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Брошюра к Саммиту Gartner 2010

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2010 ppm summit_brochure

  1. 1. EARLY BIRD SAVINGSRegister by 16 April 2010and save Ð300 Gartner PPM & IT Governance Summit 2010 16 – 17 June 2010 | Lancaster London, UK europe.gartner.com/ppm IT PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT PROJECT PORTFOLIOS IT Governance PMO Program Management Finding the Right Path to Value: Prioritize, Measure, Adapt and Lead THOUGHT LEADER AND SUMMIT CHAIR KEYNOTE ADDRESS Michael Hanford Adrian Webster Research Director Author of “Polar Bear Pirates”, Gartner Leading Business and Motivational Guru A GARTNER FOR IT LEADERS SUMMIT
  2. 2. 16 – 17 June 2010 | London | europe.gartner.com/ppm IntroductionCONTENTS SUMMARY Finding the Right Path to Value:Page 2–3 Prioritize, Measure, Adapt and LeadIntroduction and Overview For many organizations, the economic and budgetary challenges of 2009 drovePage 4 important changes in the general governance of IT investments and initiatives,Gartner Research: accelerating the trend toward greater accountability, effectiveness, agility andMeet the Analysts transparency. In the area of Program, Portfolio Management (PPM) and IT Governance, enterprises focused around survival, making tough priority choices,Page 5 cost savings and near term value.Plenary and GuestSpeaker Sessions In 2010, financial and cost management will remain a key priority, but enterprises need to position themselves for substantial recovery. Organizations need toPage 6–8 leverage (or establish) a solid PPM “foundation,” and identify and satisfy PPMSummit Agenda: needs and capabilities that can power growth and innovation again. For manyThe Tracks and Sessions organizations, IT governance over demand, resources, and initiative investments is — at best — “broken.” Agile and effective IT governance is the engine that willPage 9 power new IT assets, initiatives and revenue.Best Practices Workshops A recent end-user EMEA survey into the area of PPM and IT Governance revealedPage 10 that leaders have their biggest challenges in the following areas:Solution ShowcaseThe Summit Experience • Prioritizing portfolios and initiatives in a fast changing environmentPage 11 • Measuring and articulating the value of IT investments, and of PPMHow to Register and IT governance initiatives • Evolving the right roles, responsibilities and structures to effectively manage demand • Managing resources — including budgets, tools, skills, competencies and culture — and adapting to changeWho Should Attend • Getting stakeholders to buy-in, adopt and consistently execute PPM• PMO Leaders and IT governance processes, methods and strategies• Portfolio Management Leaders• Program Directors & Managers All of these challenges fall equally upon IT Steering Committees, Investment• Project Portfolio Directors Review Boards, Governance Offices, Project/Program Management Offices and Managers (PMOs), and portfolio managers. For example, Gartner predicts that PMOs that• IT Governance Executives reject any accountability for the success of initiatives will be gone, in the next 18• IT Executive Steering months. Committee Members• IT Investment Review Board Finding a path forward that “fits” the new economy and the new realities Members makes the launch of the Gartner Program and Portfolio Management & IT• IT Strategists, Planners & Governance Summit in EMEA a must attend event for both business and IT CIOs leaders. You won’t win the new battles of the new economy with old practices and• Business Strategists & strategies. Planners• New Product Development Managers Michael Hanford Tatiana Wells Research Director Senior Program Director, Events Gartner Gartner2 Register today at europe.gartner.com/ppm or call +44 20 8879 2430
  3. 3. Gartner PPM & IT Governance Summit 2010 PMOs Need to Look Overview Inside, Not Outside, to Drive PPM Value Summit Format Key Benefits The Summit provides a unique mix of Gartner Research Independent, practical advice you can use presentations, practitioner case studies, peer-to-peer roundtables, in 2010 to get tangible results and hands-on workshops which closely engage Gartner analysts with the attendees. The Summit is designed to provide you with As a Summit attendee, you’ll get all the information you need content focusing on practicality, applicability, and action-orientated to avoid revisiting past mistakes and bad practices that did advice — through interaction with Gartner analysts, your peers and not work. You’ll learn how to: solution providers. • Prioritize IT initiatives against things that matter. • PLENARY SESSIONS • Exercise IT governance that really works. In our renowned plenary sessions, you’ll hear what today’s • See how your board of directors views IT governance. leading figures are thinking. Gartner analysts and invited experts • Make decisions about the future of IT initiatives that stick. will give you strategic insights, thought-provoking points of view and forward-thinking advice that will help shape your planning. • Identify and evolve key roles, responsibilities and skills. • Balance IT demand with resources. • TRACK SESSIONS • Understand where the idea of agility fits into PPM and IT Presented by Gartner analysts, invited guest speakers and governance. industry presenters, these sessions offer timely and actionable advice, which match your environment, organizational success needs, and practices which address “real-world” needs. • BEST PRACTICES WORKSHOPS Workshops provide you with a hands-on working environment, in which ideas are tested, solutions critiqued, and answers and actions to specific challenges and issues are devised which can be used when you return home. Your peers in the PPM space share both questions, and their working solutions, while the session is facilitated by Gartner analysts to develop direction, alternatives, and strategies to address them.Customize Your Agenda • GARTNER ANALYSTS ONE-ON-ONE MEETINGSWe understand your need for relevant information and guidance to A private meeting with a Gartner analyst is one of the key benefitsmatch the maturity of your PPM and IT Governance initiatives. To of attending a Gartner Summit. Personalize your 30 minute privatemeet this need, sessions have been identified with icons to help you appointment to discuss your specific issue and walk away withnavigate your way through the agenda: invaluable, tailor-made advice.E ESSENTIALS: If you are at the early stages of your PPM and IT Governance initiatives or you are a newcomer to this space, these sessions will help you navigate through the necessary steps. HOT TOPICSA ADVANCED: If you are an advanced practitioner of PPM and • The Future of PPM and IT Governance IT Governance, these sessions are designed to take your initiatives to the next level. • Measuring and Communicating the Business Value of IT • Prioritizing ProjectsCreate Your Own Roundtable • PPM and IT Governance Solutions EvaluationDo you have a burning issue you’d like to discuss with your peers? • IT Governance StrategiesGartner brings you the opportunity to propose your own roundtablediscussion topic to help you connect with your peers with similar • Enterprise Program Management Office (PMO)challenges and interests. Submit your proposal through Agenda • IT Investment ReviewBuilder, LinkedIn or Twitter once you have registered to the event.Gartner will then review and advertise your roundtable to other • IT Demand Managementdelegates so that you can connect on-site. • IT Resource Management • Managing Business Change and ComplexityCase Study Roundtables • People Management and Workforce IssuesTo help delve deeper into the case study presentations and • Independent Verification and Validationdiscuss the issues raised with the presenters — and your peers —break-out roundtable sessions will be held to give you an added • Application Portfolio and Modernizationopportunity to interact. Numbers for these sessions are limited by • Business and IT Collaboration and Engagementdesign to allow for in-depth conversations.Register via the Agenda Builder, visit ab.gartner.com/ppmite1 Register by 16 April and save Ð300 3
  4. 4. 16 – 17 June 2010 | London | europe.gartner.com/ppmGartner Research Gartner Analyst One-on-OnesGartner analysts draw constantly from the real-life challenges To book your private 30 minute session with aand solutions experienced by more than 45,000 clients Gartner analyst of your choice, take a look at theworldwide. The value of resource, combined with our deep analyst focus areas on this page and select theanalysis of technology vendors, is unrivalled. analyst most applicable to your needs.Worldwide Expertise at Your Fingertips — Your Questions on Program, Portfolio Management and IT Governance AnsweredMeet the Analysts Advisory Audrey Apfel Focus Areas: Business Value of IT, PMO Strategies, Project Management, Structure, Roles and Responsibilities, Board Project Portfolio Optimization, Prioritization, PPM/PM Cost Managing VP Optimization Strategies The Gartner PPM & IT Governance Summit Focus Areas: Project and Program Management, IT Portfolio operates with the advice Management, IT Governance, Organizational Development, and input of a number of Barbara Brody Business and IT Alignment, IT Strategy, Strategic Sourcing Consulting Director individuals from end-user organizations, to help guide Focus Areas: IT Procurement and Vendor Management, the content and direction IT Asset Management and Financial Management, Supply of the Summit and ensure Stewart Buchanan Chain and Vendor Management Strategies, IT Procurement that it addresses the needs Research Director Governance and Process Management of the audience. We would like to thank the following Focus Areas: Aligning IT and Business Strategy, Processes, IT Governance, Leadership Development, Team Development, individuals for their ongoing Donna Fitzgerald Project Management, Methodologies, Organization, Project/ advice and support: Research Director Program Management Office (PMO) • Trevor Woollard, IT Focus Areas: Portfolio, Program and Project Office Portfolio Manager, Management, Software Development Management, IT Process Findus Group Mike Fletcher Optimization, Supplier Sourcing and Management, Data Consulting Director Warehousing and BI, IT Strategy • Chris Bradford, Director Focus Areas: Program and Project