Newcastle-under-Lyme College\'s Full-time prospectus 2012-13


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Newcastle-under-Lyme College\'s Full-time prospectus 2012-13

  2. 2. ALL THE SUPPORT YOU NEED TO TAKE CONTROL... CONTENTS 2&3 10 Easy Steps to NULC 4&5 Schools Liaison/Parents’ Guide 6&7 A Day in the Life of... 8&9 Achievements at NULC 10 & 11 Financial Support 12 Talent+ 13 Life at NULC 14 & 15 Academy of Sport 16 Find Your Learning Style 17 Entry Requirements 18 & 19 Apprenticeships 20 & 21 6th Form Centre 22 - 29 AS & A Level Courses 30 Vocational Courses 32 Art, Design & Media 34 Care & Childcare 35 Travel & Tourism 37 Computing, Accounting & Business 38 ConstructionAt Newcastle-under-Lyme College What’s more, when you join the College 39 Engineeringand Sixth Form Centre you’ll find your we’ll make sure you get all the support 40 Hair, Beauty & Holistic Therapiesway to achieve what you want from you need to succeed... including one- 43 Music & Performing Artsyour life... in an encouraging, safe and to-one support from your personal tutor 45 Public Servicessupportive environment. and learner manager and extra help 46 Sport & Exercise Science such as careers advice, counselling,Our last Ofsted report praised our help with your finances and additional 50 How to Applyhigh success rates, good teaching learning support when you need it. Whatever you want to achieve, we’ll 51 & 52 Application Formand outstanding contribution to the help you to make it happen, whethereconomic well-being of our students. And remember - our approach works. 53 Index it’s University or employment, NULCInspectors said that our students Full-time student achievement rates will help you get where you want to be!receive outstanding initial advice and at Newcastle-under-Lyme College and To see what past students from NULCguidance, enjoy their time here, and Sixth Form Centre exceed all have gone onto achieve visit TURN THE PAGE TO GET STARTEDleave ready to lead successful lives. national averages. ON YOUR NULC JOURNEY...
  3. 3. ...10 EASY STEPS TO NULC 01 02 03 04 05 Get information Talk to us Choose your learning style Find your level Apply to NULC Our prospectus aims to give you a good You can chat to our Schools Liaison team, Your learning style is really important and We offer courses at all levels, from You can apply to NULC from 1st October introduction to NULC and our courses, but who visit local schools and provide talks, there are lots of different ways to learn entry to advanced level, covering lots of 2011 and we ask you to ensure you you’ll find much more at taster events and workshops for year 9, and achieve your goals. Whether you different subject areas so there’s bound have applied before 31st March 2012. including detailed 10 and 11 pupils. To find out more call prefer exams or coursework, practical to be a course for you. Your GCSE grades Applications received after this date information for each course and details Lucy Hancock or Gareth Hughes on 01782 or theory based learning, we’ll give you (or your predicted grades) will help you will still be considered, however places on transport, learning support, college life 254381 or email all the help you need to choose between choose which is right for you. are likely to be limited. We would and much more. You can also download Also, don’t forget to book your place at one Apprenticeships, full-time vocational therefore urge you to apply early to avoid our App to find out more about our of our open events, where you can meet courses or A Levels - ensuring you the disappointment. courses, you can tweet us on Twitter, ask the Principal and our current students, take best chance of success. us a question on Facebook or contact our a tour of the College and talk to lecturers Information Centre on 01782 254254 or to find out more about the course you are See page 16 to help you choose your See page 17 for more information and to For more information about how to apply email for full course interested in. You can also contact our learning style. see how you could progress through the see page 50. information sheets. guidance team at the College’s Information levels. Centre on 01782 254254 or email 06 07 08 09 10 Attend your interview Attend your NULC experience event Keep in touch Enrol at NULC Start your SUCCESS story Interviews will start from 1st November Once you’ve accepted your place on Check out the bookmark within the We’ll write to you to confirm the It’s time to get going and start your 2011. Once we have received your the course, we’ll invite you to an NULC prospectus to see how you can keep up arrangements for enrolling at NULC, course! You’ll work with your personal application form we’ll contact you with Experience event on 25th and 26th June. to date online with the College’s events bringing with you your exam results which tutor on your Individual Learning Plan, a date for an interview, where you’ll get This event is designed to help you find and more via our Social Media sites. will be checked and your course finalised. setting stretching yet achievable targets to meet and chat to a course tutor to out more about life at NULC, meet people If you don’t get the grades you expected to ensure you meet your full