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Welcome to the second issue of Inspire, inside you will find an array of goodnews from the School of Education, our recent Ofsted success being one of many highlights.

We will also bring you some interesting developments in early years and a primary teacher’s findings on the links between
self-esteem and learning in her classroom.

If you are working with children or young people we hope that you will find something of interest in this magazine.

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Education Inspire magazine Issue02

  1. 1. <p><strong>Page 1: </strong> Transforming lives, inspiring change Issue 02, Autumn 2008 Ofsted and TDA success School of Education awarded ‘Grade 1’ by Ofsted-&gt; Profile of Camila Batmamghelidjh Director of Kids Company A Class of Performers Links between self esteem and learning in the classroom-&gt; Also Building your Short courses inside: career &amp; Conferences Path in Early Years Caroline Read courses and Childcare TEACCH UK conference See page 7 See page 17 1 | Inspire Inspire | 1 </p><p><strong>Page 2: </strong> Welcome to the second issue of Inspire, inside you will find an array of good news from the School of Education, our recent Ofsted success being one of many highlights-&gt; We will also bring you some interesting developments in early years and a primary teacher’s findings on the links between self-esteem and learning in her classroom-&gt; If you are working with children or young people we hope that you will find something of interest in this magazine-&gt; Our School • Working with primary and secondary schools in We are proud of our collaborative arrangements partnership, providing our trainee teachers with and long established links with regional local The School of Education has worked successfully practical experience authorities and professional associations, which for 36 years with schools and education settings • Working with Teaching Assistants and early further enhance our courses, ensuring clear providing training and professional development-&gt; years staff on day release to study on our routes to support education professionals in Having strong partnerships with more than 350 successful Foundation Degrees; moving forward in their learning-&gt; schools and educational settings in this region, we provide continuing professional development • Working in partnership with early years and lifelong learning courses to meet the needs organisations to provide Early Years Professional of those working in schools, early years settings Status programmes in the East Midlands Region and allied professions-&gt; Our relationships with • Inviting school pupils to ‘train’ our trainee education practitioners include: teachers at the University 1 | Inspire | www-&gt;northampton-&gt;ac-&gt;uk/education | email: education@northampton-&gt;ac-&gt;uk </p><p><strong>Page 3: </strong> Contents Ofsted and TDA success for School of Education Our commitment to you -&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;1 Ofsted and TDA success -&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;2 A class of performers -&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;3 DVD review-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;6 Building your career path in Early The University of Northampton's School of Joanna Moxham, Head of Initial Teacher Training Education is celebrating achieving the highest (ITT) at The University of Northampton, Years and Childcare-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;7 award from Ofsted - 'Grade 1' for outstanding commented: Kids Company -&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;9 management and quality assurance-&gt; ''We are delighted with this Research in the School of Education-&gt;-&gt;11 It has also been awarded the Training and Development Agency's (TDA) highest grade for outcome and such a positive Inviting and expressive animation-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;13 quality - Category 'A' provider status as a result endorsement from Ofsted and the Multi-sensory impairment conference of the Ofsted success-&gt; welcomes national delegates-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;14 TDA-&gt; We feel it reflects the hard The 'Grade 1' from Ofsted was awarded after HLTA article-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;16 an inspection in April 2008 which looked at the work and commitment of all the Short Courses &amp; Conferences -&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;17 School's Primary and Early Years Initial Teacher stakeholders in our partnership; Training provision-&gt; Free research seminars-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;20 mentors in over 250 schools, The inspectors listed the School's key strengths Modules of Study 2008/09 -&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;21 as being: University tutors, administrative • outstanding leadership and management staff and our students-&gt; Courses -&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;22 • outstanding levels of communication, The Ofsted report clearly identifies Credit points and levels: organisation and administration What are they?