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Webinar series update


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Information and updates on the HR Webinar Series. More dates, more topics!

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Webinar series update

  1. 1. HR Webinar Series Update Kathryn Kissinger HR Services 2013
  2. 2. HR Webinar Series Update The HR Seminar Series is now available in webinar format (live sessions can still be booked by emailing or calling me!) • Each seminar is offered many times over the year, simply click on the session you want, select the course that fits your schedule, and pay online using Paypal or credit card. Cash/Cheque payments can be mailed in (please contact me for registration details if not paying online). • Just like the live sessions, you will be given a copy of all the training materials and the Powerpoint presentation for your use and reference later. • To listen to the webinar, simply use your computer’s mic and speakers, or call in using the toll-free line. Information is provided upon registration. Kathryn Kissinger HR Services 2013
  3. 3. Seminars (3 hours each) Human Resources Basics Seminar for Small Business: Designed for New/Small Business Owners to discuss Compliance and Best Practices. A combination of the Health and Safety, Employment Standards, and Payroll Workshops. Human Resources Basics Seminar for Non-Profits: The HR Basics Seminar, redesigned for Non-Profit Board Members, Directors and Managers to discuss the Roles and Structure of Boards of Directors, and Compliance and Best Practices for Paid and Volunteer workers. Kathryn Kissinger HR Services 2013
  4. 4. Workshops (1.5 hours each) Health and Safety/WSIB/ WHMIS Review of the OH&S Act, requirements for workers and employers, general WSIB information, basic WHMIS regulations and requirements. Employee Relations Required Policies and Procedures, Special Categories of Workers, and best practices to manage Employees Bill 168-Violence/Harassment in the Workplace Background on legislation, review of compliance standards, and tools and advice to create your policies and programs. Kathryn Kissinger HR Services 2013
  5. 5. Workshops (1.5 hours each) Payroll Deductions and premiums, paying family members, records retention, vacation and holiday pay calculations, and more. AODA-Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act Current Compliance Requirements and Standards for the AODA, tools to develop policies and programs for your workplace. Safe Workplace Training Series Instructional seminars on OHSA requirements for managers/supervisors; and required annual employee training. Kathryn Kissinger HR Services 2013
  6. 6. How to Register Go to Kathryn Kissinger HR Services 2013