlocal is the buzzword of theday with the increasing popularity of4 Square, Groupon Now, FacebookPlaces, Google search and otherlocalized social media providing alow cost per target, customizedpromotions, and the potential todeliver more effective ROIwhat this meansOOH is building further momentumas the ambassador for developinglocal connections
    19. 19. trend HyperlocalBuzz: McDonalds Interactive
    20. 20. trend of Society AcculturationtrendEthnic minorities now represent $2.5trillion in buying power growing onpace with rising populationswhat this meansTraditional demographics no longersuffice. Specialist teams arebecoming integral to understandingthe multicultural media landscapeand acculturation of varioussegments, which affects the way abrand communicates and connectswith these audiences