potential make sure the course is right for you. who’ll be on your course and take part in you’ll receive expert guidance from our during your time with us. We’ll put in YOU MUST attend this event in order to a range of fun activities! experienced team, who’ll help you to find place any extra support you may need, progress your application and secure a place on another suitable course here ranging from additional learning support your place at NULC. You’ll be asked to at the College. During enrolment you’ll to careers advice and help applying to bring your last school report and you get your student ID card and we’ll tell university. We place every emphasis may be asked to bring samples of your you when your first day is and where you on supporting you to achieve your true work or take an assessment. This is also should go. potential and to progress to your preferred a good time to discuss any extra support destination - whether that is a job with requirements that you may have. At the a local employer or a place at one of the interview you’ll find out if you are being country’s top universities. offered a place, which will usually depend See you in September 2012! on your exam grades.2 3
  4. 4. SCHOOLS LIAISON PARENTS’ GUIDEThe Schools Liaison team, Lucy andGareth, visit local schools to provide talks,workshops and subject specific taster Deciding where and what to study aftersessions at NULC for year 9, 10 and 11 GCSEs are possibly some of the mostschool pupils. important and life changing choices your son or daughter will make.Taster Sessions at NULC We understand the challenges facing them as they take the next step in their“I really enjoyed the visit, it really education and aim to provide you asgave me a good idea what to expect at parents with more information about thecollege” College, facilities and support available.Year 10 pupil, We recognise that you will play a vital roleNewcastle Community High School in the success of your son or daughter at Newcastle-under-Lyme College (NULC) and we aim to keep you informed on their“Well planned and run session” progress throughout their course.Teacher, Madeley High School Our Learner Services team will support you and your son or daughter throughout their time at the College in many ways. The Learner Services team includes Parents’ Portal The College’s last Ofsted report said: “If you’re currently at Learner Managers, College Counsellors, a Keep up to date with your son or school and would like any Careers Advisor, Safeguarding team and a Student Finance Advisor. daughter’s achievments, attendance and overall progress by using the Parents’ “OUTSTANDING provision to meet the needs and interests of learners” information about NULC Portal once they are a student at NULC. To find out more visit “OUTSTANDING approach to we’re here to help ” GARETH educational and social inclusion” HUGHES Lucy Hancock and Gareth Hughes “OUTSTANDING identification of, and provision for, additional learning needs” “OUTSTANDING initial advice and guidance for learners” Read more of the College’s report at LUCY To chat to Lucy and Gareth or to find out more, call 01782 254381 or email HANCOCK 5
  5. 5. A DAY IN THE LIFE OF... JAMES ROXY TILDESLEY KESHAVARZ Full-Time Vocational Student AS/A Level Student James, age 20, came to NULC from Berry instruments in stock and I need to buy some Roxy, age 17, came to NULC from After lunch I’ve got English Language and Hill High School to study a BTEC Level 3 new strings for my guitar. St Thomas More Catholic College to Literature which I can’t wait for – my teacher Extended Diploma in Music Technology. study A levels in Biology, Computing, brings so much enthusiasm and humour to After lunch, before I have the next Studio English Language/Literature and Physical the lesson. “My first lesson of the day is in Studio Engineering lesson, I am helping out a friend Education. Engineering. I love this lesson because we to record their vocals, which will later be To finish my day off I’ll go to the gym at the get to use the College’s amazing Music edited together with my guitar recording. “My College day starts at around 8:45am. Gordon Banks Sports Centre, which is onsite Technology Suite which has top of the range Like most students though, I arrive at 8:30am at the College. It’s a great way to end the day equipment. Today we are learning how to use Then in my second Studio Engineering lesson on Monday’s to catch up with friends before I and workout with my friends.” and set-up the equipment for recording and of the day, taking from what I learnt this go into Biology. mixing a range of instruments. morning, I will now edit and mix my guitar recording and my friend’s vocals together – I Then I have PE, which I love because I’m a Next I will be using the recording studio to can’t wait to hear it! You get a real buzz when member of the Elite Sports Programme. This record myself playing the guitar. I will later you press playback and hear your own music was created to allow talented athletes to edit and mix this recording in my next Studio sounding so professional. It’s awesome!” continue with their academic studies, whilst Engineering lesson after lunch. training and competing to the highest level. For lunch I’m meeting a couple of friends and At lunchtime I would either meet friends in the we’re going to walk into town for something food hall, court yard or have a walk into town. to eat. Also, like most days, we will pop Today though I’m meeting my friend in the into the music store to check out the latest Coffee Lounge for a Starbucks!6 7
