Just Add Ice Orchids - Consumer Report 2012


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Year over year, consumer research and surveys show how the Just Add Ice Orchids® brand continues to grow and become better known across various demographics and geography. This report highlights many interesting value points that were collected in the recently
completed second annual Consumer Survey.

Key Points:
Brand awareness is growing in younger demographics
Customers are overwhelmingly happy with their purchase
Customer engagement results in repeat orchid purchases
Economic factors have little impact on sales

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Just Add Ice Orchids - Consumer Report 2012

  1. 1. Orchid Industry Consumer Report January 2012 It’s Just That Simple.JustAddIceOrchids.com
  2. 2. IntrOductIOnJust Add Ice phalaenopsis orchids are grown and supplied by Green Circle Growers,one of the largest greenhouse operations in the Midwest. The Just Add Ice Orchids® brand iscommitted to introducing fresh new ideas to the market place while utilizing productionmethods that are efficient and environmentally conscious. www.justaddiceorchids.com www.facebook.com/justaddiceorchids www.youtube.com/justaddiceorchids www.twitter.com/justaddiceJustAddIceOrchids.com1
  3. 3. Year over year, consumer research and surveys show how the Just Add Ice Orchids® brandcontinues to grow and become better known across various demographics and geography.This report highlights many interesting value points that were collected in the recentlycompleted second annual Consumer Survey.EXCLUSIVEConsumer surVeY resuLTsKey Points: • Brand awareness is growing in younger demographics • Customers are overwhelmingly happy with their purchase • Customer engagement results in repeat orchid purchases • Economic factors have little impact on salesJustAddIceOrchids.com 2
  4. 4. GEndEr & AGE The Just Add Ice Orchids® buyers profile has remained strong among married woman, 50-65 years old. Compared to 2010 figures, recent survey data show an increase in purchases from buyers aged 18-49. gender 86% 14% 21% INCREASE in Orchid Owners Aged 18-49Age grOup18-25 4%26-35 11%36-49 17%50-65 42%66+ 26%JustAddIceOrchids.com3
  5. 5. HOuSEHOLd & EducAtIOnCompared to previous year data, there has been a 6% increase in buyers without ahigher-level of education. The brand continues to effectively communicate thatcaring for orchids is simple. mArrIed number In HOuseHOLd Yes 68% 1 14% No 32% 2 53% 3 17% 4 9% rent Or Own HOme 5 3% Own 81% 6 3% Rent 19% 7 1% educAtIOn LeveL High School Diploma 37% Master’s Degree 14% Associate Degree 21% Doctorate Degree 2% Bachelor’s Degree 24% Medical Degree 2% SIMPLE OrchId carE is Appealing to Buyers at Different Education LevelsJustAddIceOrchids.com 4
  6. 6. BuYEr PrEFErEncES Over half (55%) of our customers prefer traditional or modern/contemporary design aesthetic. Orchid pot preference data reveal a 4% increase for “earthy/Organic” and a 5% decrease for “country” with the majority of buyers still preferring to match orchid pot colors to their home décor. preferred desIgn AestHetIc Traditional 34% Funky 2% Modern/Contemporary 21% Bohemian 2% Earthy/Organic 18% Country 10% Antiques 8% Victorian 5% BUYERS PREFER POTS THAT Complement Home Décor cHOOsIng OrcHId pOt cOLOr I prefer both 47% Match to current décor 50% Match season/holiday 3%JustAddIceOrchids.com5
  7. 7. wHere dO YOu dIspLAY YOur OrcHId? Living Room 40% Kitchen 24% Dining Room 15% Other 8% Bath/Sunroom 6% Bedroom 4% Study 3% My orchid from last winter is just about ready to bloom. This is so exciting, I want to have one of every color in the house. Thank you. - Ann FahlJustAddIceOrchids.com 6
  8. 8. BuYEr PrEFErEncES cont. Just Add Ice Orchids® have a brand loyalty that exceeds a particular orchid color. While most orchid owners report plans to purchase additional Just Add Ice Orchids®, the next orchid they purchase can be any shade. Consumers, however, have shown an increased interest in patterned plants, with unusual colors and extraordinary markings. cOLOr Of OrcHId YOu wOuLd purcHAse next: Doesn’t Matter Bi-color 42% 13% 42% of Orchid Owners Have No Color Preference for Their Next Orchid Purchase Purple 11% Salmon 9% Yellow 8% White 6% Pink 6% Patterned 5%JustAddIceOrchids.com7
  9. 9. EXPErIEncE WItH JuSt Add IcE OrcHIdS ®In the buying decision process, there was a 5% increase on the impact from flower colorand packaging color, and 83% of buyers say that website support is important. rAte tHe AttrIbutes tHAt prOmpted YOur OrcHId purcHAse 1 Most Important 2 Important 3 Not Important Care 60% 37% 3% Website Support 23% 60% 18% Price 53% 43% 4% Flower Color 57% 36% 7% Packaging Color 18% 35% 47% Store Support 10% 26% 64% 86% of Just Add Ice Customers Rate Their Experience with Just Add Ice Orchids as “Excellent” or “Good” Scan this QR code to watch a video on how to care for your orchid.JustAddIceOrchids.com 8
  10. 10. EXPErIEncE WItH JuSt Add IcE OrcHIdS ® Watering is the most important care step in keeping our orchid plants flourishing and in bloom for months. Orchid care has never been more simple with Just Add Ice Orchids®. Our orchids need 3 ice cubes once a week - It’s Just that simple. 65% OrcHId KnOwLedge LeveL Beginner 65% Intermediate 30% Advanced 5% have a “Beginner” Level wAs tHIs YOur fIrst OrcHId? of Orchid Knowledge. 36% Yes 78% have Purchased 3+ Orchids No 22% OrcHIds purcHAsed rAtIng YOur In 12 mOntHs experIence 3+ 27% 2 23% Excellent! 47% 1 30% 0 20% Good 39% Not So Good 8% HOw mAnY OrcHIds dO YOu currentLY Own? No Opinion 5% 3+ 36% Bad 1% 2 19% 1 38% 0 7%JustAddIceOrchids.com9