-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;24 • the recruitment and retention of high calibre the various contributions which trainees, who, once qualified, remain in the they all make to our ITT profession programmes''-&gt; • the effectiveness of the training in meeting trainees’ individual needs The TDA has also congratulated the University on • the high level of coherence between the their results in the 2008 Newly Qualified Teacher different elements of the training (NQT) survey for the response to ''How good was • the quality of school-based mentoring your training in preparing you to teach reading using phonics and comprehension?'' • the professional approach of the enthusiastic and committed trainees-&gt; The TDA reported that the percentage of NQTs who trained at your institution ranked their Following the success of Ofsted, the University's training as good or very good, which was application to the TDA to be considered for Grade significantly above the average''-&gt; A Provider status was successful-&gt; This confirms the schools national reputation for the quality of its The University is one of only nine higher Initial Teacher Education provision-&gt; education institution providers who obtained this Inspire successful response from NQTs-&gt; Written and produced by The University of Northampton School of Education all submissions are property of Inspire magazine-&gt; The entire content © Copyright The University of Northampton School of Education 2008, and cannot be reproduced in whole or part without prior written consent-&gt; Editor Paul Bramble – paul-&gt;bramble@northampton-&gt;ac-&gt;uk Words Paul Bramble – paul-&gt;bramble@northampton-&gt;ac-&gt;uk Photography Design Depot Ltd, Merle Moustafa &amp; Chris Allum Design by Design Depot Ltd – www-&gt;designdepot-&gt;net Printed by Portland Print Limited www-&gt;northampton-&gt;ac-&gt;uk/education | email: education@northampton-&gt;ac-&gt;uk | Inspire | 2 </p><p><strong>Page 4: </strong> A class of performers Primary teacher, Catherine Mostyn Scott talks to Paul Bramble about the MA Education project on self-esteem and learning in her classroom-&gt; 3 | Inspire | www-&gt;northampton-&gt;ac-&gt;uk/education | email: education@northampton-&gt;ac-&gt;uk </p><p><strong>Page 5: </strong> I am now at the later end of my career-&gt; In fact, one of the grans at the graduation ceremony remarked “You’ve left it a bit late to get a degree”! Above: Catherine Mostyn Scott I’ve been a teacher for nearly forty years-&gt; I’ve been a headteacher and a consultant, and a few years The research My research for an MA in Education at the “As a strategy for ago decided I wanted to finish my career where it started - in the classroom-&gt; I became a SENCo university looked at four main strands: What is self-esteem? raising self-esteem, (special educational needs co-ordinator) and Is it important in the learning process? Can it be measured? I introduced weekly completed the SENCo standards course with the university-&gt; Can it be raised and, if so, how? “success diaries”, in I am currently in a school in Milton Keynes which is facing its own challenges-&gt; Over thirty different To give an example, the children devised their own measure for self-esteem based on things that were which they focus on languages are spoken, the most common three important to them e-&gt;g-&gt; generosity, kindness, a success they have enjoyed that week in being Somali, Tamil and Dutch (many of our respect, love, politeness-&gt; They loved ratings scales, African children come via Europe)-&gt; Many children, so they included one in their measure with space therefore, speak their native language plus a european one-&gt; Ethnic groups in school include for individual comments-&gt; When they completed the form again, it showed whether or not their self- or out of school-&gt;” children from Somalia, Ghana, Malawi, Poland, esteem had been raised-&gt; Sri Lanka, South Africa, India, Pakistan and several They also took more control of their classroom-&gt; European countries-&gt; They told me what sort of classroom they wanted My study at The University of and I made a questionnaire (again with a ratings Northampton scale) so we could see how well we were The focus of my work was the link between progressing towards their “ideal class”-&gt; At the NT DISCOU LE self-esteem and learning, incorporating my interest suggestion of the focus group, we did this monthly B AVAILA in the pupil voice-&gt; As adults, we make a lot of and it did have a positive impact on the children’s decisions on behalf of children and we tend to say behaviour and learning-&gt; what we think they like, do and should have, but Not everything was predictable-&gt; As a strategy for we’re not good at asking them what they think-&gt; So TDA reduction of £720 for raising self-esteem, I introduced weekly “success the other strand of my work was to seek the views students with QTS, enrolling on diaries”, in which they focus on a success they have of the children on the links between self-esteem two 30 CATs points modules-&gt; enjoyed that week in or out of school-&gt; The children and learning-&gt; Initially we had a focus group of 7 Y6 told me that, while they enjoyed their diaries, they children but, over time, they actually became more of a planning group-&gt; continued overleaf www-&gt;northampton-&gt;ac-&gt;uk/education | email: education@northampton-&gt;ac-&gt;uk | Inspire | 4 </p><p><strong>Page 6: </strong> “Colour was very were not influential in raising their esteem-&gt; This Similarly, the work they did as a class for class surprised me – I had expected the diaries to have assemblies was rated highly by the children for had more of an effect-&gt; raising esteem-&gt; Again, they were presented with a Another thing that was exciting but not an challenge and, working together as a team, they met it-&gt; During the year “High School Musical” was important-&gt; The intended outcome of the research was the children’s acquisition of the language of research-&gt; very popular-&gt; Some of the songs have fantastic messages for children e-&gt;g-&gt; “Together we’re a team”-&gt; children even liked The focus group used our weekly forum to inform the class about the details of their meetings, and In