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Twitter in the English Classroom


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Roundtables on Multi Media and Digital Resources, 11/22/2013, Boston, MA
Twitter in the English and Language Arts Classrooms: presentation includes examples of a variety of ways Twitter is used in teaching and for student learning. Includes examples of students tweeting with authors, classrooms connecting through the Global Read Aloud, the use of #comments4kids on Twitter, using Twitter to arrange classroom and author Skypes, and book talks.

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Twitter in the English Classroom

  1. 1. Twitter: @judyarzt View in Google Slides: cc licensed ( BY ND ) flickr photo by lulublu22: @N03/8153457141/ cc licensed ( BY NC SA ) flickr photo by Griffin Technology: 4856677249/
  2. 2. High School Students Video Chat & Tweet to Author Malcolm Gladwell Humanities 10 students read Gladwell’s Outliers: The Story of Success, Teacher Erica Beaton
  3. 3. Sharing the Author Skype on Twitter
  4. 4. Class Tweets to Malcolm Gladwell and Wes Moore
  5. 5. Keeping the Conversation Going: Sample of Tweet Replies about Malcolm Gladwell Video Chat
  6. 6. Tweeting and Skyping with Chris Grabenstein, Author of Escape From Mr. Lemoncello’s Library
  7. 7. Author Chris Grabenstein: Reaching Out to Students and Teachers
  8. 8. Rhonda Deighton’s 7th Graders Skype with Author Jennifer Nielson
  9. 9. Author Jennifer Nielson Tweets Out Link to Blog Post about The Skype and Author Skypes
  10. 10. Global Read Aloud, #GRA13, Reaches Global Audience
  11. 11. Global Read Aloud: Books, Fall 2013, Global Tweeting and Sharing Pernille Ripp, 5th grader teacher is the organizer for the project Twitter:
  12. 12. Global Reading Aloud: Connecting and Tweeting with Authors and Connecting with Classrooms Around the World Example: Sharon Draper, author of Out of My Mind, Connecting with Students
  13. 13. Tweeted Replies to @sharondraper
  14. 14. Using Class Twitter Accounts to Reply to Sharon Draper
  15. 15. Tweets to Sharon Draper about the Power of the Global Read Aloud
  16. 16. Student Tweeting from His Own Account to Sharon Draper Teacher Tweeting to Sharon Draper and Setting Up Connections with Other Classes
  17. 17. Tweeting Links, Inviting Replies to Students’ Blog Posts: #gra1300MM with Links to Blog Posts
  18. 18. Tweeting Questions to Author Inviting Responses to Students’ Blog Post
  19. 19. Connecting with Classes: Blogging Partners, Some KidBlog Posts for GRA: Out of My Mind
  20. 20. Tweeting Questions to Author, Sharon Draper
  21. 21. Students Tweeting Questions to #GRA13OOMM via Teacher Account
  22. 22. Tweeting Questions about Global Reading Aloud, Via the Classroom Twitter Account
  23. 23. Tweeting Author Visit
  24. 24. Tweeting Pictures of Global Read Aloud Project
  25. 25. Google Hangout Group Video Chat with Author Sharon Draper: Celebration of Global Reading
  26. 26. Tweeting about Hangout and Linking to Blog Post
  27. 27. Sharing and Arranging Classroom Skypes via Twitter Tweets
  28. 28. Author Kate Messner Tweets Link to Post about Her Video for #GRA13
  29. 29. Exciting 2nd Graders about @GRA13
  30. 30. Additional Tweets for #GRA, Eric Carle’s Works
  31. 31.
  32. 32. Other Ways to Use Twitter: High School Students Tweeting about Books: #hthsbks Teacher Announcing Reader/Response and Book Talks
  33. 33. Some Sample Student Tweets, #thkbks
  34. 34. Additional Student Tweets to #hthsbks
  35. 35. Inviting Teachers to Join the #hthsbks
  36. 36. #hthskbs Student’s Book Tweets: One Student’s Enthusiasm Fitting into 140 Characters Challenge
  37. 37. #thhsbks Inspires Another School: Twitter Book Tweets, #BioTechBks
  38. 38. Twitter Chats in the High School English Classroom, Example: David Theriault’s Students
  39. 39. Blog Post about the Twitter Chat, David Theriault
  40. 40. Blog Post…Student Response to Twitter Chat David Theriault
  41. 41. Classroom Picture Twitter Chats, about the book Siddhartha (Reflections)
  42. 42. #Comments4Kids: Connecting Classes— Tweeting Links to Blogs, Videos, and More
  43. 43.
  44. 44. Daily, Teachers Post to #Comments4Kids Looking for Creating Class Blogging Partners Looking to See What Is Going On in Other Classes Check: #comments4kids— see these example tweets On Nov. 7, for example, more than 40 tweets to #comments4kids
  45. 45. Letting Teacher Know a Comment Left on Student’s Post and Inviting Others to Do the Same
  46. 46. Using #Comments4Kids to Match Class Blogging Projects
  47. 47. For Additional Details about Twitter in the English Classroom: See These 2 Storify Logs: Click on Image or Hyperlink to Access Each One
  48. 48. Looking for More Ways to Use Twitter in the Classroom: Tweet your request with an appropriate hashtag such as #edchat or #engchat And check this article:
  49. 49. Looking for Classrooms with Twitter Accounts Looking to Find English Teachers on Twitter Use the hyperlinks to access the Twitter Lists Looking for Authors on Twitter cc licensed ( BY NC SA ) flickr photo by Héctor García: cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo by Denise Krebs: 4682/ cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo by Garrett Heath: 75921/
  50. 50. Find Me on Twitter