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ESU Newsletter_Sept2005


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ESU Newsletter_Sept2005

  1. 1. ESU NewsTHE ENGLISH-SPEAKING UNION Creating global understanding through English ISSUE No. 123 SEPTEMBER 2005 Above: L-R Lord Watson, Chairman ESU of the Commonwealth, HM Ambassador, Ms Linda Duffield, Ian Tervit, Chairman ESU Czech Republic, Pavel Mudra, Treasurer of ESU Czech Republic Committee, Ludja Zabloudilova from Gymnazium Brno, Tom Mertin, Member of Czech Republic Committee, Valerie Mitchell ESU Director-General and Ambassador Cabaniss US Ambassador at the Launch of ESU Czech Republic. Above: L-R The Reverend Brian Lee, Sir John Cass's Foundation; Alex Lawson, The Latymer School, Enfield; Susie Lederhose, The Latymer School; David Reid, Tesco PLC; Sean Robinson, The Latymer School and Charlotte Oades, Coca-Cola Great Britain & Ireland. ESU Expands in Eastern Europe The ESU Czech Republic was launched before a packed audience at the Blue Auditorium of the Carolinum at Charles University, Prague on 22 June. Turn to page 2 for the full story. London Debate Challenge a Success The ESU London Debate Challenge is open to all of London's 415 state sector schools to develop young people's confidence, communication and learning skills through debate. The Challenge is generously supported by Coca-Cola Great Britain & Ireland, Tesco PLC, Sir John Cass's Foundation and the DfES. David Reid, Chairman of Tesco PLC, Charlotte Oades, President of Coca-Cola Great Britain & Ireland and the Reverend Brian Lee, Sir John Cass's Foundation attended the event and met with all the contestants. Turn to page 2 for the full story. Telephone : 020 7529 1550 Fax : 020 7495 6108 Email : Web : Contents ESU Czech Republic Launched . . . . . . . . .Page 2 ESU London Debate Challenge Championships . . . . .Page 2 Alastair Cooke Memorial Lecture . . .Page 3 National Mooting Competition . . . . . . .Page 3 International Relations Conference 2005 . . .Page 4 ESU International Visitors . . . . . . . . . . .Page 4 English in Action . . . .Page 5 ESU-Diplomatic Neighbours Concert .Page 5 American Memorial Chapel Travel Grant Announced . . . . . . . .Page 5 Launch of ESU Philippines . . . . . . . .Page 5 House of Lords Tea Party . . . . . . . . .Page 6 Secondary School Exchange Scholarships . . . . . . .Page 6 Walter Hines Page Briefing . . . . . . . . . . .Page 6 ESU Chilton Art History Scholarship . .Page 6 Nominations for Governors of the ESU Page 7 Changes at Dartmouth House . . .Page 7 Summer Concert held in Loire Valley . . . . . .Page 7 Attingham Lecture . .Page 7 Diary Dates . . . . . . . .Page 8
  2. 2. 2 Academics, teachers, students and corporate representatives attended the Launch of ESU Czech Republic at Charles University. Many of the young people had participated in English language competitions, organised by ESU, involving public speaking and the portrayal, in English, of the towns and villages where they lived. It was an atmosphere of real excitement and anticipation. HE Ms Linda Duffield, British Ambassador and Ambassador Cabaniss, the United States Ambassador to the Czech Republic were present. HE Ms Linda Duffield congratulated the ESU on its obvious impact with young people. At the Launch Lord Watson quoted what Sir Winston Churchill had said in the dark days of the Second World War: “The gift of a common tongue is a priceless inheritance and it may well some day become the foundation of a common citizenship.” Lord Watson continued: “Today, in a totally different world, English offers this priceless gift of a common tongue - no longer the exclusive inheritance of those born to the language, but belonging to all who use it. As such, it engenders global understanding and will powerfully contribute to the future sense of a world community, more interdependent that ever before.” One of the highlights of the programme was the international debate between Czech and Slovak students on the motion This House believes the world needs only one language. It prompted a thought-provoking and entertaining contest, followed by a lively discussion from the floor. There was a separate Reception to mark the opening in the unique gardens at the British Embassy, on the slopes overlooking Prague. The international guests included a large delegation from the United States, as well as ESU dignitaries from Austria, France, Germany and the UK, who were warmly welcomed. There was an excellent cultural programme which included trips to Konopiste and Kutna Hora, and a concert entitled Wonderful Dvorˇák that was performed at the composer's home, now the Dvorˇák Museum. Guests also toured the Castle and Strahov Monastery, and had a rare chance to be allowed into the Library which is not normally open to tourists. After the Launch, Ian Tervit Chairman, ESU Czech Republic said, “The international guests …were wonderfully supportive and generous, in effect making a statement about the aims of the ESU - to build