Management, IT Portfolio of IT Planning and Management, IT Governance. Application Development Governance, Michael Hanford and Management Strategies, Process Management and GMAC UK plc Research Director Governance • George Loughlin, Focus Areas: Application Overhaul, Application Rationalization, Manager, IT Andy Kyte Application Portfolio Management, Application Strategy Procurement, VP and Gartner Lloyds TSB Fellow • Brian Reeves, Deputy Focus Areas: Application Development Methods and Processes, Enterprise Project Management, PMO, Project and Portfolio Director, PPM & Matt Light Management Tools, Requirements Management, Cost Optimization: Resourcing Division, Research VP Project Realignment, Demand Prioritization, Communication Corporate Services, Welsh Assembly Focus Areas: Business Value of IT Alignment, Business Case Government Articulation, TCO and Cost Management Frameworks, KPIs Lars Mieritz and Metrics for Dashboards and Scorecards Research VP Focus Areas: IT Cost Optimization, Strategic Sourcing, Ben Millrood Infrastructure and Operations, IT Organizational Change, and Consulting Group Program and Portfolio Management Vice President4 Register today at europe.gartner.com/ppm or call +44 20 8879 2430
  5. 5. Gartner PPM & IT Governance Summit 2010Plenary and Guest SpeakerSessionsGartner Opening Keynote Keynote Address Gartner Closing KeynoteWhat’s Hot and What’s Not — Polar Bear Pirates — Travelling Past Lessons, Current Imperatives,State of the Art for 2010 Together Future TrendsJoin a panel of Gartner analysts as we test Drawing on his vast amount of practical After two days, over 40 Gartnercommon wisdom (and our audience) on experience, Adrian Webster brings to life a presentations, a host of guest and sponsorwhat areas you should be focusing on, and whole new world of motivational terminology presentations, you now have a lot ofthe “hot” approaches to those areas. We will and characters that everyone can instantly information to digest. During this keynote,present research findings that may reinforce identify with, take away and put to good. As Gartner analysts will distil the key piecesthat your plans are right on target or surprise well as pointing out a few characters that of insight and advice from throughout theyou by making you question your most everyone should instantly recognize along summit into a concise action list that willfundamental assumptions. Either way, you the way, he will be sharing some thought help you take your initiatives to the nextshould leave the session better prepared to provoking ideas and helping to take an level. The session will be broken down intohandle whatever comes your way. innovative look at some of the practical three sections related to the track themes ofAudrey Apfel, Managing VP, Gartner ways that we can all engage and inspire lessons learned from the past, overcoming those around us to “jump on the bus with challenges and being prepared for future us.” Sit back, embrace change and discover trends, giving you a snapshot of the most the power of TNTs and SONAR Leadership salient advice from this year’s summit. as Adrian clears the windscreen to give a Michael Hanford, Research Director, clearer view of the road ahead. Gartner Adrian Webster, Author of “Polar Bear Pirates”, Leading Business and Motivational Guru End-User Case Studies The Summit features several end-user case study presentations, with senior IT and business executives from leading organizations from a range of industries and countries designed as use cases you can compare against your own approaches and as benchmarks for your thinking. Please check on a regular basis as further case studies are added at europe.gartner.com/ppm BAA HMRC Network Rail David Buisson, PMP, Paul Hirst, Head of PPM Yaelle Ridley, Project Manager and Profession Program Manager By 2012, the use of project management tools in core business packaged applications or from the cloud will grow by more than 100%, eroding the use of complex desktop products and spreadsheets. Register by 16 April and save Ð300 5
  6. 6. 16 – 17 June 2010 | London | europe.gartner.com/ppm 1Summit AgendaTRACK 1: Program and PMOFunctions, Roles and PracticesIn 2010, to “enable” the business, IT needs more than ever to take advantage of better, practical, and proven practicesand techniques. The “rubber” of initiatives results meets the “road” of economic recovery with programs and projects thatare effective, well-managed, and produce the desired business value and change. The larger, more challenging or complexinitiatives require strategic program management approaches, and the applied expertise and support of highly focused andpractical PMO staff. This track provides you the analysis and the tactics to measure, prioritize, organize and manage yourprograms and PMOs for improved business results.People and Projects — E Focus on Business Outcomes E Project Juggling for PMOs —Managing Change, Expectations of IT Projects The Practical Approachand EngagementDelivering on-time and on-budget and Many organizations focus on costs and PMOs rapidly find themselves overwhelmedstill not getting “credit” for successful benefits estimation for potential investments, with demands placed on them to not onlyexecution? Business sponsors disappearing but place less emphasis on the subsequent prioritize the work but improve the executionafter project kick-off? No one reading your delivery of the expected business benefits of projects. Previously, many PMOs thoughtstatus reports? This presentation will provide — which is what really matters. Planners that deploying and enforcing methodologypersonal tools — frameworks, models, should clarify the anticipated business was a one size fix for whatever ailed theapproaches — for better expectation benefits in the pre-project phase using organization. Experience has shown thatmanagement and stakeholder engagement. agreed metrics and key performance this approach rarely works.