  6. 6. ACHIEVE MORE AT NULCThe College’s achievement rates on AS/A just your final grade; it’s also about yourLevels and advanced vocational courses effort and determination. At NULC we makeconsistently exceed national benchmarks, sure you get the chance to channel andfirmly placing NULC among the top 25% of develop your talents. There are a numberfurther education college’s in the country. of ways we celebrate your hard work andWe know that success isn’t always about accomplishments, see below for just a few! SKILLS SQUAD Every year a group of talented students are selected for the NULC Skills Squad. The squad is for vocational students who excel in their specific subject area. The NULC Skills Squad are supported to take FUNDRAISING part in the competitions within the World Skills framework, with the ultimate goal of NULC always loves to get involved in competing in the international World Skills fundraising activities. For Children in Competition as part of team UK. Need staff and students dressed up in outrageous costumes and took part in a Megan Day, 17. range of activities to raise money. Activities included ‘Pudsey’s Fundraising Grotto’, STUDENT OF THE MONTH SPORTING SUCCESS “Being the Students’ whilst some students raised cash to have The College runs a ‘Student of the Month’ At NULC, we’re extremely proud of our Union President, I’ve had the opportunity to get NULC ART EXHIBITION their legs waxed – Ouch! The Uganda awards programme. This sees tutors Academy of Sport programme (page 14- involved with organising Humanist Schools Trust (UHST) is the nominating students on a monthly basis 15), which gives you the chance to study charity events and This prestigious week long event showcases College’s chosen charity. Our main aim is for their effort, progression or for simply and pursue your sporting interests at the promoting the College. I the abilities of our talented art, design and to provide grants to support the Humanist overcoming obstacles. The selected same time. We’ve got a Roll of Honour in also took part in a Public media students. The exhibition, which had Schools in Uganda. Funds raised by NULC Speaking Competition over 1500 visitors in 2011, gives students students receive a certificate presented by the Sports Centre which celebrates the where I received the will primarily be used to help improve the the Principal, Karen Dobson (pictured above). achievements of our sport students who’ve award for the Best Individual Speaker. Without NULC the opportunity to showcase their final year buildings and infrastructure of the The winners are also invited to an awards gone on to have outstanding success at I wouldn’t have been able to get involved with these project to staff, students, the art, design and Ugandan Schools. celebration at the end of the year. regional and national level! extra opportunities.” media community and the local press.8 9
  7. 7. FINANCIAL SUPPORTAt NULC we know that deciding which college and which course is right for you is a big We’ve got loads of ways in which we can offer advice and provide practical help withdecision and that one of the factors you’ll need to think about are the costs involved. some of the day-to-day expenses that you’ll need to plan for. Student Bursary Scheme Childcare Costs College Facilities This is a new Government Scheme which If you are a parent aged under 20 when you Once you’re at college you’ll get an offers financial support for 16-19 year olds in start your course, the Care to Learn Scheme ID/payment card which will allow you to get full-time education. Eligibility for the Scheme can provide you with up to £160 per week great discounts on food, drinks, snacks and is subject to family income and you can find towards the cost of registered childcare. stationery from our Food Hall, College Shop out more information at and Coffee Shop where we proudly brew Travel Costs Starbucks Coffee! We work with all of the local bus companies to Learner Support Funds offer subsidised monthly travel passes which These are available directly from the College are available in college. In addition Stoke and to assist you in meeting some of the essential Staffordshire Local Authorities operate travel costs associated with your chosen course e.g. subsidy schemes for young people – you can course fees (if you are aged 19+), trips and find out more at or excursions, stationery or equipment, childcare or travel.10 11
