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  1. 1. About The MGPGROUP Ethos Formedin 1974 MGP isone of the oldestand independentgeneral insurance brokinghouseswho specialise inbusiness,commercial and highnet worth clients. MGPpridesitselfon its abilityto assess any risk of any size and findunderwritingsolutionsfor all existingand prospective customers’needs. We may not be national but our clientbase is; and so too, our available insurance markets. We recognise it isnot possible tohold agencieswitheveryinsurer so we are inhoneycomb networks that allowus in and out of all the insurers in the UK. There is nothingthat isnot unavailable to us. In the 1980’s MGP helpedpioneer the independentbrokers’software supportservicesand has had EDI for over twentyfive years. Every broker in the country has a hybridof this today. We do not just excel at insurance we excel at businessandrisk generally.Whetherwe manage your portfolioor simplyprofessionallyassessitfor your peace of mind,you will always get sensible pricesandsensible solutions. The MGPGroup also includes companiesforscheme management,consumer protectionservices and employee benefits. In additionto the conventional insurance company type assessments,MGP looks at the bigger picture and givesmore roundedadvice after looking at  Accounts  Marketing Literature  CustomerContracts  SupplierContracts  Tenancy Agreements  Logistical Contracts  DevelopmentContracts  BusinessPartnerships  InvestmentHouses BusinessInsurance MGP doesnot target any particular businessbecause we are capable of helpingany type of businessthat has an insurance requirement.Our clientscome from the bestsource and that is referralsand recommendations particularly. Howeverwe do have particular expertise in various sectors. Manufacturing Travel Industry includingPTR & ATOL compliance Private ClientStockbroking GenericPharmaceuticals High Net Worth  Onlya few insurance coversare mandatory. ost typesare therefore recommendedto clientsorat leasttheyshouldbe.Sadlytoomanypoliciesare soldratherthanevaluated.  MGP firmlybelievesthatevaluatingthe make-upof abusinessanddiscussingperceptionsof exposuresisthe correctprocedure toassessacceptance andtransferof risk.This attitude
  2. 2. couldexplainwhywe have seenourcompanygrow throughreferralsandrecommendations bothin industryandthe professionalsectors.  MGP helpsevaluaterisksyourbusinessfacesandidentifywhatinsurance you actuallyneed withsurveys. Toevaluate the true exposure,MGPlooksat the widerareasof your business includingmarkets,logisticsand supplierstogetthe complete picture. Tenancyagreements are oftenoverlookedorpoorlynegotiatedfromariskmanagementperspective.  To have peace of mindaboutyourbusiness youshouldhave abrokerwhois competentat business.Canyourbrokerreada set of accounts and properlyassistinthe business interruptioncover?Putittothe test yourbusinessdependsonit.  Maybe yourbusiness canaccept more risk because ithas a strong balance sheet.Premium savingsgostraightto the bottomline everyyear.Transferringlesstothe insurance market alsosendsoutthe rightsignalstoinsurersaboutthe confidence youplace inyourown managementandkeepsthe marketinterestedandyour premiumatthe right level.  MGP can evenprovide independentassessmentspurelyasa secondopinion.Thismeans that we conduct ourreviewsandofferoursuggestionswiththe intentionof yourexisting brokerbeingmaintainedbutwithoutgoingtothe market o Useful generally togeta secondopinion o Can be arrangedconfidentially asthe marketis notinvolved o No pressure onyouto change broker o MGP charge onlyon a gain share basis. BusinessInsurance / Property Biased  MGP can helpbothpropertyownersandpropertymanagerstoensure theyhave the appropriate levelof coverfortheir buildingsandrental income  Riskspropertyownersface include buildings,liability,tenantsdefaultandlossof rental income - MGP can helparrange appropriate coverforthese risks  MGP ‘sexperienceincludesRegistered Social Landlords[ RSL’s] withperilsdispersement  MGP can alsoarrange schemes fortenantswhofail tohave theirowninsurance-useful for lettingagentsandresidents’associations  Can alsoarrange coverfor fleetof maintenance vehicles BusinessInsurance / Motor and Fleet MGP can arrange motor coverfor [connected] individualsthroughtolarge fleets  For the individualthismaymeanasan extensiontohouseholdpolicy  For largerfleets,MGPcan helpyouget your preferredgarage approvedbythe insurerto carry out repairwork  For haulierscovercan extendtoincome fromlossof use  For PSV operatorsMGP can helpyouunderstandfull liabilitiesyouface andarrange cover for: o Loss of use o Consequential loss o Contingencyforlossof revenue o Vehicle depreciation[certainagesandvehicle BusinessInsurance / Marine and Cargo)