• Why is business and stakeholder indicators that tie back to the business • Is there an optimal way to prioritize engagement an issue for IT projects? case. projects?• How can IT manage the mix of • Why are business benefit identification, • Are there best practices to improving mechanics, emotions and politics to tracking and communications important project delivery across the organization? achieve business outcomes? activities? • What is an effective approach for• What techniques can be used to keep • What are good practices for articulating managing all of the stakeholders? projects aligned to shifting business the business benefits underlying the Donna Fitzgerald expectations? business case?Audrey Apfel • What are good practices for monitoring business benefits delivery and stakeholder communications? Lars Mieritz The Emerging Enterprise PMO A Independent Verification and A Your Summit Validation — Double-Checking Project Quality — Your Agenda! The formation of Enterprise Program PMO and quality assurance (QA) Management Offices continues in 2010, organizations report to the same With a wealth of sessions, it is driven by the need to merge technology and governance as project owners and other helpful to have a tool to build your business process projects under the same stakeholders. When pressure for delivery own agenda focusing on your own organization. This presentation will explore mounts, these groups may not fully and needs. The online Agenda Builder the EPMO as a management unit; merger objectively assess process and deliverable helps you select the sessions most of process and tools at enterprise level; quality — introducing new or higher risks relevant to you and add them to your tips and techniques for overseeing highly for dangerous or critical deliverables. calendar, and to build networking and complex projects and programs. Independent verification and validation reflection time into your schedule. (IV&V) is an important tool to manage • Is there an emerging role of an EPMO in Go to ab.gartner.com/ppmite1 to view an organization? project quality in these situations. the full agenda. • How should IT organizations assess their • What is the relationship of business process projects and systems project at validation and verification capabilities to the enterprise level? determine adequacy and neutrality for key projects? • What are the secrets to managing the complexity of the projects tracked at the • How can IV&V help mitigate risks enterprise level? stemming from projects’ size, cost, complexity and other factors? Donna Fitzgerald • What types of IV&V services support project quality management, and what external service providers provide them? Matt Light6 Register today at europe.gartner.com/ppm or call +44 20 8879 2430
  7. 7. Gartner PPM & IT Governance Summit 2010 2Summit Agenda E ESSENTIALSTRACK 2: Portfolios, IT Investments A ADVANCEDand Initiatives Across the EnterpriseYour 2010 IT investments will impact the degree and direction of IT enablement for business recovery. Matching IT directionto the business strategy is critical. Selecting the IT investments — which pay off with the “right IT results, rightly done,”and eliminating projects and applications that create recovery “drag” — is required in order to determine whether yourorganization will be “ready for growth,” “kind-of-ready,” and “how do you spell ready”? In this track, you will get practicaladvice for prioritizing portfolios and investments, approving and effectively managing demand and resources, and bothmodernizing and streamlining your applications stack.Who’s Doing What to Whom? E Opportunity Cost — A Universal Applications Overhaul — ABasics of IT Resource Management Prioritization Framework for IT Funding Rationalize, Standardize, Consolidate and SimplifyIT resource management is a constant Opportunity cost is the health check needed Enterprises have long suffered fromcomplaint. A basic-level set of functions and to get businesses back into shape and bloated application portfolios, followingservices is needed to track and forecast provides the common fact basis to optimize mergers, rapid expansion, globalization,resources usage; and to avoid being “stuck” business cases, project prioritization and and competing business unit demands. Aat level 1.7 PPM maturity. This introductory even sourcing decisions. As well as ROI, drastic application overhaul is required tosession will identify a starting