  8. 8. TALENT+ NULC IS MUCH MORE THAN JUST A PLACE TO STUDY!Each year students come to NULC from across North Staffordshire with an amazing arrayof exceptional skills and abilities – academic, sporting, musical and many more besides. Are you Academically Gifted? Get Involved!We aim to help every student to develop We recognise Talent+ students in a number If you are identified as being amongst our Whether you join the Students’ Union, becomeand excel whatever their particular area of of ways with end of year awards events and most Academically Gifted students, when a Class Rep, or attend our learner conference, To see what some of our former studentsexpertise. That’s why we’ve developed our Student of the Month competitions. you join NULC Sixth Form Centre you will you’ll have your say on issues that affect have gone on to achieve visitTalent+ programme. be able to: you. You can also join the Xtras scheme or The centrepiece of the Talent+ programme take part in a range of activities ranging fromTalent+ offers something for everyone is our FE Scholarships Scheme. Each year • Study on a special five AS Level volunteering to Glee Club!whether it’s… we invite all of our new students, including programme in your first year, aimed at Visit for full details. our apprentices, to apply for one of 14 applying to top universities. • helping academically bright students to FE Scholarships based upon either their Get Support! apply for the best universities. academic, vocational, sporting or • Study the highly rated subject ‘Critical At NULC there’s a big team of people who are artistic abilities. Thinking’ as one of these five subjects. here to keep you focused on achieving • Helping learners on vocational your goals and to support you personally. programmes to test their knowledge in Not only will an FE Scholarship look great • Join other Gifted and Talented students For full details of all the help available visit World Skills competitions against the best on your CV when you’re applying for a job and receive extra tutorial support in their chosen discipline from across the or to university but we offer all of our FE with an enriched programme of region or the country. Scholarship students a bursary of £1,000 talks, visits and activities which Get Active! per annum for two years to encourage and help you prepare for application to top You can take advantage of our outstanding • Using our facilities and coaching staff help them to make the very best of their universities. sports facilities by joining the on-site gym at to enable young sportsmen and women particular talents. our Gordon Banks Sports Centre, or taking to represent the College or to compete Successful former students speak part in a range of dance, sport and exercise at county or national level. You can find out more about Talent+ and FE enthusiastically about the benefits of being classes as part of the enrichment programme. Scholarships when you come to one of our part of a group of like-minded, highly We also operate a highly successful Academy • Recognising the hard work and open events or come for your interview. motivated students. Recent students have of Sport programme. determination of a young person or adult been accepted to Oxford, Cambridge and See page 14 or for full details visit who’s overcome adversity to succeed other Russell Group Universities.To read in their chosen area or perhaps made more student success stories, visit an exceptional contribution to their Get Rewarded! Joshua Shemirani, 20. community. As an NULC student you can get exclusive BTEC Extended Diploma in Business discounts on loads of things, plus special rates at the College’s Transform Salon and “I have Dyslexia and chose Spa and The Gordon Banks Sports Centre. NULC because I knew that I would get the support I needed To find out more about the discounts on offer to succeed on my course. I’ve visit had great fun at the College including entering the ‘Dragons Lair’ business competition as Get Where You Want to Be! part of my course.” Whether you want to get into the best university or land yourself a top job, NULC will help you get where you want to be!12 13
  9. 9. ACADEMY OF SPORT For full details visit or call 01782 254269 to request a brochure. The NULC Academy of Sport offers a wide range of opportunities available to all full-time students no matter what course they are studying, including: At NULC, we’re extremely proud of our 2010/11 Honours: • Elite Sports Performance Programme • Recreational Sport - Join in, play Academy of Sport programme, which gives • Netball- Winners of West Midlands (ESPP) - Support for students who and have some fun at The Gordon you the chance to study and pursue your Performance League compete at county level or above in their Banks Sports Centre. All our students sporting interests at the same time. chosen sport. You will have access to free receive heavily discounted rates for the • Rugby- Winners of West Midlands physiotherapy and massage, free fitness gym and aerobics classes. Visit The Academy of Sport prides itself in putting Participation League suite membership, a dedicated Sports our students first and we look forward to Science Support Officer and the working with all of you to ensure that you • Athletics- Winners of West Midlands opportunity to apply for a scholarship fund. • Sports Career Academy - If you are experience the full range of opportunities Championships definitely sure of a career in sport then available whilst being a student at NULC. • Sports Academies - Football (men’s you can apply to become a member • Men’s 1st Team Football- Runners and ladies), netball, basketball, rugby, and benefit from a dedicated mentor, up and promoted from West Midlands