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Check out the latest CPO event agenda taking place June 7th London!

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CPO Roundtables Kara (2)

  1. 1. www.procureconroundtables.com k e om yn To Fe cas an fr ot yo at e d e ur st De in ud ll g ta ie s High Level CPO Forum Tuesday 7th June 2011 - Le Meridien Piccadilly, London Join leading uk CPos for a daY ofHigH level debaTe & diSCuSSionThe ProcureCon CPO Roundtables is a high level, closeddoor forum for a select group of procurement leaders to Cross questioncompare strategies, seize new opportunities and build the keynoterelationships speakers:• Join a distinguished panel to discuss the latest on commodities risk management and compare which pricing models are delivering value to the business• Question the panellists on their strategies to create a robust Kevin Brown supplier base and their unique experiences of co-developing to Chief Procurement Officer really achieve innovation Dell• Hear first-hand from Toyota on their best practice strategies to optimise return from lean manufacturing• A keynote case study from Dell will take you through agile sourcing strategies from Asia and beyond whilst mitigating associated risk• 10 expert-led roundtable debates to discuss and digest fresh Mark Adams insights on the most pertinent issues affecting the CPO function Vice President Purchasing• Discussions will take place under Chatham House Rule ToyotaHear exPerT PerSPeCTiveS from THe PanelliSTS:Kees Gerretse Martyn Lawns Adrian Doyle Nils ClementGroup Director of Procurement General Manager Director Procurement, Director Procurement EMEATata Steel Procurement EMEA, EU Commercial, Starbucks Rio Tinto GSK Sponsors www.procureconroundtables.com +44 (0)20 7368 9459 kara.fraser@wbr.co.uk TLS/KF
  2. 2. When was the last time you had theopportunity to network, discuss bestpractice and benchmark with theUK’s leading CPOs across industries agendain one room for one day? Tuesday 7th June 2011That long? We thought so. Focusing on the key 08:30 Registration and coffeestrategic areas of the procurement function– commodities risk management, bottom- 09:00 Chair’s opening remarksline improvement and delivering growth andinnovation – the 4th annual ProcureCon CPO KEYNOTE PRESENTATIONRoundtables will bring together leading CPOs to 09:10 CASE STUDY: Best practice strategies to optimisegive you first hand-accounts of how to tackle the return from lean manufacturingcritical issues impacting your strategy, helping • How Toyota encourages suppliers to be more lean and the return on you deliver value to the business in the current investment achieved • How integrated should suppliers be and where Toyota innovates with the climate. supplier base • How risk and quality assessments are made and examples of when corrections Open only to senior professionals, this exclusive were needed – the lessons learntevent will give you the chance to take time out, • How to use lean procurement to remove barriers to innovation against minimal risk brainstorm and think strategically with other CPOs Mark Adams, Vice President Purchasing, Toyotato answer the one question, despite the vastdifferences in your respective markets, you allhave: how to ensure business value and growth PANEL DISCUSSION AND DEBATEthrough procurement in shifting environments? 09:50 Commodities risk management, hedging decisions and how to achieve true innovation with suppliersWhat’s new this year? • With uncertain economic conditions and raw material inflation, which As signs of recovery have strengthened, the 4th commodities and service pricing models are delivering value to the business? • Strategies to better anticipate global commodity prices and negotiate annual ProcureCon CPO roundtables event has effectively with the supplier base been designed by CPOs for CPOs to reflect the • How to build long-term relationships with suppliers to gain leverage for issues at the top of your agenda. Last year you hedging decisions in the future • Strategies to create a robust supplier base to diversify the supplier portfolio, asked us to deliver ‘real’ procurement examples check market indicators and mitigate supplier riskof improvement. So this year, we have two • How to co-develop with suppliers to really achieve innovation - case studykeynote case studies - best practice strategies examplesto optimise return from lean manufacturing, Kees Gerretse, CPO, Group Director Procurement &from Toyota, the company that derived the Transport, Tata Steelmanagement philosophy of lean manufacturing;and a keynote case study from Dell on agile Martyn Lawns, General Manager Procurement EMEA,sourcing strategies from Asia and beyond whilst Rio Tinto mitigating associated risk. Adrian Doyle, Director Procurement, EU Commercial, GSKYou also told us that your organisations operateglobally and, subsequently, the issues affecting Nils Clement, Director Procurement EMEA, Starbucksyou are global, so this year, the topics ofdiscussion will all focus on leveraging a truly 10:30 Morning coffee and networkingglobal procurement structure. The keynotespeakers and panellists on board to share their KEYNOTE PRESENTATIONinsights with you are all from global organisationswith international remits. 10:50 CASE STUDY: Agile sourcing strategies from Asia and beyond whilst mitigating the associated riskUnder Chatham House Rule, this is a unique • Dell best practice to source effectively from established and emerging regions/ marketsopportunity to hear candid insight from 70 other • What are the associated risks and the methods, means and techniques in C-Level procurement executives across industries place to overcome themon the problems they face and a chance to • Problems encountered and lessons learntdig deep into the most fundamental strategic Kevin Brown, Chief Procurement Officer, Dellsourcing and purchasing management issuesthat concern you. kara.fraser@wbr.co.uk TLS/KF +44 (0)20 7368 9459