friendships, develop opportunities and create global understanding through English. Thank you all from ESU Czech Republic.” Above: HM Ambassador Ms Linda Duffield with Ian Tervit, Milan Stemberg, Anya Kouznetsova, Johnson Darkwah, ESU Czech Republic National PSC Champion 2003, and Tom Mertin. Above: International and National delegates attending the Opening Ceremony in the Carolinum, Charles University, Prague.Above: Delegates enjoying the beautiful gardens at the British Embassy. ESU London Debate Challenge Championships More than 200 guests assembled at City Hall on 27 June to watch an exciting contest between Sean Robinson, Susie Lederhose and Alex Lawson of The Latymer School, Enfield and Max Harris, Daniele Singer and Gideon Mendel from JFS, Brent. The motion was: This House would move the capital away from London. The Final of the ESU London Debate Challenge Championships was a close affair and a tough decision-making process for the judges, chaired by Debbie Newman, former Head of the ESU Centre for Speech and Debate. As winners, the Enfield team will now travel to California as part of an exchange programme. The preliminary stages of the London Debate Challenge Championships were held at London Southbank University where 120 pupils from 23 London boroughs took part. They debated on a series of topics ranging from school examinations to a ban on smoking in public places. ESU Czech Republic Launched
  3. 3. 3 National Mooting Competition In the 12th century a Moot was the name given to a meeting of free citizens to dispense justice; modern mooting is the presentation of mock legal argument to test the skills of advocacy. The ESU is the organiser of the longest-running mooting competition in the UK. The competition has been running for 33 years. Since 2000 it has received the generous support of Essex Court Chambers, and is now known as the English-Speaking Union Essex Court Chambers National Mooting Competition. The contest gives law students from universities throughout the UK the opportunity to gain experience in their future roles as advocates. Mooting now forms a compulsory part of certain law courses. The semi-finals of this year's contest took place at Dartmouth House in June with competing teams from Birmingham, City, Manchester and Oxford universities. City and Oxford emerged as the victors and went on to meet in the Final at a fitting venue, the Lord Chief Justice's Court at the Royal Courts of Justice. Following an impressive set of submissions, the team from City University was declared the winner by the judging panel comprising the Hon. Justice Lawrence Collins, Jeffrey Grouder QC and Robert Stevens. City's Elizabeth Prochaska and Benedict Rogers were duly presented with the National Mooting Competition Mace. All four finalists received cheques and each will be offered a mini-pupilage at Essex Court Chambers. Above: Winning Team L-R Elizabeth Prochaska and Benedict Rogers, City University London, with the National Mooting Competition Mace at the Royal Courts of Justice. The first-ever Alastair Cooke Memorial Lecture Broadcast Live from Dartmouth House In July BBC Radio 4 broadcast live the first Memorial Lecture in honour of Alastair Cooke, who used his brilliance with the English language to build understanding between both sides of the Atlantic. The programme was presented by Alastair Cooke's biographer, broadcaster Nick Clarke, and the Lecture given by Senator John McCain, one of the best-known members of the US Senate and possible future US Presidential candidate. For 40 years, Alastair Cooke's weekly radio dispatch, Letter from America, captured the hearts and minds of listeners as he explained America and the Americans to the wider world. Alastair Cooke once described John McCain as a “hero with a gift for believable indignation.” Taking as the title of his lecture An American Patriot Today, Senator McCain maintained that “to be an American Patriot is to support a moral mission at home and abroad.” Senator John McCain said he was “honoured to deliver the Alastair Cooke Memorial Lecture. He not only gave us a sense of our relationship with the British, but also a good dose of British culture and history.” Richard Price, ESU supporter and former chairman of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA), secured the BBC for this event. Others who took part in the ceremony included Alastair Cooke's daughter and literary executor, Susan Cooke Kittredge and the BBC's Director-General, Mark Thompson. The audience included ESU Governors, BBC journalists, broadcasters and members of the press. The event was also attended by Lord Watson, Valerie Mitchell, and Dr John Andrews, Executive Director of ESU Washington, DC Area Branch. Left: Nick Clarke, broadcaster and biographer of Alastair Cooke, congratulating Senator John McCain after the lecture, with Maria Balinska of Radio 4 applauding. Above: L-R Lord Watson, Representative Joe Schwarz (Republican, Michigan) and Senator John McCain (Republican, Arizona).