  3. 3.  This cover is appropriate for businessesthat: o Carry goodson behalf of otherpeople o Have goods transportedbyotherpeople o Carry goodson theirownvehicles  by sea, air, or land anywhere in the world [war zonesexcluded]  all risks or specifiedperilsorlegal liabilitydependingonyour carrier status  valuesinsuredcan include owner’smark-up  Specialistpolicies alsoavailable for:  Warehouse Keepers  FreightForwarders  ShippingAgents  Hauliers  BondedWarehouses  Arrange coverthat complimentsyourcarrier’spolicy,especiallywhere youcan’trelyon weightbasedliabilitylimits  Alsoarrange stock throughputcoverage insuringownedgoods fromdeparture to destinationincludingstorage inlandbondedwarehouses SpecialistAreas inIndustry In additionto arranging the conventional typesof policiessuchas material damage, business Interruption,liabilityand motor etc., we highlightkey areas of exposure Travel & Leisure MGP are a leadingexpertinprovidingtravel andleisure industrysolutions  Retail orconsumerbiased schemes  ATOL start-upbonds andABTA retail bonds  IATA & ABTA ticketingbonds  Non-airpackagingbonds  Insolvencyschemesforsuppliersincludingconsolidators  Agentandprincipal liability  ATOL and packagingcontingencyliability  Hotelierscombined withspecial events extensions  RegulatoryCompliance Skills Pharmaceuticals and Chemical  Specialistliability policiesforkeyareas o Wholesale &Distribution o Manufacturingbrandedor genericdrugs productrecall, producttampering product guarantee
  4. 4. o Efficacy of active ingredients o Spillage &Pollution o Late or misseddeliverypenaltiestoNHS o Northern America exposures o Medical trials  For companies manufacturingunderlicence orundera patentthroughto generic manufacturers,MGPcan provide coverfor:  o makingproductsincorrectly o riskthat product doesn’tdowhatitis meantto do o failure of active ingredients o productsbeingmiss-prescribed Professional Sectors  MGP can arrange cover forstock brokersor Financial advisorsandTrusteesprovidingTrust Funds,PensionFundsetc  Covercan include o ProfessionalIndemnityCover o Financial Exposure Risk Schemes  MGP have experience increatingschemesfor differentsortof groupsclubsassociationsetc  Liabilityandprofessionalindemnity towardsthirdpartiesandmembers  All riskscoveringequipment,materials,samples  World-wide coverageorlimitedtosuit  Groups can include charities andnon-membershiptypes  Corporates - Core Employee Benefit and Retirement Planning for Companies, Pension Scheme Trustees and Business Owners.  Individuals - Retirement Savings, Retirement Planning and Protection. High NetWorth  Special buildingsandcontents policieswithfewerexclusions/conditionswiththe following featuresaspart of the package  Sensible butfairsecurity conditions  Motor insurance ona replacementorguaranteedvalue basis  Generouscover and termsonvaluablesandcollections  Annual Travel insurance withgoodage limitsandmedical conditions  Easy claims-done overthe phone noformstofill out
  5. 5. Claims Claimshandlingandsuccess isthe measure of brokerskill and competency.The qualityof the policy, the insurerandthe brokerall gettestedat the pointof claim  MGP getsinvolvedanddoesn’tleaveclientsnegotiatingwithinsurers  In house claimsteamensure yougetthe bestclaimsservice fromyourinsurer  We can assesslosesupto £250 000 before a specialist assessorisrequired  Our unique MOTORPAC© for post-accidentcare  Delegatedclaimsauthorityallowingsettlementon commercial claimsupto£10k, ensuringa fastturnaround. Motor and liabilityclaimsare alwayshandledbythe insurers.


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