athletics, badminton, volleyball. Each internships and career advice. Performance League academy has 2/3 practical coaching sessions each week, free physiotherapy • Ladies Football- Staffordshire Cup and massage and a dedicated Sports Become an Associate Member!! Winners Science Support Officer. If you’re still at school and interested in sport, you can become an Associate Member • BCS National Championships - 12 • Coach Education Programme - Gain of the NULC Academy of Sport. You’ll receive students selected, 3 silver and 2 coaching qualifications in a range of regular newsletters and invitations to take bronze medals won. sports such as football, basketball, netball part in Academy of Sport taster sessions, and rugby. coaching days and a Sports Psychology taster session. • Sports Volunteering and Leadership Visit to sign up. Academy - Become involved in sports volunteering and coaching within the local community and have the opportunity Tom Guy, 17. to complete your Community Sports BTEC Extended Diploma in NULC SPORTING CREDENTIALS Steph Crowley, 17. Sport and Exercise Science Leaders and Higher Sport Leaders Awards. A Levels in Physical Education, Psychology, “Being a member of the • TEAM: NULC - Represent the College in Geography and Biology College’s Academy of Sport scheme has given me the British Colleges Sport (BCS) regional “I am a member of the opportunity to represent the and national in both league and Elite Sports Performance West Midlands for Cross competitions. Programme (ESPP), Country. I won the 800 and specialising in Canoe 400 metre cross country in Slalom. Being a member Birmingham. I love juggling of the ESPP i get a free Download a free QR code my college work with the Academy of Sport, it is gym membership at the reader, then scan the code very flexible.” Gordon Banks Sports Centre and i can use it whenever i like.” for more info on NULC!14 15
  10. 10. FIND YOUR LEARNING STYLE ENTRY REQUIREMENTSAt NULC we believe strongly in helping every student to identify their preferred way of learning and assessment and to choose the best possible The table of entry requirements below is a of which are not listed in the table below choice of course here at the College.pathway to university or job success. Use the information below to find the type of course that suits you best. general guide to the qualifications that you’ll (for example DIDA or OCR). We will consider We will also consider other relevant evidence need to study at the various levels of courses all accreditied qualifications and when we of aptitude in support of applications – for we offer. You may have studied a range of consider your application we will take these example sporting achievement, portfolio of different types of qualification at school, some into account in relation to your particular artwork or performance audition.ACADEMIC COURSES FULL-TIME VOCATIONAL COURSES VOCATIONAL APPRENTICESHIPS Entry Level (Foundation) Level 2 Level 3Levels: No formal qualifications are needed and 2 GCSEs at C or above. A Levels: suitable for those not quite ready for our Level 1 courses. Edexcel Level 1 Diploma with overall 5 GCSEs at A*- C, including English Merit in a relevant subject. Language and Maths. Level 1 (Foundation) Foundation Diploma in a relevant subject. The qualifications studied at school and 2 GCSEs at D or above. grade profile should indicate aptitude for Entry Level 3 Achievement. your preferred A Level subjects – these will be discussed with you at interview. Vocational Courses: 4 GCSEs at A*- C, including English Language and/or Maths. Edexcel Level 2 Diploma with overall Merit in a relevant subject. Higher Diploma in a relevant subject. Level 2 Apprenticeship. NULC Sixth Form Centre Full-time Vocational Courses Vocational Apprenticeships AS/A Levels will suit you if This route will give you the career An Apprenticeship may be the you enjoy and perform well in specific skills and qualifications right choice for you. You will exams and want to study a that enable you to have the choice work at a local company for four range of subjects before going of university or moving into your days a week and attend college on to university. chosen career. for one day a week. see page 22 for A Level courses see page 31 for details see page 18 for details WHATEVER YOU WANT TO ACHIEVE, WE’LL HELP YOU MAKE IT HAPPEN! Course information is correct at the time of publication but may be subject to change. For full details about all our courses visit 17