  4. 4. 4 International Relations Conference 2005 The ESU has been running its International Relations Conference for 43 years. Every year the event is well attended by high achievers from around the world and this summer it attracted 33 delegates from 20 countries. Achieving global understanding through English is the overriding objective of the ESU and there is no doubt that the Conference contributes to that end. Held from 17 to 23 July at Oriel College, against the backdrop of a warm and sunny Oxford, the Conference dealt with issues relating to both international relations and to Britain's international role in the world today. The aim of the Conference was to give participants the opportunity to expand their knowledge of Britain and to widen their outlook on world issues. It also offered a unique opportunity to make individual contacts with people from various fields, cultures and backgrounds from all over the world. Lectures from leading authorities included Sir Andrew Burns, Professor Alan Lee Williams, Edward Gould, Robert Rowland and Lord Watson who covered subjects as diverse as Peace Keeping and Peace Enforcing, Choosing our Judges, Education in Britain and Can we really make poverty history? Delegates enjoyed a trip to Stratford-upon- Avon to see an excellent production of The Comedy of Errors by the Royal Shakespeare Company. The ESU would like to thank Lloyds TSB Group plc, Macmillan Education, The Oppenheimer Charitable Trust, Rio Tinto plc and the ESU West Sussex and London Branches for their sponsorship of the Conference. Above: International Delegates at Oriel College. ESU International Visitors Mme Beatrix de Montgermont-Keil is welcomed by UK Branches Mme Beatrix de Montgermont-Keil, in her capacity as President ESU International Council and President ESU France, paid an official visit to ESU Branches in July. Her programme included visits to the Worcestershire, London, Lincolnshire, Suffolk and Hastings Branches, and she also attended the International Relations Conference at Oriel College, Oxford, where she spoke to the delegates at a Dinner in the magnificent Hall. Mme Keil was also present at a beautiful service of Celebration and Dedication of the Suffolk Cathedral Tower (Millennium Project) in a packed Cathedral at Bury St Edmunds, attended by HRH The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall, where she was received by the Dean of St Edmundsbury, the Very Reverend James Atwell. She was also warmly received by the Mayor of Bury St Edmunds at a private Reception in her honour at the Manor House Museum, and was Guest of Honour at the ‘Bury in Bloom’ Award Ceremony. Argentina Valerie Mitchell was delighted to welcome Mr and Mrs Garvie to Dartmouth House in July. A Board member of ESU Argentina and former headmaster of St Hilda's School, Buenos Aires, Martin Garvie and his wife, Jean, are active members of the ESU Argentine Committee and both have made an enormous contribution to the work of ESU Argentina. Brazil Mrs Yvonne Slezenger, Chairman ESU Brazil, São Paolo Branch, together with Mrs Susan Bellows, had luncheon at Dartmouth House with Valerie Mitchell in June to discuss new programmes for the São Paulo Branch. International At Home Above: L-R Jean Garvie, Valerie Mitchell, Martin Garvie and Helen Green, Manager for ESU International Programmes. Above: A warm welcome to Mme Beatrix de Montgermont-Keil from the Mayor of Bury St Edmunds. L-R Mayoress, Mrs Monica Ames, Mr Mike Ames, Mayor of Bury St Edmunds, Mme Beatrix de Montgermont-Keil and Alexander Finnis, Chairman of the ESU National Council for England and Wales. Guests from nine countries were welcomed in June to Dartmouth House by Valerie Mitchell, who gave a presentation, and by Susan Bull, Chairman of the Promotions Sub-Committee. The morning ended with a tour of Dartmouth House. Pictured above are Marina Nikitovic and Don Miller, Hon. Secretary, London Branch.