  11. 11. Our brand community continues to contributes large HOw dId YOu LeArn AbOut volumes product photos, friendly comments and Just Add Ice OrcHIds? suggestions throughout our social channels. The typical buyers continue to become more Store 75% technology-savvy and have engaged regularly I’m really proud and happy that on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Website 9% @justaddice shared my picture Other 8% on their FB page. All the nice Word of Mouth 5% comments, wow!!! Thanks! Social Media 2% Newspaper/ 1% - Meluzynn MagazineJustAddIceOrchids.com 10
  12. 12. PurcHASInG JuSt Add IcE OrcHIdS More consumers are purchasing orchids at home improvement and wholesale stores, while big box and grocery stores remain popular places to buy orchids. pLAce Of purcHAse 4% Grocery Store 33% 13% Home Improvement 26% 33% Big Box Store 21% Wholesale 13% 21% Greenhouse 2% Florist 1% 26% Other 4% wHere dO YOu expect tO buY A Just Add Ice OrcHId? 5% 4% Grocery Store 28% 7% Home Improvement 24% 28% Big Box Store 22% 10% Wholesale 10% Greenhouse 7% 66% 22% 24% Florist of Orchid 5% Buyers Have Purchased an Orchid for a Gift Other 4%JustAddIceOrchids.com11
  13. 13. GIFtInGOrchids are popular gifts for any occasion,for birthdays, holidays or “just because.” 59% of Gift Recipients Purchase Additional Orchids OccAsIOn fOr OrcHId gIft Birthday 27% Holidays 17% Condolences 1% Everyday Gift 23% House Decoration 8% Congratulatory 2% Other 16% Get Well 5% Wedding 1% So.....excited!!!! Got a Just Add Ice Orchid for Mother’s Day and not only have I not killed it, it is still alive and just re-bloomed!!!! Beautiful!!!! - Jennifer Uttermohlen AcquIrIng Our OrcHIds A gIft purcHAsed 41% 59% Purchased 59% Received as Gift 41%JustAddIceOrchids.com 12
  14. 14. LIFEStYLE with 88% of orchid owners displaying plants in the home, Just Add Ice Orchids® are the highlight of a simple elegant lifestyle. We have made it easy to care for the orchids, so consumers can focus on creating the perfect environment for themselves, their family and their friends. pets Dog(s) 34% Cat(s) 33% No Pets 19% Fish 8% Other 6% HObbIes Gardening 16% Interior Decorating 6% Reading 12% Shopping 7% Cooking 12% Entertaining 6% Music 11% Collecting 5% Traveling 10% Athletics 4% Crafts 9% Other 2%JustAddIceOrchids.com13
  15. 15. wHere dO YOu sHOp fOr HOme décOr? department store 15% big box Home store Improvement 33% 15% specialty discount store store 18% 19% Just Add Ice Orchids are beautiful and so easy to care for! The numerous colors and styles are delightful and add a spark of beauty wherever they are placed! - Kay WallisJustAddIceOrchids.com 14
  16. 16. SuStAInABILItY Just Add Ice Orchids® are produced in a state-of-the-art growing facility modeled after those found in Holland where sustainability practices are a top priority. Following European production methods, Just Add Ice Orchids® are grown in an environmentally friendly way using highly efficient growing techniques, water conservation and a sustainable heat source. How Important Are How Important is a Recycled or Green Initiatives to You? Biodegradable Pot Option to You? Somewhat Important 42% Somewhat Important 39% Very Important 41% Very Important 34% A Little Important 10% A Little Important 14% Not Important 7% Not Important 13% How Important is it to You to do You buy buy American-made products? Organic products? Very Important 63% Yes 57% Somewhat Important 28% No 43% A Little Important 5% Not Important 4%JustAddIceOrchids.com15
  17. 17. $20 Million + investMent in Particulate Removal Technology Exceeds EPA Standards by 95% I do not have much of a green thumb; however, hubby got me my first JAI orchid back in September …and lo and behold … it’s still quite alive! - Sherri ChattertonJustAddIceOrchids.com 16
  18. 18. uSInG tEcHnOLOGY tO GrOW Our cOMMunItY Just Add Ice Orchids® has made orchid care simple with online resources, including email and text watering reminders, videos, blogs and forums. supporting our growing community encourages repeat purchases, with some fans purchasing 40 orchids or more. social network most used Online resources used Facebook 52% Watering Emails 34% Website 29% Thank you Just Add Ice Do Not Use 41% Orchids for the videos Facebook 16% and tips! ? Other 3% Blog 5% - Ary Jean Taylor Silas Forums 5% LinkedIn 3% Monthly Wallpaper 5% YouTube 1% YouTube 4% Twitter 2% Text ORCHID TO 44040 for reminders to water your orchidJustAddIceOrchids.com17
  19. 19. 11,000 Fans on 2.8 million Friends of Fans Just Add Ice Orchids uses social media connections to continually grow our ® online community. Ongoing contests and sponsorships allow fans to promote the Just Add Ice Orchids brand to millions of potential customers. ® Facebook & Twitter Users Can “Ask the Grower” and Watch Video Responses on YouTube Frank Paul Head Orchid GrowerJustAddIceOrchids.com 18
  20. 20. 51051 US Hwy 20, Oberlin, Ohio 44074 Office: 440.775.1411JustAddIceOrchids.com