пиар грунь и савчук


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  • I agree with Chad that you should highlight your own company's advantages over the competition. Mango Dance Studio has a different target market than the two other companies and offers unique services that should be promoted as a competitive advantage.
    You also have a good list of promotional tools but I would be interested in knowing how you plan on using them to promote the studio. I would suggest adding more detail on your thoughts and ideas on the promotion. Also, how does your promotion compare to the competitor's?
    Overall, good presentation with nice graphics!
    Marina Schaberg
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  • Great job on this. I love your passion and how you sell dancing to your targets. I also like how you offer something for eveyone from babies to adults. You mention the advantages your competition has on your studio but I would also mention the advantages you have on your competition. My suggestion would be to maybe better define and communicate your strengths. Great job overall!
    Chad Porter
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пиар грунь и савчук

  1. 1. Iana Savchuk Karina Grun
  2. 2. Mango Dance Studio We chose to use Dance Studio, a local dance studio here in Kharkov. Specifically, our target demographic will include individuals with children, beginners, energetic members. Dance School "Mango" was created for everyone, regardless of age, gender and fitness level who want to live in the rhythm of the dance, to surprise themselves and others, to be special and interesting, feel your body and fun to spend time, because life is so amazing . Our main target - not only teach you the basic techniques and a high level of complexity and provide the key to dancing skills. We want to develop a habit you have to dance beautifully, incendiary, publicly outside the room, moving in harmony, freedom and for pleasure, in accordance with the internal feelings and music. And, of course, help you find a new way to express themselves and provide an opportunity to have a good spare time, staying in an organic medium dancers, as taught in our school dances - it is also a beautiful cultural leisure.
  3. 3. Directions that you have to choose in our dance studio:1. Argentine Tango 2. Ballroom and Latin Dance
  4. 4. 3. Fitness 4. Hip-Hop
  5. 5. Childrens group (5-9 ages) Around the age of 5 - 9 years of a child begin to form two new types of thinking for him - verbal- logical and abstract.1.Zanimatelnaya logika2.IZO3.Lepka
  6. 6. Our services: hall rental gift Certificate wedding dance
  7. 7. Our rivals1. Litvinoff dance - our biggest competitor. In the dance lounge «Litvinoff dance» more than 20 - direction of dance. Our biggest competitor. In the dance lounge «Litvinoff dance» more than 20 - direction of dance. They are not just a dance studio - a dance salon on the world-famous master of choreography Alexey Litvinov. This is not simply taken the name, as happens in other studios - is particular person who regularly conducts classes in the studio and the main ideologue of the project, which built a system of interior, taking advantage of long experience and modern approach to everything.
  8. 8.  2. Sports club «Centaur». There are two services that do not have with us: gym equipped with modern equipment company Vadzaari, cardio line is represented by Johnson; рrivate lessons with an experienced coach. Personal trainer will develop a personalized study plan and supervise the proper technique of exercises will give advice on nutrition, will do everything possible so that you have achieved the desired results in the shortest possible time.
  9. 9. Thank you for your attention!