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MW18 - Auckland Museum's #FutureSlam Event Series


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Lightening talk presentation for Museums in the Web 2018. #FutureSlam is an internal event series the Digital Experience team has been running for staff since 2016. We bring in external specialists once a month to discuss digital and technology in both a museum and wider context to enable and encourage staff to think digital.

Published in: Technology
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MW18 - Auckland Museum's #FutureSlam Event Series

  1. 1. #FUTURESLAM: NAVIGATING THE ROCKY ROAD OF DIGITAL THINKING Kelly Skelton Head of Digital Experience Auckland War Memorial Museum NEW ZEALAND @kellyskelton
  3. 3. #FUTURESLAM OBJECTIVES Spread digital thinking Digital workplace enablement Broaden digital knowledge Platform to share ideas
  4. 4. #FUTURESLAM PROGRAMME PART 1 – INTRODUCING THE BIG TRENDS Very smart machines (AI) The reality of new realities (AR/VR/MR) Everything is connected (IoT) PART 2 – WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN? Designing the future The cyborg visitor – interacting with future audiences Museums in a post-truth world, information consumption
  5. 5. Being kept informed of what is happening out there in the digital world - what the future could look like and how the Museum could be part of this. This big picture thinking is fascinating. Specialist guest speakers who know much more than I do about a topic are the highlight. Made me want to learn more digital skills, such as building a chat bot or a twitter bot, and coding. I am more confident about finding solutions to everyday problems within technology. That said, I am cautious about tech being the answer to EVERYTHING. It's not. #FUTURESLAM FEEDBACK
  6. 6. Bots and Robots: What might they do in a Museum? Data and data visualisation 3D scanning/printing Tech and the environment #FUTURESLAM 2018 Digital privacy and other ethical dilemmas Updates on IoT, AI, AR/VR/MR BYOD: Smartphones, drones, what’s next? Digital tools for workplace efficiencies
  7. 7. TACTICS FOR SUCCESS Set objectives and plan the programme Spread the word Staff feedback Brief speakers well Balance session formats Tasty treats
  8. 8. KIA ORA THANK YOU Kelly Skelton Head of Digital Experience Auckland War Memorial Museum NEW ZEALAND @kellyskelton