  5. 5. 5 Launch of ESU Philippines The Launch of ESU Philippines will take place in Manila on 21 November. A programme of cultural events, including a Reception at the British Embassy, will be organised from 16-25 November and an extended programme will be available from 16-30 November. The programme combines a fascinating mix of visits to meet Government Officials, tours of museums and wildlife sanctuaries and the chance to see Filipino dance and music performances. There will be trips from Manila to the City of Davao and, for those on the extended programme, Subic Bay, a former US military base and the largest in the Asia Pacific region and Corregidor Island. Other sights will include an eagle sanctuary, Buddhist temple and San Pedro Cathedral. Delegates will be staying at the 5-star luxury hotel Makati Shangri La. Further information is available from Helen Green. American Memorial Chapel Travel Grant Announced Since 1968, the ESU has been involved in a programme to enable clergy of all denominations to spend three to four weeks touring the USA with the aim of fostering understanding and the exchange of ideas. At a time when religious under- standing is a priority on both sides of the Atlantic, the American Memorial Chapel Travel Grant is a programme of real relevance and importance. What more appropriate day could there have been for conducting the interviews than 4 July? That is when the Reverend David Gatliffe of St. Margaret's, Lee, the Reverend Stuart Jordan, The London Committee, Methodist Church of Great Britain and Father Peter Wilson, Senior Chaplain, University of Westminster, sat down to interview the six candidates for the 2005 Grant. This year's Travel Grant went to the Reverend Colin Patterson who was recently appointed Assistant Director of Bridge Builders UK. He will spend time in the USA attending a variety of training courses with a focus on mediation, transforming conflict and peace-making, all invaluable skills for his new role. The 2004 Grant recipient, the Reverend Helen Wordsworth, returned from her trip to the USA in March. She had been researching Parish Nursing and Health Ministry with the aim of furthering a pilot programme she had helped to establish in the UK. During her stay, she visited Missouri, Milwaukee, St. Louis and Chicago. If you would like to know more about this Grant, please contact Katherine Plummer, Education Officer. English in Action Programme Flourishes The ESU's success is very dependent on volunteers offering their energy, skills and commit- ment, both in the educational and cultural programmes in the Branches and at Dartmouth House. This is well illustrated in the English in Action (EIA) and English in Action in Schools (EIAS) programmes which could not continue without their unstinting support. The adult programme provides regular sessions of one-to-one conversational English for those who have English as a second language. EIA runs over three terms and June marked the end of another successful year, with more than 50 students having been tutored. To celebrate, a lunch was held to thank the more than 20 volunteers who have provided such valuable support. The new EIA term for adults begins on 19 September and runs for ten weeks. For further details, please contact Katherine Plummer, Education Officer. English in Action in Schools (EIAS) is now in its sixth year and has recently expanded to include two new boroughs, Camden and Southwark. Running in schools across London, the scheme places pairs of volunteers with small groups of primary-aged children to offer additional English language support. Volunteers use everything other than formal teaching methods to help the children build their confidence and improve their language skills. A lunch was also held in June to thank the volunteers for their hard work. For more information on EIAS, please contact Anne Hodgson, Programmes Assistant. ESU-Diplomatic Neighbours Concert In June, the ESU joined forces with Diplomatic Neighbours to present A Summer Concert of English Music. Musicians from the Royal Academy of Music, including the String Quartet Many Strings, Many Bows performed in the wonderful setting of the Grand Locarno Rooms at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office. The concert was organised by Caroline Muir and was the final event in her capacity as Chairwoman of Diplomatic Neighbours. Above: Musicians from the Royal Academy of Music performing A Summer Concert of English Music.