  11. 11. APPRENTICESHIPSAvailable to people of all ages, an Apprenticeship is a great way to start work while THERE ARE TWO LEVELS OF STUDY:getting the training and qualifications you need to succeed in your chosen career.Most apprentices work for four days a week You’ll also be looked after while you are We continually keep in touch with employers Apprenticeship Advanced Apprenticeship shipand spend one day at college. You will get training with us. An Assessor will work with for you to start an Apprenticeship at any This leads to NVQ Level 2 plus Functional Skills and a This leads to NVQ Level 3 plus Functional Skills and apaid a training allowance of at least £95 per you to agree a learning plan and visit you at time of the year. We can also give you extra Technical Certificate. The NVQ Level 2 is equivalent to five Technical Certificate. The NVQ Level 3 is equivalent toweek by your employer, so you can start work, while our team of Learner Managers support like interview and CV preparation GCSEs at grade A* to C. two A Levels and can allow you to progress on to higherearning money while you learn. What’s more, will be on hand to help if you need them. training, to help you get the job you want. education get to learn in a practical, hands-on If you’re not already working, we’ll helpenvironment, making it easier to develop the you to find an employer placement so youskills that employers want. can start your Apprenticeship. We can not guarantee you a work placement, however New – Motor Vehicle Apprenticeships WHAT SUBJECTS CAN I STUDY? we will do our best to support your search Thanks to our new partnership with We offer a wide range of Apprenticeships Download a free QR code for a suitable employer, keeping you up to Newcastle-based Martec Training we are including: reader, then scan the code for more info on NULC! date with progress and providing appropriate able to offer Apprenticeships and Advanced • Accounting (AAT Foundation, information, advice and guidance. Apprenticeships in the following areas: Intermediate and Technician) • Active Leisure and Learning (Sport) • Vehicle Fitting Technician • Brickwork • Body Repair Technician • Business Administration • Vehicle Paint Technician • Carpentry/Joinery • Heavy Vehicle Technician • Children and Young People’s Workforce • Light Vehicle Technician • Creative Industries For more details of each Apprenticeship visit • Motorcycle Technician • Customer Service To find out how an Apprenticeship could get • Vehicle Parts Operations • Electrical Engineering you on the right career path, call us today on • Electrical Installation 01782 254254 or email You’ll have all the advantages of being ‘hands-on’ in the workplace and earning a • Hairdressing wage for four days a week whilst benefitting • Health and Social Care* from the expertise of Martec’s experienced • Information Technology (IT) staff at their Lyme Valley base on the other • Leadership and Management Natalie Wise, 18. day. Plus, you get all the benefits of the • Mechanical Engineering NVQ Level 2 Apprenticeship in Business Administration College’s great facilities as well! • Motor Vehicle “After leaving school I knew I wanted to do something • Painting and Decorating more hands-on than doing an academic course such To find out more about these apprenticeship • Retail as A Levels, so an Apprenticeship seemed perfect for opportunities contact Martec Training on me. I applied to study an Apprenticeship in Business • Travel and Tourism Administration where I was excited to gain work 01782 717272 or email experience and improve my skills. NULC allows you * Applicants to be aged 18 or over. to study an Apprenticeship at your own pace whilst building a one-to-one relationship with your tutor, who I see once a week. I really enjoy it!”18 Course information is correct at the time of publication but may be subject to change. For full details about all our courses visit 19
  12. 12. NULC SIXTH FORM CENTREEach year, around 1000 bright and ambitious students choose to study AS andA Levels at NULC Sixth Form Centre.Here’s why: Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) • Around two thirds of our students get the This exciting Level 3 qualification can be top *-C grades. A taken alongside A Levels and offers you a unique opportunity to develop essential• In 2011, 130 A* and A grades were skills for university and the workplace, in achieved. a subject area of your own choice. The • You can choose from AS and A Levels in finished project can be a written report, a more than 35 different subjects. performance, a piece of art, a community project, a CD or DVD, or even computer • Students love the friendly relaxed adult software. For more information visit environment where “everyone wants to be and everybody gets on.” • Our brand new college offers a clean, safe and modern learning environment. Progression Once you’ve started your A Levels at • You’ll develop the confidence, time NULC, you will receive extra tutorial management and independent study skills support with an enriched programme you’ll need to succeed at university and in of talks, visits and activities to help employment. you prepare for your application to top universities where you can study a • You’ll be fully supported by your lecturers, variety of subjects. If you choose to seek personal tutor, careers advisor and employment, you will be able to attend Learner Services team, ensuring you stay workshops on writing your own CV and motivated and on track with your studies. will be an eligible candidate for a variety • Our lecturers are passionate experts who of subject related jobs. provide high quality teaching. • More students from our college go on Download a free QR code to university than from any other college reader, then scan the code in Staffordshire*. for more info on NULC! *Data from UCAS (2010) To see what past NULC students have gone on to achieve visit 21