point to gain organizations need to show best possible eliminate redundancy, standardize businessinitial traction around resources usage return on spending; the least risk with the processes, consolidate solutions, and— focusing on needs, minimum set of greatest commercial advantage. establish platforms for tomorrow’s agile andcomponents and process, selling upward, • Can you break the zero sum game of ROI growing business environment.and cautions on going too far or not far business cases based on driving the cost • What are practical options andenough. and value out of the IT supply chain to approaches for addressing the bloated• The what and why of IT resource business? application portfolio? management — a level set. • How can you use service pricing and • How do you secure and sustain• What does IT resource management make relevant comparisons for price/ business buy-in, funding and executive deliver? performance and cost/benefit decisions sponsorship?• How do you sell the need to executives, across the portfolio? • How do you keep the “lights-on” while and what do you do first? • How can you prove the best possible executing a major application overhaul?Michael Hanford spending choices to return to growth as Andy Kyte rapidly and safely as possible? Stewart BuchananThe Lean PMO — A The Gartner PPM Magic Quadrant andFrom Prioritization to Process The PPM Market in 2010 — Road toImprovement RecoveryThe daunting issue of risk assessment for IT The PPM software market continues toprojects leads many to a simplistic “high- evolve and mature, heading into whatmedium-low” approach. Analysis of risk in Gartner calls the “Trough of Disillusionment.”six key categories can help organizationsassess an IT project’s potential payoff This session will present the latest Gartner PPM Magic Quadrant report, and review the PMOs and otherconsidering its risk. This session will offer a current state of the overall PPM software PPM functions haveframework and process to properly factor market; unveil and discuss the 2010 PPMrisk into IT investment portfolios. for IT Magic Quadrant and offer best been following a path practices for navigating a software market• How do lean principles of value, quality designed for work management process defined by external and “waste” apply to the PMO?• How can a PMO promote lean IT improvement. methodologies and • Most current trends and innovations in the management practices from project initiation through closure? worldwide PPM software market. the “one size fits all”• What organizational roles and metrics can • Most significant PPM application approaches of common help drive continuous improvement of the providers supporting the internal IT flavor organization — and the PMO? of PPM. wisdom. Results have• How can a PMO help determine the right • Leveraging Gartner PPM for IT MQ while not met expectations. “flight path” for different kinds of projects? pursuing a PPM initiative.Matt Light Michael Hanford Register by 16 April and save Ð300 7
  8. 8. 16 – 17 June 2010 | London | europe.gartner.com/ppm 3Summit AgendaTRACK 3: IT Governance and Oversight— Challenges and SolutionsCost management will remain a major concern in 2010, but sheer survival in the face of catastrophic change in 2009 isbehind us. Making IT governance both effective and timely is essential for your organization to make the right decisions, stayon top of IT initiatives, and consistently harness progress and innovation. To capture fast-moving business opportunities,don’t be caught using a “Model-T” IT governance and oversight. In this track, you will learn how to re-tool your ITgovernance, get stronger buy-in and adoption, and measure your governance success.Governing, Measuring and A Sell or Hold — Reviewing Major A The Relentless Rise of Free MarketManaging Applications IT Initiatives Economics and the End of CommandOrganizations and Control ITBudget scrutiny, resource constraints, Organizations have increased focus on Natural economics forces work just as wellSOA and emerging technologies, portfolio investments, and value-for-money. For internally as they do externally to reducerationalization and end-user empowerment. many, this means increasing project reviews administrative overhead and drive naturalThese are some of the pressures exposing and health checks — which are both efficiencies within IT. Command economiesdeficiencies in applications governance and tactical and limited in results. This session have given way to market economics.management. This session addresses the will focus on the need for, and the contents Instead of trying to swim against the flood,advanced governance and management of, executive strategic reviews of major PPM managers are ideally placed to harnessdisciplines needed, through Gartner’s initiatives: achievable benefits and value; these powerful forces of nature and steer.application governance framework; action-oriented; initiative evolution; fit of • Evaluating traditional “command andidentifies capability and maturity trends for results to future scenarios; and decisions to control” IT organizations and “resourcebenchmark and comparison; and describes “sell” or “hold” the initiative. rationing” for