  6. 6. 6 Walter Hines Page Briefing Walter Hines Page was a US Ambassador in London during the First World War, and gave great encouragement to the founding of the ESU. The scholarships that bear his name are funded by Teaching Unions and Associations to give scholars the opportunity to travel to the USA for two weeks to study an aspect of American education which is relevant to their professional interests. In 2005, grants were awarded to seven scholars. These will enable them to explore topics ranging from under-achievement in boys to online learning and assessment. In July a Briefing Day was held at Dartmouth House when Maureen Duncan, Deputy Head of Whitefield School, Walthamstow, spoke about her experiences of the Scholarship, and scholars were also given the chance to explore the Page Memorial Library. Secondary School Exchange Scholarships (SSE) Secondary School Exchange (SSE) Scholarships provide the opportunity for scholars to live and study in North America during their Gap Year before university. This year, 16 scholars were selected to travel to various parts of the USA to attend High School for a year. Prior to their leaving, the scholars and their parents attended briefing days at Dartmouth House, where they met six graduates of the SSE programme and had the chance to discuss their worries and concerns about the trip, as well as to make new friends and explore Dartmouth House. Above: Walter Hines Page Scholars: Maureen Fenton, Phillippa Kanini-Parsons, Adele Cushing and Glyn Barlow with returned Scholar, Maureen Duncan. ESU Chilton Art History Scholarship Miss Christina Reti from Canada has been awarded the 2005/06 Scholarship to attend the Master's Course at Christie's Education. House of Lords Tea Party At the annual Tea Party held on the Terrace of the House of Lords on 6 July, Lord Watson introduced the parliamentary interns from America to an enthusiastic audience. Many MPs testified to the great value they have gained from the internship programme while the interns, the SSE scholars and the international students reported their huge enjoyment of their time in Britain. The Tea Party was attended by Peers, MPs and ESU Alumni as well as members of 14 ESU Branches in the UK and visitors from no fewer than 15 countries. This annual event has established itself as one of the most popular in the ESU calendar. The 3-City Proposal linking Washington, Paris and London was agreed on the Terrace of the House of Lords during the Tea Party. Above: Lord Watson with 2005 Parliamentary Interns and SSE scholars on the Terrace. To the right of Lord Watson are two SSE Scholars, Shanley Lestini from Ravenscroft School, Raleigh, North Carolina and Jacqueline Thomas from Lawrenceville School, Lawrenceville, New Jersey. Shanley and Jacqueline have spent the past year at Dollar Academy and Marlborough College respectively. Pictured: R-L Mr Colin McCorquodale, Chairman UK London Branch, Mme Lucette Loussouarn, President ESU France, Paris, Lord Watson, Dr John Andrews, Executive Director ESU US Washington DC, Mrs Andrews, Valerie Mitchell. Support the ESU If you would like to strengthen the ESU’s ever increasing educational programme by a donation or a legacy in your Will, please contact Jo Wedderspoon at Dartmouth House, 37 Charles Street, London, W1J 5ED, telephone 020 7529 1550, email Your help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. 7. 7 The ESU has always considered music as an international language in its own right, contributing greatly to culture and human understanding and enjoyment. An enchanting summer concert was held in June in St Georges-sur-Layon in the Loire Valley, hosted by the President of Anjou Branch, John Brown, with generous support from HSBC Angers. Warren Mailley-Smith, one of the UK's outstanding pianists and a former ESU Music Scholar, enthralled the audience with his fabulous performance of works by Beethoven, Chopin and Liszt. A charming Vote of Thanks, given in French by Nicolas Wickham-Irving, Chairman of the Cultural Affairs Committee, was greatly appreciated by everyone. After the recital, a gift of books, sent by the Monroe Branch, Louisiana, USA, as part of their Books are Envoys scheme to promote international friendship, was presented by John Brown to John Cassini, President of the English- Language Library, Angers. Changes at Dartmouth House We are very sad to report that Dr Neil Gilroy-Scott, Director of Education at the ESU, has resigned after nine years, due to ill health. Dr Gilroy-Scott carried out his considerable responsibilities with a high degree of skill and professionalism. His knowledge of the English language and its application to the field of education in general, and to debating and public speaking in