fact, the children adapted this song to become their class anthem, which they choreographed and their merit chart because “it’s the class seemed to “catch” vocabulary associated performed to great acclaim (including an Ofsted with research-&gt; They naturally absorbed and used it inspector!) in their final assembly-&gt; colourful”-&gt; – as an example, H (on the SEN register) quite effortlessly in conversation used the words inform, Colour was very important-&gt; The children even liked combine, focus and competitive in just two their merit chart because “it’s colourful”-&gt; The merits sentences! It had become part of him-&gt; Findings from the research are different colours depending on what they’re given for – behaviour, attitude or work – and all the The merits are The ethos of the class has the greatest impact on self-esteem-&gt; Children must be in an environment children have a chance to earn them-&gt; As a class, energy and enthusiasm pervaded different colours where they feel safe, where they can take risks and make mistakes-&gt; In this environment they can face everything they did-&gt; Even when they were badly behaved it was with great energy! This was a class depending on what and meet challenges, which is very self-affirming-&gt; The teacher must develop positive relationships of performers – even choosing to forgo football and stay in at breaktimes to sing and dance-&gt; It’s so they’re given for – with the class-&gt; important to use their strengths and enthusiasms, and the teacher has to find theses – every class has behaviour, attitude or work – and all Our programme of Values Education (in which we a different “personality”-&gt; You may have a class of looked at values such as co-operation, honesty, artists, for instance, or scientists-&gt; It is imperative generosity and happiness) was very powerful in raising self-esteem-&gt; that teachers listen and respond to their classes-&gt; In this case, it was a privilege to be part of the team, the children have Linked with this is the fact that the children rated PE as instrumental in raising self-esteem-&gt; I think and discover things together that I can continue to use as a teacher-&gt; a chance to earn this was because it gave us opportunities to practise the values e-&gt;g-&gt; co-operation-&gt; As an This is just a glimpse of Catherine’s research with her class, undertaken for her MA in Education them-&gt;” example, H – a boy whose behaviour was poor in dissertation-&gt; If you are passionate about your work class – had superb people skills which really in teaching and keen to pursue your professional manifested themselves on the football pitch-&gt; These development, please contact the School of Education-&gt; skills were recognised and valued by the class-&gt; Email: education@northampton-&gt;ac-&gt;uk 5 | Inspire | www-&gt;northampton-&gt;ac-&gt;uk/education | email: education@northampton-&gt;ac-&gt;uk </p><p><strong>Page 7: </strong>Review of School of Education DVDs Just in time for the new academic year 2008/09, The University of Northampton's School of Education has produced and released a series of DVDs aimed at teaching assistants who want to find out more about courses to help further their career-&gt; The DVDs focus on the Foundation Degree in Shining through each one is the confidence and Nilesh, who attended the course at Beauchamp Teaching and Learning (FDLT) and the Higher Level enthusiasm of the students and the rapport they College, Oadby, where he also works, said: ''I never Teaching Assistant (HLTA) programme-&gt; have with the tutors-&gt; The production team at the got to study for a degree when I was younger so I university have captured the essence of the grabbed the opportunity and I'm glad that I did-&gt;'' The formats are similar, with key information about Foundation Degree’s success in fostering a mutually the courses being offered from the perspectives of Val Griffiths, who is a graduate of the FDLT and supportive professional network of talented people students, tutors, course leaders, colleagues and BALT, is now a Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT) who are going on to achieve an academic success employers-&gt; This gives a well-rounded view of working at St Andrew's Primary School in Ecton that many felt was out of their reach-&gt; each course-&gt; Brook-&gt; She is supported in class by Anne Weldon, a The students who are interviewed exude confidence Year 2 FDLT student-&gt; Their professional relationship and speak eloquently of the difference the (Anne says of Val, ''She understands completely what course has made to their lives and to their I need to know-&gt; She is a good model for me-&gt;'') sums work-&gt; Julie Jones, Course Leader of the up the message that comes across most strongly in Foundation Degree in Teaching and the DVD – mutual support from colleagues, tutors Learning (FDLT), comments: and mentors-&gt; ' ''We see the students' self For Teaching Assistants who are considering confidence and self esteem applying for HLTA status the HLTA DVDs offer the rise quite considerably opportunity to hear the views of people who have whilst they are working gone through the process-&gt; Their experiences of the with us-&gt; The enthusiasm assessment are particularly reassuring-&gt; Those who and pride in their were taking the specialist modular training courses achievements is clearly in secondary maths and science were equally demonstrated by enthusiastic about the opportunities to increase those students who their subject knowledge and to apply the practical have been interviewed, techniques and strategies they were learning to especially those on their work-&gt; Like the students on the Foundation their graduation day-&gt;'' Degree course they