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I created this tutorial for my journalism cohort.

Google Voice is a limber and free solution for small business owners, freelancers, and indpendent contractors who want to have a phone number separate from their mobile number and don't want to pay for an additional phone bill.

I have given the very basic explanation of why it might be useful, along with some of its limitations.

As I went through the process myself, I tried to catch all the screenshots, but I'm sure I forgot some. Google will undoubtedly change their look and process as well, so how this ages remains to be seen. Use it as a guideline. I am not affiliated in Google other than being utterly dependent upon it for my email like the rest of the globe.

In this tutorial, I did not exploit all of the features remotely. Google is Google: they have great tutorials, and might I suggest you avail yourself of them!

Happy free business communications!

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Google voice

  1. 1. Google Voice You need Google Voice What is Google Voice? Features Carriers Sign Up Install Mobile App (iPHone)This is not a comprehensive guide. It isheavily flavored in favor of iPhone.You will learn how to:set up a Google Voice account with anexisting Gmail account, install a mobileapp for your iPhone smartphone. If youhave a Droid, GTS (Google that ‘stuff’)Created by Kaley Perkins for NMJMA April2013 Cohort. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. You need Google Voice: You are a business person. You want to protect your privacy. Your business needs a phone. Now you have a personal phone AND abusiness phone. Dont have two phones and two voicemails. Too much management. Too much money. Get Google Voice.
  3. 3. What is Google Voice? GV is an add-on Google feature that letsyou manage multiple phone lines. GV syncs voicemails, texts, and emailsand lets you manage them in thedashboard of you Google account. GV is free. GV is portable – no new # if you move. GV makes all communications mobile. GV works with all carriers, Big Guys best.
  4. 4. Features: Personalized greeting Transcription Share voicemails Text Conference calls Select a customized number (all sorts offun to play with!) Customizable feature
  5. 5. Features: VOICEMAIL consolidates your voicemail transcribes voicemail to searchable text transcribed voicemail is texted andemailed you dont have to listen to your voicemails– you can read them configure this to suit you
  6. 6. Features: TEXTS Send texts from any number Send texts from Gmail or mobile Receive texts for all your numbers Receive texts as texts and Gmail Text & emails are word searchable inGmail
  7. 7. Features: TEXT (con’t) Not supported MMS International texts
  8. 8. Features: CALLING Call clients from email or mobile phone. Control the number your customer sees. Record calls, not yet reliable for phoneinterviews Check applicable privacy laws
  9. 9. Carriers Verizon Sprint AT&T Virgin (full of friction according to forums) T-Mobile (call forwarding buggyaccording to forums)
  10. 10. Challenges Many choices for configuring – canoverwhelm. Porting phone numbers, Many preferences, many decisions. Call forwarding is buggy on smallernetworks (Sprint smoothest) To use via mobile phone, additionaliPhone App or Droid App must bedownloaded and configured.
  11. 11. SignUp: Agree to Terms
  12. 12. Signup: New Number
  13. 13. Signup: Add Forward #
  14. 14. Signup: Select Your New #
  15. 15. Signup: Which Do You Like?
  16. 16. Signup: Manage Cell, GV
  17. 17. Signup: Congrats! Your’re In
  18. 18. Signup: First Message
  19. 19. Installing Mobile App (iPhone) (I don’t have a Droid phone.) There are a couple of different apps. Check reviews (read reviews vs. trusting starrating: three ratings at a five and 1000 at athree and a half can be the differencebetween someone’s friends rating a brandnew, untested app and genuine field testing ) Look for later versions, they have been tested.But don’t trust them automatically: someupdates can break what didn’t need fixing!
  20. 20. 1. Finding the App
  21. 21. 2. Installing the AppType in your Apple ID Password
  22. 22. 3. Installing the AppSee the dark box to the right of the ‘e’? It’s loading.
  23. 23. 4. Move the IconTouch and hold the icon until it starts blinking and an ‘X’ appears
  24. 24. 5. Icon Next to PhoneIf you like, drag the icon down so that it is next to your phone.
  25. 25. 6. Launch AppEnter your Gmail email address and password.
  26. 26. 6. Can App Use Your Location?Do you want App to use your location?
  27. 27. 7. Can App Send Push Notifications?Do you want App to send you push notifications?
  28. 28. 8. Welcome Screen w/ featuresApp integrates Mo+ and Google Voice with each other and with Email
  29. 29. 9. Notify Contact List of New #?I say no: this is business phone; keep them separate.
  30. 30. 10. Congratulations: Ready to UseMore preferences for sure, but now we can use mobile App.
  31. 31. 11. The Main Navigation ScreenLet’s make a call using the key pad. Touch the Keypad icon.
  32. 32. 12. Let’s Call SomeoneDial some numbers. How about local pizza delivery?
  33. 33. 13. It’s Dialing…
  34. 34. 14. It’s Dialing…Sister is at work. Hang up so we don’t bug her.
  35. 35. 15. Let’s text someoneBack to main navigation screen. Click ‘Messaging’
  36. 36. 16. Text Shows Up in EmailSent text from new GV # to existing cell phone #. Text hitexisting Gmail account and correct text account.