the return to growth in aprevailing organizational archetypes and • What should executives look for in an global market economy.transition strategies. initiative investment review? • Successfully obtaining sustainable fair• What disciplines are required for • What does the process of review look like, value from IT projects and turning the advanced application organizations? end-to-end? supply chain into a value chain, instead of• How do you assess your organization’s • What are the roles of PPM leaders in fighting market forces. capabilities, measure effectiveness, and facilitating these reviews? • Preparing the IT organization for the fall of prioritize improvements? the “iron curtain” between business and IT. Michael Hanford• When and how should you consider an Stewart Buchanan organizational re-alignment?Andy Kyte Creating Meaningful Metrics E Managing Demand and Prioritizing for for PPM Value — How to Do It, Make It Stick, And Not Lose Your Mind in the Process As well as the management and IT total demand comes from many development of PPM practices, a PPM distributed sources and outstrips IT supply. function needs to understand the multitude In the name of customer-centricity, IT feels of information requirements and to respond obliged to deliver all — an impossible in a timely manner. Metrics and measures task with the risk of lowering the overall that constitute the information need to be credibility of the IT organization, and organized — uniform where possible — with limiting the ability to maximize value from clear definitions and readily understood by investment of money, time and resources. stakeholders. This presentation will explore This presentation will focus on mindset the key elements in establishing an effective adjustments, executive support and set of metrics for PPM and share best practical frameworks for demand intake, practices. prioritization and scoring to effectively • What factors have led to measurement manage demand throughout the and metrics rising on the PPM agenda? organization. • What are the key elements in creating • What does an efficient IT demand intake effective PPM metrics? process look like? • What is good practice for implementing • How can organizations prioritize and managing PPM metrics? demand coming in from multiple peer organizational units? Lars Mieritz • Who is involved in the prioritization and governance process for IT demand? Audrey Apfel8 Register today at europe.gartner.com/ppm or call +44 20 8879 2430
  9. 9. Gartner PPM & IT Governance Summit 2010 E ESSENTIALSBest Practices Workshops A ADVANCEDPlease note: These workshops are for end-user organizations only. Pre-registration isrequired and attendance is on a first come, first served basis as numbers are limited. Gartner forPPM Maturity Assessment E IT LeadersThis workshop will focus on an overview of the Gartner PPM Maturity Model exploring Every day you’re faced withthe key characteristics at various maturity levels. With this foundation in mind, participants decisions that will determinewill complete a quick PPM Maturity assessment. Based on the assessment results the success or failure that couldworkshop will conclude with examining the key elements for progression through the influence your organization’smaturity levels. What is the Gartner maturity model for PPM? How can an organization financial results, customertransition between maturity levels? retention rates or ability to compete.Donna Fitzgerald, Matt Light Getting information is easy but is it insightful andPPM Worst Practices — Pitfalls Peers Have Learned to Avoid relevant? Your time is scarce.Investment in project governance overhead is largely about minimizing project risk. Spend less time searchingWorkshop participants often come seeking to share best practices, though they may have for information and more timefew to share. Often, though, they have learned the hard way how to detect and prevent applying relevant insight tosome project problems, which can provide valuable lessons to their industry colleagues. your IT initiatives that need effective solutions right now.Participants will identify bad AND good ideas and practices; and learn from the experiencesof Gartner, and peers, how to avoid those which are “bad.” Ensure your success asAudrey Apfel, Matt Light an IT leader. Get the insight you need — when you need it. With instant WebProgram Management — It’s Not about Technology — It’s About People E access to exclusive GartnerSuccess of programs is in the eye of the business beholder. Success lies in the ability of research that’s relevant,program managers to manage both the business outcome and the politics surrounding the insightful and tailored for IT leaders in Program & Portfolioprogram. Soft skills like influencing and negotiation are essential to drive governance success. Management.This workshop will focus on the techniques and frameworks program management leadersand other executives use to manage the expectations and stakeholder engagement, as wellas skill sets required for project and program managers. Workshop participants will be invited Your Role.to discuss and recommend approaches for coaching and influencing individuals and groups