emphasised the group discussions and sharing of ideas as being of huge Nilesh Champaneri, who benefit-&gt; All of the HLTAs interviewed felt that the has just completed his status had enhanced their role in school and made BA (Hons) Learning and them more effective practitioners-&gt; Teaching (BALT) year (the ‘top up' to the FDLT) found the time during his studies to compose the music for the DVD-&gt; All of the content on the DVDs can be accessed via The University of Northampton website www-&gt;northampton-&gt;ac-&gt;uk/education To obtain a copy of any of the DVDs contact The School of Education, Park Campus, Boughton Green Road, Northampton, NN2 7AL-&gt; HLTA Telephone: 01604 893527 or e-mail hlta@northampton-&gt;ac-&gt;uk for copies of the HLTA DVDs-&gt; FDLT: Telephone: 01604 893447 or e-mail education@northampton-&gt;ac-&gt;uk for copies of the FDLT DVDs-&gt; www-&gt;northampton-&gt;ac-&gt;uk/education | email: education@northampton-&gt;ac-&gt;uk | Inspire | 6 </p><p><strong>Page 8: </strong> Have you noticed how much services for young children have changed over the last ten years? We now have free nursery education for all three and four year olds and the number of day nurseries providing care for the youngest children has increased as well-&gt; Building your career path in Early Years and Childcare This has led to an increase in the number of people working in Early Years and Childcare services together with increased recognition of the need for training and qualifications for this important work-&gt; Expectations have been raised that in future all Early Years services will be graduate-led-&gt; The main qualification required of this new breed of highly trained graduate leaders is Early Years Professional Status (EYPS)-&gt; It is intended that Early Years Professionals (EYPs) will lead the implementation of the new Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum framework and play a key role in raising the quality of early years provision by acting as ambassadors of change - modelling good practice, and supporting and mentoring other practitioners-&gt; 7 | Inspire | www-&gt;northampton-&gt;ac-&gt;uk/education | email: education@northampton-&gt;ac-&gt;uk </p><p><strong>Page 9: </strong>The aim of the Early Years Professional Status This is the sort of degree that opens doors to a development-&gt; Our Local Authority partners from (EYPS) programme at The University of variety of career paths, including teaching and across the East Midlands (Nottinghamshire, Northampton is to develop and validate graduates social work as well as the Early Years Professional Nottingham City, Leicestershire, Leicester City, who a have the appropriate personal qualities, skills Status-&gt; Northamptonshire, Milton Keynes and and knowledge to lead and support good practice Bedfordshire) have agreed a support package that with children across the birth to five age range-&gt; includes ongoing access to the University’s The government has set ambitious targets for an “-&gt;-&gt;-&gt;An increasing e-learning and academic Library facilities, biennial update conferences and a flexible CPD framework EYP in all 3,500 Children’s Centres by 2010, with number of experienced leading to a Graduate Certificate in Continuing two in each setting in areas of disadvantage, and an EYP in every full-day care setting (around nursery staff with Professional Development in Early Years-&gt; 20,000 settings) by 2015-&gt; They have backed this up Capturing learning wherever with funding of £305 million over the next three NVQ3 are taking the in happens years to pay for training EYPs plus a Graduate opportunity to gain a This flexible framework is designed to support EYPs Leader Fund to encourage nurseries to employ a in their role as ‘change agents’ through providing graduate for the first time Foundation Degree in the tools to help evaluate and improve practice and or to help ‘grow their own’-&gt; through keeping them up to date with the latest Early Years as the first research evidence and policy initiatives-&gt; But what Bags of experience but no degree? An increasing number of experienced nursery staff step towards EYP makes it different is the University’s recognition of the value of learning experienced elsewhere - for with NVQ3 are taking the opportunity to gain a Foundation Degree in Early Years as the first step Status-&gt; Our annual example, Local Authority courses or national and regional conferences or action-research groups-&gt; towards EYP Status-&gt; Our annual intake in this area intake in this area has Through setting up a ‘Negotiated Learning has gone from 17 to 75 in just three years and we have students studying at South Leicestershire gone from 17 to 75 in Contract’ with their tutor and writing a reflective account of what they have learnt, EYPs can provide College as well as at the University and from next year Leicester City College and Tresham Institute just three years and we evidence that tutors can assess and the University can accredit regardless of where learning happens-&gt; should come on board-&gt; The Graduate Leader Fund have students studying means that Local Authorities can help with fees-&gt; For more information on EYPS and other Early at South Leicestershire years courses please vist our website or email us-&gt; Just setting out on your career path? If you are a young person thinking that you might College as well as at Web: www-&gt;northampton-&gt;ac-&gt;uk/education like a career working with young children then an Early Childhood Studies degree is an excellent the University” Email: education@northampton-&gt;ac-&gt;uk starting point-&gt; It gives the opportunity to study all aspects of early childhood drawing on education, health and social care perspectives and provide