particular, was most impressive. Left: L-R Mary Dawson and Katherine Plummer in the courtyard at Dartmouth House. Mary Dawson, formerly Assistant Director of Education, has now assumed Dr Gilroy- Scott's position as Director of Education. In her new role, Mary works with the Centre for Speech and Debate, the National Public Speaking Competition for Schools and the Library. Katherine Plummer has been promoted to Education Officer. Katherine was previously Administrative Assistant. Summer Concert held in Loire Valley The second event in this year's series of fundraising lectures for the American Arts Scholarship to Attingham took place in Dartmouth House in June. Carrie Rebora Barratt, Curator of American paintings and sculpture at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, and Manager of the Henry R Luce Centre for the Study of American Art, gave a fascinating lecture on the works of Gilbert Stuart, during his time in England and Ireland. Considered to be the finest painter of America's early national period, Gilbert Stuart was only 19 years old when he arrived in London in November 1775. He went on to execute portraits of the first five American Presidents and his endeavours in Great Britain, including a portrait of Sir Joshua Reynolds and The Skater make him one of the finest American portrait painters of the era. Annabel Westman, Director of the Attingham Summer School, was among the guests at the Lecture. She runs a residential course which offers a special insight into one of Britain's greatest contributions to Western art, the country house. Attingham Lecture The Lord Watson of Richmond CBE, Chairman, Lady Appleyard, Deputy Chairman, and Mr John Gough, Honorary Secretary, retire after six years in office and are not eligible for re-election to their respective offices. The Board has nominated The Rt Hon the Lord Hunt of Wirral MBE for the office of Chairman, Mr Edward Gould for the office of Deputy Chairman, and The Hon Christopher McLaren for the office of Honorary Secretary. Mr David Thomas OBE has completed three years as Honorary Treasurer and is eligible for re-election for which he is recommended by the Board. Six Governors, Sir Patrick Cormack FSA MP, Mr Alexander Finnis, Mrs Betty Hollas, Mr Tim Rix CBE, Mr Robert Rowland and Dr David Skeggs, retire after six years on the Board and are not eligible for re-election. The Board has nominated, subject to their consent, The Lord Watson of Richmond CBE, Lady Appleyard, Mr Jonathan Dye, Ms Jennifer Hibbert, Mr Steven Isserlis CBE, and Dame Mary Richardson DBE. Bye-Laws 49 and 50 state that a third of the Board (excluding Honorary Officers) must retire every year. The Board at present consists of 27 members and therefore nine have to retire this year. As there are six members retiring already, the following retire by rotation and are eligible for re-election: Sir Brian Fall GCVO KCMG, The Hon Christopher McLaren and Baroness Smith of Gilmorehill DL. Sir Brian Fall and Baroness Smith have been nominated by the Board for re-election. The Governors are continuing the co-option of Mr Peter Sparling and Mr Anthony Westnedge OBE for a further year under Bye-Law 37 and are co-opting Mr Alexander Finnis. Under Bye-Laws 44 and 52, written notice of any other proposal to elect a member as an Honorary Officer or as a Governor should be sent to the Honorary Secretary, Mr John Gough, at Dartmouth House, signed by two members “duly qualified to be present and vote at the meeting”, and by their nominee indicating his or her willing- ness to be elected. Notice of such proposals must reach the Honorary Secretary 30 days before the Annual General Meeting, ie. by 31st October 2005. Nominations will be reported to and considered by the Annual General Meeting to be held on Wednesday 30th November 2005 at Dartmouth House at 6.30 pm. Nominations for Governors of the ESU
  8. 8. Telephone : 020 7529 1550 Fax : 020 7495 6108 Email : Web : Published by the English-Speaking Union, Registered Charity No. 273136 Dartmouth House, 37 Charles Street, London W1J 5ED Tel : 020 7529 1550 Fax : 020 7495 6108 Email : Web : Produced by Accountability PR, Tel : 020 7247 0367 Design by Carbonari, Tel : 01392 215 993 Unless otherwise stated we regret that no refunds can be made for cancellations within seven working days of an event. For members: We accept payment for Dartmouth House events and membership subscriptions by credit/debit cards. Cards bearing Visa, Master-Card, Maestro, Switch, Solo or Delta symbols can now be used to make bookings by post, telephone or email. DARTMOUTH HOUSE Telephone : 020 7529 1550 Diary Dates SEPTEMBER Wednesday 7 to Friday 9 September International Council This occasion will open with a Reception at