Underground: The Bass Library Zine (volume 1, issue 2)

Librarian at Yale University Library
Mar. 26, 2018

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Editor's Notes

  1. Front cover Page title: Underground, the Bass Library Zine, volume 1, issue 2 Handsome Dan, word bubble: I’ll be your guide through special collections, follow me! Pictured: Handsome Dan, and the exterior of the Beinecke Rare Book Library
  2. Page 1 Page title: What are special collections? Handsome Dan, word bubble: “Special collections are often rare and require special handling and higher levels of security. Though materials are not always unique or valuable, when together they represent an important body of information.” Text: A special (collections) haiku: special collections / request to use them in a / reading room, hoo-ray! 
  3. Page 2 Page title: Find special collections Text: 1. Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library 2. Divinity Special Collections 3. Gilmore Music Library Special Collections** 4. Haas Arts Library Special Collections (Loria Center) 5. Lewis Walpole Library 6. Manuscripts and Archives** 7. Medical Historical Library **Located within Sterling Memorial Library Word bubble: “Most libraries have exhibits you can visit. You can also find material in Orbis or the Finding Aid database.” Pictured: Chipotle cup from “Cultivating thought authors series” with Orbis record (Cultivating thought, authors series. [Denver, Colo.] : [Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc.], [2­014-2015] Za1 2014 C8892 Not checked out, BEINECKE (Non-Circulating))
  4. Pages 3-4 Page title: Here are some items you can request to see from the library’s special collections Handsome Dan, word bubble: “Did you know the Lewis Walpole Library provides free transportation to Farmington?” Pictured clockwise: image from The birds of America, with Orbis record (The birds of America, from drawings by John James Audubon, Audubon, John James, 1785-1851. SSy13 U2 860A BEINECKE (Non-Circulating)); image from Ld. Massareene [art original]., with Orbis record (Ld. Massareene [art original]. Walpole, Horace, 1717-1797, [England], [1765?] SH Contents W218 no. 5 Box 120 Not checked out, LEWIS WALPOLE LIBRARY, Prints and Drawings (Non-Circ)); image from Benny Goodman papers, with Orbis record (Benny Goodman papers, 1933-1982 (inclusive). Goodman, Benny, 1909-1986. MSS 53 Multiple item statuses, MUSIC LIBRARY SPECIAL COLLECTIONS (Non-circulating))
  5. Pages 5-6 Word bubble: “The Arts Library encourages hands on engagement with collections, especially the artists’ books collection!” Text: Guess what? Everything in this issue is also available from the library’s digital collections! Pictured clockwise: postcard of La messe pour les maladies en afrique mission des P. P. Du Saint-Esprit, with Orbis record (African missions postcard collection, ca. 1898-1941 (inclusive). RG 101 Multiple item statuses, DIVINITY, Special Collections (Non-Circulating)); line drawing, with Orbis record (Form, space, and vision; discovering design through drawing. Collier, Graham. Englewood Cliffs, N. J., Prentice-Hall [1963] Not checked out, LSF - Haas Arts Special Collections (Non-Circulating)); picture of Harvey Cushing and a drawing of a brain, with Orbis record (Harvey Cushing papers at the Medical Historical Library Cushing, Harvey, 1869-1939. Ms Coll 1 MEDICAL/HISTORICAL, Histories, Locked (Non-Circulating)); picture of the original Handsome Dan, with Orbis record (Student life at Yale photographs, 1779-1988 (inclusive). RU 736 Multiple item statuses, LSF-Use in SML, Manuscripts and Archives only (Non-Circ)).
  6. Back cover Word bubble: “In the next issue you can learn about finding & using newspapers, print and digital!” Pictured: Line drawing of a newspaper, and the exterior of the Beinecke Rare Book Library