Newly qualified as an Early Years insights into multi-professional working - an Professional? essential knowledge base for the professionals of Learning doesn’t need to stop-&gt; Funding has been tomorrow-&gt; Students are able to make the links made available through Local Authorities for the between theory and practice through placement establishment of support networks for newly opportunities in a variety of early years settings qualified Early Years Professionals to provide and to contrast their experience in England with support in their key role of promoting that in another European country-&gt; improvement in early years practice and to encourage their continuing professional www-&gt;northampton-&gt;ac-&gt;uk/education | email: education@northampton-&gt;ac-&gt;uk | Inspire | 8 </p><p><strong>Page 10: </strong> Profile of Camila Batmanghelidjh Director of Kids Company Friday July 11, saw the last day of this year's Summer Graduations at The University of Northampton marking a week of ceremonies during which over 2,000 students received their degrees-&gt; Camila Batmanghelidjh, who received an Honorary Doctorate from the University is a psychotherapist and founder/Director of the charity Kids Company-&gt; Camila Batmanghelidjh is an exceptional woman by anyone’s standard-&gt; Camila was born in Iran of wealthy and highly disadvantaged areas of London-&gt; The philosophy is and Young People’s Lecture-&gt; Her presentation to the influential parents and educated in England-&gt; This is inclusive and grounded in attachment theory – 150 assembled staff, partnership settings, Local not itself exceptional until you know that some of believing that children and young people who Authority representatives and students was truly her family were caught up in and killed during the experience severe emotional distress ‘shut down’ to inspirational-&gt; Iranian revolution leaving her on her own, isolated protect themselves from further hurt and that and without any means of support, in an English punishing their behaviour reinforces their emotional For someone who has achieved so much in her boarding school-&gt; withdrawal-&gt; Therapists like herself strive to provide twenties and thirties, she remains grounded and non-judgemental, sustained relationships through lacking in pomposity-&gt; Now in her forties, she has said Despite a fierce intelligence, throughout her which emotional as well as practical needs can be that, apart from running a camel sanctuary, anything education she has battled with severe dyslexia-&gt; This met-&gt; And it works-&gt; Quotes from the Independent is possible in the future and that she plans to be meant having to learn and retain things as they Evaluation carried out by London Univeristy include: reincarnated as a fat goldfish! were said to her and orally reciting and recording her assignments and exams-&gt; She applied to several ‘In 88% of cases teachers believed that Kids This is an extract from the Honorary Degree Universities who were not willing to take her on Company services were effective in meeting the presentation by Denise Hevey-&gt; until, thanks to her determination and persuasive needs of students by delivering available, accessible, powers, and to their foresight, Warwick University child-centred, non-stigmatising and flexible services-&gt;’ finally agreed-&gt; She emerged three years later with First Class Honours in Theatre and Dramatic Arts – Kids Company now employs 215 paid staff who an inspiration to all students not to let dyslexia stop between them speak over 40 lanaguages-&gt; In addition you from doing what you want to do-&gt; over 3,000 people voluntarily donate their skills each year ranging from doctors and lawyers to artists, After University Camila launched herself on an dancers and photographers-&gt; Kids Company was unsuspecting world – working initially for Women’s recently awarded a government grant of more than Aid and setting up a counselling service for a £12-&gt;7 million over three years to continue its work university-&gt; On the way she managed to acquire with a particular focus on the most vulnerable and additional post-graduate qualifications in difficult to reach young people aged 14 and over-&gt; On psychotherapy supported by her own participation the Kids Company website Camila writes: in psychoanalysis over a prolonged period-&gt; She went on to found the ‘Place to Be’ which is now a national ‘I just want you to know that filling in the programme offering therapy to children in schools-&gt; application for this grant took some 600 hours and generated 2 fat books!-&gt;-&gt;-&gt; Had the money not come In her early thirties Camila set up Kids Company - through, I was going to do a striptease in Parliament; the organisation with which she is most strongly you’ve been spared!!!’ associated-&gt; This is a charity with a unique and pioneering approach to vulnerable children and This is typical of Camila, illustrating her energy and young people-&gt; The original Arches II Centre offers determination and sheer bloody mindedness in drop-in services, as a place to be and feel safe, to promoting the cause to which she is so whole children as young as toddlers that she describes as heartedly committed-&gt; ‘lone children’ – children who feel largely Camila has been nationally recognised for her unsupported by their families and are living with contribution to the social inclusion agenda and was poverty, drug and alcohol abuse on the part of their awarded Social Entrepreneur of the Year in 2005 and carers, personal abuse and neglect or living on the was a Woman of the Year in 2006-&gt; In June 2007 she street-&gt; In addition, therapeutic and social work was good enough to agree to come to the services are now offered