  13. 13. Yankai Ren, 18. A levels in Maths (A*),AS AND A LEVEL COURSES Further Maths (A*) and Chemistry (A) “We moved to the area from Birmingham and the facilitiesAccounting at NULC looked fantastic. The College has offered aWe’ll introduce you to financial accounting range of support including extra study sessions, revisionand the application of accounting concepts classes in preparation for exams and interview training forand principles. You’ll get some practical Oxford University. I would recommend NULC as the staff areexperience by preparing final accounts for extremely helpful and very supportive. I have really enjoyed my time here.”different types of organisations, as well asdeveloping skills in basic book-keeping. Yankai is now going on to study Computing at theThis could help you to find positions with Imperial College of London.local and national accounting firms and setyou up for further professional study. You’ll Laura Holdcroft, 17.also be at an advantage for a Business A Levels in Maths (A*),Studies degree. Further Maths (A), Psychology (A) and Biology (B) “NULC has a really goodArt reputation for helping studentsWe’ll help you to really push the to achieve their potential and that’s what really attracted me.boundaries of your drawing and painting. I actually enjoy the lessons atMost importantly, we’ll help you to build a Business Studies NULC compared to school, the You will study how businesses approach atmosphere is so much more relaxed. The support on offerreally good portfolio of work by exploring from lecturers and tutors is fantastic, I have benefited fromall sorts of different art techniques. You marketing, finance, production, personnel, extra revision classes in areas that I have found challenging.could choose to continue at college management and strategic decision- I would really recommend NULC, more than anything for its staff. The lecturers are very supportive and friendly.”and prepare for an art degree with a making. You’ll also get to look at howFoundation Diploma in Art and Design. You factors in the outside world affect business Laura is now going on to the University of Bath to study acould also use your Art A Level to help you and society. The course fits well with most Masters degree in Mathematics.get onto a variety of courses, for example other subjects as it includes so manyarchitecture. different areas of study. Computing Critical Thinking Dance This A Level will teach you all about Critical thinking is aimed at our brightest This is a lively and exciting course which how computers work and how data is students and can only be taken as a fifth aims to develop your knowledge, skillsBiology Chemistry stored and transmitted. We’ll teach you AS Level or fourth A Level. To take this A and personal expression through dance.You’ll learn about all sorts of new and On this course you’ll learn everything about everything from programming and Level you need to have achieved at least You’ll gain experience of choreography andexciting areas of biology, with plenty of from basic chemical principles to organic Classical Civilisationtion networks to hardware and information eight GCSEs with five or more at grade A performance and you’ll be encouraged topractical activities and theory work along chemistry, physical chemistry, inorganic We’ll teach you all about the amazing world processing. You’ll also learn design, or A*. The course helps to develop your think critically about dance. Once you’vethe way. What’s more, in your second year, chemistry and instrumental techniques for of the ancient Greeks and Romans - from production and testing skills. It could ability to debate and arrive at well informed completed the A Level you could go onwe’ll let you choose a specialist subject analysis. Chemistry mixes very well with their art and architecture to their poetry, help you get a university place on a decisions. These skills will help you to to study dance at a higher level or enterfrom human (mammalian) physiology, biology, physics and maths, and it’s usually plays and politics. This A Level, which runs range of courses including computer construct better arguments in essays and employment in the industry. We also offer aenvironmental biology and general biology. essential if you want to do medicine, at St John Fisher High School, combines science, information systems, software coursework projects both here at college BTEC National Diploma in Performing ArtsThis course is great for combining with dentistry, veterinary science, pharmacy, well with other subjects and can help lead development, games design, web and at university. Students who complete (Dance), in partnership with the Academychemistry, maths, physics, forensics, forensics or chemical engineering at to careers in the arts, media, publishing, design, networking, IT support, database this A Level will have a good range of skills for Theatre Arts. See page 43 for moregeography or psychology. university. local government or the civil service. management or forensic computing. sought after by elite universities. details.22 Course information is correct at the time of publication but may be subject to change. For full details about all our courses visit Course information is correct at the time of publication but may be subject to change. For full details about all our courses visit 23