Your Event.to improve stakeholder perception at the program or project level. Insightful and relevant eventsBarbara Brody, Lars Mieritz aligned to your role, your priorities and your challenges.Strengthening IT Governance to Drive Portfolio Decisions and Manage IT Demand • ApplicationsCurrent economic conditions and investment constraints are driving increased • Business Intelligencefocus on those initiatives that drive greatest impact to the bottom line either & Informationthrough increased efficiencies or business enablement. Business needs Managementcontinue to grow along with increased pressures on cost savings.Challenges of balancing cost-optimization and IT Demand are intense • Business Processrequiring stronger IT Governance processes and mechanisms than ever Improvementbefore to accelerate decision-making around IT investment portfolios.This workshop will assist attendees in understanding the current • CIOmaturity of their IT Governance processes, the relationships between IT • Enterprise ArchitectureGovernance and Portfolio decisions, and practical steps for improvingthe IT Governance Model and Portfolio Management processes. • Infrastructure & OperationsMike Fletcher, Ben Millrood • Program & Portfolio ManagementPortfolio Optimization — Balancing the Needs for Operational Cost Efficiencies,Business Innovation and Agility • Security & RiskBroad and forceful economic pressures are pushing many organizations to grapple with Managementsignificant and urgent tactical business requirements for operational cost efficiencies. Few • Sourcing & Vendorenterprises have the ability to finance and manage all requisite administrative and innovative Relationshipsservices in this context of uncertainty, particularly at the service and cost levels demandedof consumers and business partners. Organizations must respond by creating new ways Sign up to our monthlyto provide innovative, flexible and efficient services, even as they address cost-cutting Events Insider newsletterpressures. In this workshop, a senior Gartner Consultant will assist attendees in establishing at www.gartnerinfo.com/and executing decision frameworks that optimizes an organization’s IT portfolio, including eventsinsiderexamples and lessons learned from various industries.Mike Fletcher, Ben Millrood Register by 16 April and save Ð300 9
  10. 10. 16 – 17 June 2010 | London | europe.gartner.com/ppm Solution Showcase MEET THE TECHNOLOGY AND SERVICE PROVIDERS AT THE FOREFRONT OF PROGRAM, PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT AND IT GOVERNANCE The Summit helps you develop a “short list” of technology providers who can meet your particular needs. We offer you exclusive access to some of the world’s leading technology and service solution providers in a variety of settings. Visit the Solution Showcase, attend the Solution Provider Sessions and join in the Networking Reception for informal relationship building. Premier Maximize Your Summit Experience Depth, Discipline and Decisiveness Microsoft is the worldwide leader in software, services and solutions that Gartner Summits are unique in the experience that help people and businesses realize their full potential. Microsoft Project they bring to attendees. 2010 offers flexibility and choice for individuals, teams and the enterprise A mixture of session formats brings extended to effectively manage all types of work — from simple tasks to complex opportunities to interact with Gartner analysts, with projects and programs. The end-to-end collaborative, project and portfolio fellow attendees and focused solution providers. management environment helps your organization gain visibility, insight, and control by enhancing decision making, improving alignment with the business strategy, maximizing resource utilization and measuring and Solution Provider Sessions increasing operational efficiency. Selected technology and service providers will give www.microsoft.com/project their advice on the latest solutions and best practices. The providers, and in many cases their clients, will explore best practices, key learnings and future trends and technologies. These sessions give you a unique Platinum opportunity to learn from the organizations that will shape the future of technology and to benefit from the real-life experiences of their clients. Networking at the Summit For 20 years, Planview has been advancing the discipline of PPM, helping Connecting with your peers is a key element of your Summit customers to manage people and money. Planview Enterprise®, a market- experience. Take advantage of the networking opportunities leading portfolio management application suite, delivers measurable to meet fellow delegates, Gartner analysts and sponsors to business results for IT management, product development and throughout share ideas, best practices and future plans. the enterprise. Customers in virtually every industry turn to our offerings to make smarter decisions faster. www.planview.com Gartner Analyst One-on-One Meetings Don’t you think you deserve a little private and focused time? Meeting privately with a Gartner analyst is one of the key benefits for attending this Summit. Seven Silver Gartner analysts