in 33 schools in the most University to present the inaugural annual Children 9 | Inspire | www-&gt;northampton-&gt;ac-&gt;uk/education | email: education@northampton-&gt;ac-&gt;uk </p><p><strong>Page 11: </strong>“In 88% of cases teachers Images courtesy of Kids Company believed that Kids Company services were effective in meeting the needs of students by delivering available, accessible, child-centred, non-stigmatising and flexible services-&gt;” www-&gt;northampton-&gt;ac-&gt;uk/education | email: education@northampton-&gt;ac-&gt;uk | Inspire | 10 </p><p><strong>Page 12: </strong> Research in the School of Education Extended Schools Projects A second project funded by the TDA is collecting evidence about effective actions taken by The Centre for Special Needs Education and colleagues working in extended schools which Research in the School of Education has recently will be used to develop materials for use in initial been involved in a number of research projects teacher education and professional development-&gt; investigating the workings of Extended Schools-&gt; This currently involves visiting schools, including The first of these focused upon the efficacy of several in Northamptonshire and elsewhere in extended services around two clusters of schools the East Midlands region to look at innovative in Derbyshire-&gt; This project gathered data through practice-&gt; Over the coming months several of questionnaires and more than 80 interviews with these initiatives will be filmed in preparation for service users and providers including health the development of web based training materials workers, teachers, education welfare officers, which will be available for use by all training community police officers, pupils and parents-&gt; providers late in 2009-&gt; The research identified a number of effective Anyone interested in gaining more information, practices particularly in respect of multi-agency or becoming involved in this research should working practices and the provision of family contact Professor Richard Rose at liaison workers-&gt; The report from this project has richard-&gt;rose@northampton-&gt;ac-&gt;uk been used by Derbyshire Local Authority to inform the development of a new cohort of extended schools-&gt; 11 | Inspire | www-&gt;northampton-&gt;ac-&gt;uk/education | email: education@northampton-&gt;ac-&gt;uk </p><p><strong>Page 13: </strong> Great pride in the links the international students have built up within the local community Every year the School of Education welcomes students from across the world onto the MA in Education programme-&gt; Some stay on after completion of the degree to undertake research for a PhD-&gt; Whilst studying for the MA all students spend time in local schools as a compulsory element of their course-&gt; However some get involved in activities with local schools in other ways-&gt; This year our Chinese students have organised the Chinese New Year celebrations in local primary and special schools and our Indian students have taught traditional Indian dance in primary and secondary schools-&gt; Other students are involved in local community activities including voluntary work with the St John Ambulance Brigade and giving language lessons to support children new to the country-&gt; Being a part of schools within the Northampton community is seen as very important for international The Growing Talent for The results of this collaborative working were students-&gt; Inclusion Project powerfully demonstrated in a research seminar led by pupils from Bellinge Primary School in The Growing Talent for Inclusion (GTi) Project November 2007 which was well received by an is an approach to improving group dynamics to audience of students and lecturers in the support learning and social inclusion which has School of Education-&gt; Pupils from Lumbertubs been successfully implemented in a number of Primary School are to present their project in classes in Key Stages 2 and 3 across a range of November 2008 to an audience of final year primary, middle and secondary schools in student teachers-&gt; Northamptonshire-&gt; It was developed by Mary The researchers have now received TDA Doveston, Senior Lecturer in the School of funding to develop materials to provide Education and Marian Keenaghan, Senior educational psychologists and tutors working Educational Psychologist for Northamptonshire in initial teacher training and professional County Council in 2003-&gt; development, with the skills and resources to The approach arose out of their experience train professionals working in schools and after that students’ motivation to learn and achieve school clubs-&gt; in school can be affected by difficult Anyone who would like to find out more about interpersonal relationships in class-&gt; This this project, or would like to be involved in this situation can produce high levels of research should contact Mary Doveston at unacceptable behaviour and possibly lead to mary-&gt;doveston@northampton-&gt;ac-&gt;uk students becoming socially excluded-&gt; The aim of this project is to promote more effective interpersonal relationships by identifying what is already working in the class rather than focusing on the difficulties and problems-&gt; The process used in this project is called Appreciative Inquiry and it has a close affinity with Solution Focused Thinking-&gt; Another important dimension of this project is the development of pupil self-efficacy through collaborative working with teachers and pupils and the class project-&gt; www-&gt;northampton-&gt;ac-&gt;uk/education | email: education@northampton-&gt;ac-&gt;uk | Inspire | 12 </p><p><strong>Page 14: </strong> Inviting and Expressive Animation Here’s a big thanks to all the schools who work