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Facebook Timelines Tips for Brands


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Helpful Facebook Timeline tips for brands about to make the big switch. Find out the reasons Facebook made the switch and how to succeed.

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Facebook Timelines Tips for Brands

  1. 1. Facebook Timelines: For Brands
  2. 2. Humanize Your Brand• Facebook owns your fans – Doesn’t matter if you spent MILLIONS, they still own them and can take them away from you• Stop selling to your fans, they don’t want that• Show the softer side of your company by sharing: – Stories – Less professional photos – Behind-the-scenes details – Anything you can to show you are a HUMAN not a corporation
  3. 3. Stop Selling, Start Engaging• Sell discretely when posting• Customers liked you because they enjoy your brand, but they don’t want to buy EVERYTHING• Give them a reason to stick around with fun photos, tips, useful information – Sprinkle in the selling cautiously
  4. 4. Choose Your Tabs Wisely• Companies were overloading Tabs in the past• Choose your three tabs wisely – Do they make it easier for customers to perform a call to action? – Are they redundant? – Do they add value to your page?• Revisit other tabs, delete the ones that are unnecessary
  5. 5. Good Riddance, Fangates• Facebook wants to remind you THEY own your fans, so stop annoying them• How well were your fangates really enticing your fans?• Find other ways to engage those fans through great content – They will naturally follow occasional links if you provide unique information
  6. 6. Share Your History• Add in major company milestones• Interested fans may learn things they’ve never known about the company – Easy way to humanize the brand, show what you stand for• Can add major milestones, past Ad campaigns
  7. 7. Become a Better Story Teller• Tell a story with each post, picture, milestone• Customers don’t care what you’re selling, they want to see something interesting• Find unique ways to share your company values, “secrets” and stories of each employee
  8. 8. Let’s Connect!Katherine GearE-Commerce Specialist•About Me•Linked In•@Katgear