  3. 3. roundTableS A series of roundtable debates will give you the chance to discuss the most pertinent issues and share information in an informal setting. Chatham House Rule will apply.Roundtable 1: Top down directive to cut Roundtable 6: Leverage a truly globalcosts and leverage spend effectively procurement structure• How to lower operating costs, retain previously achieved savings and • Evolution of a full global structure – the drive to create synergy and leverage control cash? procurement across a group• Strategic sourcing – methods to source effectively to get the right products • Category review infrastructure- how to establish global category on the supply base at just the right time management and develop a co-ordinated, global supply chain – aggregating • Structuring the business for cost control – strategies to renegotiate supplier from a regional to a global basis contracts and restructure contracts for cost management • How to optimise global supply chain for companies with 4-5 business units • Best practice to control cash - how not to buy a Rolls Royce to do a Mini’s around the world? job• Focus on spend management – adopting agreements, compliance and spend tools• Assess the best control systems for audit, spend visibility and performance metrics – which is the best system to put in place? Roundtable 7: Procurement outsourcing and category outsourcing• Best practice in procurement performance measurement • How far back into the procurement process should outsourcing be integrated? • Strategies to manage outsourcing relationships as outsourcing becomes more virtualRoundtable 2: Commodities risk and • Outsourcing low category spend- what are the options?effective hedge management• A comparison of the index or the agreed price models for commodities – which purchasing strategy will deliver to the bottom line in an inflationary environment? • Strategies for effective hedge management during a time of price Roundtable 8: Low cost country sourcing – fluctuations where to invest next?• Methods, means and techniques for effective pricing • Smart sourcing - where are the next best economies for low cost country sourcing? • Where should you be going next? Assessing China, India, the Far East, Brazil, Peru and Chile • Category opportunitiesRoundtable 3: Security of supply andsupplier innovation against minimal risk• Security of supply and supplier performance - best practice in exercising due diligence with suppliers to mitigate risk in the supply chain• How to utilise supplier capabilities to achieve innovation, a personalised Roundtable 9: Talent availability, service and gain a competitive advantage management and development• Co-development with the supplier base – how to achieve a true partnership • How to recruit, motivate, develop skills and retain talent in procurement• Innovations in supplier agreements and contracts – what has yielded the • How to develop and rotate talent within the organisation best results? • Regenerate top talent to contribute to the new requirements of Procurement’s roleRoundtable 4: Supplier relationshipmanagement- how to ‘connect better’ Roundtable 10: Sustainable procurement• Shifting the focus from short-term cost cutting to long-term value-based • Best models of sustainable procurement practices and how they contribute relationships with suppliers to business profitability• Strategies to deal with contract non-compliance The day will include lunch, plus morning and afternoon breaks. What past delegates have said:Roundtable 5: Supply chain finance• How can you leverage transactions and improve working capital by lowering the cost of capital with the supplier base and finance at a lower rate? “Excellent opportunity to interact with• How to improve working capital – OP balance, payment services senior procurement leaders.”• Strategies to build a collaborative relationship with the CFO David Cowell, Vice President of European Procurement, Coca Cola Enterprises www.procureconroundtables.com
  4. 4. abouT Your SPeakerSMEET THE KEYNOTE SPEAKERS: Kevin Brown, Chief Procurement Officer, Dell Kevin Brown serves Dell in the capacity of vice president and chief procurement officer. In this role, he oversees the company’s strategic procurement and supply chain-related initiatives to help propel Dell’s growth and foster and solidify its reputation as a leading global systems and services company. Prior to this role, Kevin led a global team charged with planning and directing Dell’s supply chain strategies and spearheading the company’s relationships with ODM partners. In addition, he was responsible for retail operations Mark Adams, Vice President Purchasing, Toyota Mark has been tasked with leading the centralization of Purchasing for Toyota’s European manufacturing operations. Currently he is leading the re-definition of Toyota’s European supply base following the global economic crisis.MEET THE PANELLISTS: Kees Gerretse, CPO, Group Director Procurement & Transport, Tata Steel Since 2008 Kees implemented the integration of the purchasing function and synergies within the Tata Steel Group and Corus and appointing/managing the lead buyers of the main categories across the Tata Steel group. This led to his appointment in October 2009 to Group Director Procurement for the total Tata Steel Group with an annual budget of $18billion. Martyn Lawns, General Manager Procurement EMEA, Rio Tinto Martyn has just established back-office procurement activity in Mexico and India with Rio Tinto’s Business Process Outsourcing partner, serving 20 operations across the Rio Tinto footprint within the Europe, Middle East & Africa region. Nils Clement, Director Procurement EMEA, Starbucks In his role Nils is responsible for all procurement in the EMEA region with a team that looks after store development design items and equipment and maintenance, retail supplies to operate our day to day business including packaged food, beverage components and paper packaging.Confirm Your PlaCe TodaYJoin the UK’s leading heads of procurement for a day of high-level debate, discussion and networking.Book early to benefit from preferential ratesCPOs/Procurement Directors/VP of Sourcing Bookings received Bookings received Bookings received Bookings received and paid for before and paid for before and paid for before and paid for after 18th March 2011 15th April 2011 13th May 2011 13th May 20111 day of roundtables £449 £499 £549 £649 SAVE £200 SAVE £150 SAVE £100 FINAL PRICE +44 (0)20 7368 9459 kara.fraser@wbr.co.uk TLS/KF