with our students throughout their years with us-&gt; You know you provide the essential experience required of any aspiring teacher but you also can help in less obvious ways-&gt; I wish I could remember the name of the student How it works who returned to university after school The software presents the user with a blank experience describing the fabulous work that her canvas and a ‘stickman’-&gt; The stickman comes children had achieved with their teacher while covered with “nodes” that can be positioned so using the free downloadable ANIMATION that the figure can be moved anywhere on the software called PIVOT-&gt; screen and in any shape-&gt; So enthusiastic was the report that we lost no There is a clear “NEXT FRAME” button which time here finding and downloading our own copy, offers the so-called onion skin affect allowing the with a view to making it an integral part of next previous frame to be seen-&gt; This makes the adding year’s course-&gt; It can be found at of the second frame and the smooth transition http://www-&gt;snapfiles-&gt;com/get/stickfigure-&gt;html from one to the other fairly straightforward-&gt; Lots of new frames can be sequenced and the process As far as I can tell PIVOT is free from expenses of continues-&gt; Simple ideas can be created in minutes, any kind-&gt; The motivation for Snapfish to provide but, perhaps more importantly, more elaborate this software free seems to be that they have a ideas can be encouraged and developed on the more sophisticated version for sale and their hope spot-&gt; Play, stop and repeat buttons make it easy is that sufficient numbers of people will want to They can bring in backgrounds against which their to view the creations as they progress-&gt; If the child go further and upgrade-&gt; Having seen the PIVOT action can take place-&gt; In my version these is happy with their creation it can be saved as a STICK version, I can see that this is a distinct backgrounds have to be created in something like GIF file which can be used in PowerPoint, Smart possibility-&gt; Colour Magic-&gt; I think this would be a worthwhile Notebook or placed on a web page, all of which Its main virtue is its simplicity, combined with the mean that the children’s work can attract a large addition to the larger projects though-&gt; impressive results obtainable fairly quickly-&gt; In this audience via an interactive whiteboard-&gt; Lastly, and so avoiding the only partially way the software exploits several features of ICT Main features necessary technical bits, the software comes with work that make it so distinctive, namely the attainable examples-&gt; I felt very positive about The PIVOT software comes equipped with several ability to have a go, see opportunities and these examples when the software first became stick figures including three “people”, several develop ideas, a process often referred to as trial available and I was looking for possibilities; but animals and, interestingly for work at key stage and improvement-&gt; We describe this to our they soon become redundant as your own ideas one, the letters of the alphabet-&gt; Word, sentence students as PROVISIONALITY-&gt; Getting to usable develop-&gt; It is possible to search the web for ideas and idea building through animated text sounds results fairly quickly also make for great and I offer http://tinyurl-&gt;com/2og28k as an like an exciting project-&gt; It is also possible to use INTERACTIVITY, so much so that teachers should example-&gt; It comes from YouTube so is best the software for the children to create their own have little trouble in giving their children a downloaded if you wish to show it to children, figures-&gt; motivating artistic and creative experience-&gt; but this is one for grown ups as well-&gt; 13 | Inspire | www-&gt;northampton-&gt;ac-&gt;uk/education | email: education@northampton-&gt;ac-&gt;uk </p><p><strong>Page 15: </strong> Multi-sensory impairment conference welcomes national delegates The University of Northampton’s School of This was the fourth national conference organised Education hosted 200 delegates at Park Campus by the East Midlands MSI Network-&gt; The recently at a conference addressing multi-sensory conference is an important part of the network’s impairment (MSI)-&gt; ongoing professional development and support programme-&gt; “Quality Communication: Maximising If reading this little synopsis encourages you Opportunities for People with Multi-Sensory The School of Education’s Steve Cullingford- to experiment, or ask our students to Impairment” ran over two days and attracted Agnew (Chair) and Ann Fergusson (both from experiment that would be terrific-&gt; But there teachers, advisory and support teaching CeSNER) are members of the network’s Steering is at least one school out there already doing staff/assistants, intervenors, parents, health and Committee and teach the MA Education module sterling work with PIVOT-&gt; I’d be delighted to social services workers and professionals who work in ‘Understanding Multi-Sensory Impairment’, hear from you and to publicise your children’s with or support people with multi-sensory accredited by The University of Northampton-&gt; This work if you wish-&gt; impairment-&gt; module has developed through the work of the MSI network-&gt; I hope you will continue to tell our students Following an opening and welcome from the about your ICT projects and help them to get School of Education’s Professor Richard Rose, Some of the delegate feedback included: involved-&gt; I’d also be interested to hear from Head of The Centre for Special Needs Education and Research (CeSNER), keynote speakers at the “The best conference that I’ve ever any school making use of any accessible software-&gt; conference included: attended in my career-&gt;” • Melanie Nind – Professor of Education, Bob Hopkins University of Southampton “A really good conference, brilliant Senior Lecturer in ICT Education opportunity to meet others in MSI-&gt;” The University of Northampton • David Brown – Education Specialist, California Deaf-Blind Services, USA “I found the whole two days to be • Paul Hart – Principal Officer, Practice Development, SENSE Scotland extremely informative-&gt; I learnt a great deal and I hope to put a lot of the • Gail Deuce – SENSE Consultant Teacher learning to good use-&gt;” Delegates took part in a range of workshops on both days, presented by these experts from the field along with practitioners, parents and individuals who themselves experience a dual sensory impairment-&gt; The conference was successful in attracting a subsidy from the East Midlands Regional Partnership enabling many more people access to this relevant and high quality event-&gt; www-&gt;northampton-&gt;ac-&gt;uk/education | email: education@northampton-&gt;ac-&gt;uk | Inspire | 14 </p><p><strong>Page 16: </strong>15 | Inspire | www-&gt;northampton-&gt;ac-&gt;uk/education | email: education@northampton-&gt;ac-&gt;uk </p><p><strong>Page 17: </strong>Over 30 school support staff from across Northamptonshire celebrate achieving Higher Level Teaching Assistant Status (HLTA) at a special event at The University of Northampton-&gt; Celebrating HLTA status in Northamptonshire Another successful group of Teaching Assistants gain HLTA status Attendees received Certificates of Achievement Teaching Assistants with HLTA status work in from Andy Downing, Interim Head of Learning, schools alongside teachers providing support for Achievement and School Improvement for teaching and learning activities-&gt; They may be Northamptonshire Local Authority-&gt; Tracey Hanger working across the curriculum or working on of Henry Gotch Primary School, Kettering, was specialist subjects such as information and recognised as the 350th person to gain HLTA communication technology, music or pupils status in Northamptonshire and presented with with special needs-&gt; They are a key group in the a bouquet of flowers-&gt; government’s drive to raise standards in schools and to reduce teacher workload-&gt; Tracey commented: ''It's brilliant to have achieved this status-&gt; I am helping with planning and teaching some topics in my role and I would like ''Achieving the HLTA status is to progress onto a Graduate Teacher Programme next year-&gt;'' a celebration of the vital A keynote address was given at the start of contribution Teaching the event from Christine Jones, Head of School Support Staff Training Delivery for the East Assistants make to the Midlands, Training and Development Agency (TDA), who commented: ''Achieving HLTA status quality of teaching and Photo: L-R Andy Downing, Interim Head of Learning, Achievement and School Improvement for is a celebration of the vital contribution Teaching Assistants make to the quality of teaching and learning in our schools-&gt; Northamptonshire Local Authority, Tracey Hanger and Christine Jones, Head of School Support Staff Training Delivery for the East Midlands, Training and learning in our schools-&gt; I would like to extend my congratulations to them all-&gt;'' I would like to extend my Development Agency (TDA) HLTAS are teaching assistants who have congratulations to them all-&gt;'' developed their skills against a set of national professional standards set by the Traning and Ken Bland, Head of Professional Development and Andy Downing added: ''It is important that we Development Agency for schools (TDA) and they Training, School of Education, The University of recognise the achievements of these teaching have undergone assessment to attain the HLTA Northampton, added: ''The assessment process is assistants who have put in a lot of hard work status-&gt; Achieving HLTA status demonstrates to a rigorous one-&gt; To successfully achieve this status, so they can make an even more valuable headteachers, teachers, governors and parents candidates are required to demonstrate they have contribution to improving standards in schools-&gt; that Teaching Assistants can make a positive sufficient knowledge and understanding to help contribution to pupils’ learning and achievement-&gt; pupils make progress with their learning-&gt; Do you want to enhance your role, advance to an honours degree and possibly Qualified Teacher Status? Open Evenings for HLTAs, Teaching Assistants, Cover Supervisors, Unqualified Teachers and Learning Mentors Date: Wednesday 26th November The Foundation Degree in Learning Time: 4-&gt;30 – 6-&gt;00pm and Teaching (Schools) Venue: Beauchamp College, Oadby LE2 5TP Date: Thursday 26th February 2009 The course is designed for a range of support Qualified Teacher Status, via an employment- Time: 4-&gt;30 – 6-&gt;00pm staff who are currently working in schools and based scheme such as the Registered or Venue: The University of Northampton, who wish to acquire a recognised qualification Graduate Teacher Programme-&gt; If you have Park Campus to support and enhance their role-&gt; The FDLT already gained HLTA status you will qualify for Date: Wednesday 25th February 2009 also provides the opportunity for students to assessment exemption-&gt; The evening is free but Time: 4-&gt;30 – 6-&gt;00pm prepare for assessment against the Higher places must be booked in advance-&gt; Venue: Beauchamp College, Oadby LE2 5TP Level Teaching Assistant standards and/or to progress to an honours degree and possibly If you would like to attend the above please contact education@northampton-&gt;ac-&gt;uk www-&gt;northampton-&gt;ac-&gt;uk/education | email: education@northampton-&gt;ac-&gt;uk | Inspire | 16 </p>