specializing in various aspects of Program & Portfolio Management and IT Governance will be at the Summit. Bring your issue, select the relevant analyst, set the agenda and walk away with invaluable, tailor-made advice. To book, email EMEA.1on1Summit@gartner.com Compuware provides software, PowerSteering Software is the leader experts and best practices to in on-demand enterprise project optimize application performance & portfolio management (PPM) Personalize Your Experience across the Enterprise and the solutions for Information Technology, Your Summit — Your Agenda! With a wealth of sessions, it Internet. Product Development, Six Sigma is helpful to have a tool to build your own agenda focusing and other business PMOs. on your own needs. www.compuware.com www.PowerSteeringsoftware.com The online Agenda Builder helps you select the relevant sessions and add them into your calendar, along with building networking time into your schedule. Visit ab.gartner.com/ppmite1SPONSORSHIP BronzeOPPORTUNITIES Connect with Linkedin and Twitter Join our online communities. Get the latest Summit updates andIf your organization is interested Pcubed network with fellow delegates — visit europe.gartner.com/in sponsoring this event, www.pcubed.com ppm for more details and sign-up.please contact Silas Mante forfurther details.Telephone: +44 1784 267103 E-mail: silas.mante@gartner.com10 Register today at europe.gartner.com/ppm or call +44 20 8879 2430
  11. 11. Gartner PPM & IT Governance Summit 2010 Project management is becoming a mainstream skill, diffused throughout theRegistration organization. Tools need to support this work where the users are and in an easy-to-use, familiar environment.How to RegisterOnline: europe.gartner.com/ppmTelephone: +44 20 8879 2430E-mail: emea.registration@gartner.comPricing Why Register Early? Refer a ColleagueEarly Bird Price • Save Ð300 on the standard price If you know of a colleague who would • Receive a complimentary copy of benefit from this Summit experience andÐ1,895 + UK VAT Gartner book ‘The Real Value of IT’ direct access please forward this brochure(offer ends 16 April 2010) (collect on-site at the Summit) to them.Standard Summit Price • Priority Gartner Analyst One-on-OneÐ2,195 + UK VAT booking with the analyst of your choicePublic Sector PriceÐ1,695 + UK VAT Gartner Clients Hotel InformationEligibility for the Public Sector Price will be verified, proof A Gartner ticket covers both days of the Lancaster Londonof public sector status will be required. Price cannot beapplied retrospectively. Summit. Hyde Park, London, UK W2 2TY If you are a client with a query about tickets, lancasterlondon.comPublic Sector: National Government, LocalGovernment, Non-Financial Public Enterprises, Charities, please contact your Account Manager or Further information can also be foundPublic Administration, Health and Education. e-mail emea.events@gartner.com on the Summit Web site. Team Attendance Teams that attend a Gartner Summit Team Benefits: Summit Team Discount Offers*: together gain a much richer experience 1 Team meeting with a Gartner analyst • 4 for the price of 3 of the event. Not only can they divide (end-users only) • 6 for the price of 4 and conquer, attending all the sessions to maximize their learning, but they also 2 Optional team meeting(s) with select • 10 for the price of 7 have the added benefit of inviting a executives from vendor organizations 3 Advice and support on building * For full terms and conditions visit Gartner analyst to a team meeting — to europe.gartner.com/ppm facilitate a discussion or advise them on personalized agendas for your team strategic initiatives and key projects. For 4 10+ free audio sessions from the this reason, organizations often take the To register a team please e-mail Gartner Events Multimedia On Demand EMEA.TeamSend@eventreg.com opportunity to hold offsite team meetings product and incorporate Gartner Events as part of or contact your Gartner Account their training programs. 5 Complimentary team lounge and Manager. Please note that teams must meeting space (based on team size, be registered at the same time and we Gartner Events has designed an terms and conditions apply) experience that will help teams of 4 to 25 can only guarantee availability of team maximize their Summit experience while 6 Concierge service pre-event and on-site benefits if the team is registered at least on-site and long after the event concludes. 7 Discounts on registration rates three weeks in advance of the event.Media Partners Register by 16 April and save Ð300 11
  12. 12. Return address: Gartner, PO Box 754, North Shields, NE29 1EJ, United Kingdom Gartner PPM & IT Governance Summit 2010 16 – 17 June 2010 | Lancaster London, UK Visit europe.gartner.com/ppm Register now for Early Bird saving! (offer ends 16 April 2010) Build your own agenda online at ab.gartner.com/ppmite1 Book a 30-minute Gartner Analyst One-on-One Meeting with your preferred analyst Join our online communities with: Gartner UK Ltd. is a company registered in England & Wales with the registration number 2266016.Cert no. SA-COC-001683 The registered office is Tamesis, The Glanty, Egham, Surrey, TW20 9AW, United Kingdom.