Dartmouth House. Lord Watson will make a formal speech covering the international aspects of his chairmanship on Thursday 8 September. The following day, at a meeting in the Churchill Room at the House of Commons, he will be presented with the Churchill Medal by Lady Soames. Speakers at the Dinner which follows will include Lord Hunt and William Miller, Chairman of ESU of the United States Wednesday 14 September 10.30-11.30am At Home at Dartmouth House Members and their friends are invited to coffee at Dartmouth House Contact: Jacqueline Abbott Wednesday 14 September at 6.00-8.00pm ESU Alumni Association Reunion: drinks reception at Dartmouth House Tickets: £15 Contact: Jo Wedderspoon Friday 30 September - Sunday 2 October The 2005 Branches Conference will be held at the Adelphi Hotel, Liverpool. The working programme will include panel sessions on ESU and Education, Branches Development and Public Speaking, Programmes and Recruitment Presentations from ESU Alumni and an update on the international network. Social events will include a Reception at the Town Hall, a boat trip on the Mersey, and superb entertainment at the Opening Dinner. The Guest Speaker at the Gala Dinner will be Lord Watson Contact: Meriel Talbot OCTOBER Wednesday 5 - Sunday 9 October ESU Education Conference, Bucharest, Romania At the invitation of the Romanian Ministry of Education, an ESU Conference entitled The Educational Role of English: How it is Taught, How it is Learnt and How it is Used will be held in the Presidential Palace of Cotroceni, Bucharest, on 7 October. This is a real privilege. A cultural programme will be organised by ESU Romania Bucharest, to include an extended City Tour of Bucharest and a visit to the glorious Carpathian Mountains and surrounding countryside Contact: Helen Green Tuesday 11 October at 7.00 pm “1998 - 2005: 7 years of British Museum excavations in Sidon, Lebanon” Literary Lecture at Dartmouth House given by Dr. Claude Doumet Serhal, Special Assistant at the British Museum, Honorary Research Fellow University College London and Director of the Excavations at Sidon, Lebanon Tickets: £5.00 to include a glass of wine Contact: Katie Brock Wednesday 12 October 10.30-11.30am At Home at Dartmouth House Members and their friends are invited to coffee at Dartmouth House Contact: Jacqueline Abbott Wednesday 19 October at 7.00pm Dorothy Kingston, soprano, accompanied by Markus Compton, will sing American vocal music at Dartmouth House, including Negro spirituals, American folk songs and Broadway hits Tickets: £7.50 to include a glass of wine Contact: Katie Brock Monday 24 October at 7.00pm Lecture in aid of the ESU Music Scholarships Diaghilev, Russian Artists and the Ballet Russes given by Princess Nina Lobanov-Rostrovsky Tickets: £5.00 to include a glass of wine Contact: Katie Brock Tuesday 25 October at 12 noon Literary Lunch with Sir Christopher Meyer Former Press Secretary to Prime Minister John Major, from 1994 to 1996 and Ambassador to the US from 1997 to 2003, Sir Christopher will present his memoirs at a Literary Luncheon at Dartmouth House Copies of the book entitled DC Confidential will be available for purchase and signing Tickets: £32 to include 2 course lunch, wine and coffee Contact: Katie Brock NOVEMBER Tuesday 1 November at 6.30pm Lecture at Dartmouth House by James Taylor on Horatio Nelson: Hero of Trafalgar. Reception 6.30pm, Lecture 7.00pm In aid of the ESU Chilton Art History Scholarship Tickets: £17.50 to include a glass of wine Contact: Jacqueline Abbott Thursday 10 November at 7.00pm Literary Lecture at Dartmouth House. David Faber will present his new book, Speaking For England, the riveting and moving story of an English political tragedy: how Leo Amery, a member of Churchill's wartime cabinet, saw his son hanged for treason Copies of the book will be available for purchase and signing Tickets: £5.00 to include a glass of wine Contact: Katie Brock Wednesday 9 November 10.30-11.30am At Home at Dartmouth House Members and their friends are invited to coffee at Dartmouth House Contact: Jacqueline Abbott Sunday 13 November ESU Music Scholarship Fundraising Concert at St Paul's, Waldenbury with ESU scholar, Simon Wallfisch, cellist, accompanied by pianist Rhodri Clarke. St Paul's Walden Bury in Hertfordshire is a large stately home well known for the 18th Century Landscape Garden with temples, statues and lakes. The house was the birthplace and childhood home of HM Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother Contact: Katie Brock Tuesday 13 December at 7.00pm ESU annual Christmas Concert at Dartmouth House, with seasonal music and readings Tickets: £15 to include mulled wine, sandwiches and mince pies Contact: Katie Brock ADVANCE NOTICE