Charles Van Vleet & Rachel Black


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Charles Van Vleet (1820-1897) &
Rachel Black (1831-1908)
Pioneer History

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Charles Van Vleet & Rachel Black

  1. 1. Charles Van Vleet (1820-1897) & Rachel Black (1831-1908) Charles Van Vleet Birth 25 Dec 1820 Truxton, Cortland, New York, United States Death: 16 Feb 1897 Beaver, Beaver, Utah Charles Van Vleet His Parents, John Van Vleet and Hannah Wells, lived in Truxton, Cortland, New York until about 1832-35 when the moved to Ohio. They also spent some time in Indiana Rachel Black Birth 19 February 1831 Vermillion Township, Richland, Ohio, United States Death 8 January 1908 Lyman City Cemetery Lyman, Uinta Co., Wyoming Rachel Black Her father, John David Black, was born Near Kings Mount, Rutherford, North Carolina. Her mother, Mary Cline, was born Wawarsing, Ulster, New York Married 19 April 1821at Vermillion, Richland, Ohio Between 1822 and 1837, nine children were born at Vermillion, Richland, Ohio. During 1840 their tenth child, Catherin Elizabeth, was born at Bridgeport, Lawrence Co., Illinois. MARRIED: About 1845 at Bridgeport, Lawrence Co, Illinois. NOT DOCUMENTED Lived in Bridgeport, Lawrence Co., Illinois at least from 1846 to 1862-63 Seven children born at Bridgeport, Lawrence Co, Illinois Came to Utah 1861-62 Four children born in Utah
  2. 2. Lawrence Co., Illinois CHILDREN Mary Ann Van Vleet 1846 Bridgeport, Ill. -1936 Manila, Daggett, UT Martha Jane VanVlee 1849 Bridgeport, Ill -1872 Beaver, Beaver Co., Utah Lucinda Caroline Vanvleet 1852 Bridgeport, Ill -1854 Undocumented: Bridgeport, Ill Martin William Vanvleet 1854 Bridgeport, Ill -1857 Undocumented: Bridgeport, Ill James Nelson Vanvleet 1856 Bridgeport, Ill -1929 Tulsa, Lincoln co., Wyoming John Edwin Van Vleet 1858 Bridgeport, Ill -1941 Emily Catherine Vanvleet 1861 Bridgeport, Ill -1922 Charles Victor Vanvleet 1863 Utah -1865 Two Years old Utah Ida May Vanvleet 1866 - Circle Valley, Piute, Utah - 1917 Eugene Russell Vanvleet 1869 Beaver, Utah -1947 Evanston, Uinta, Wyoming Lottie Ellen Van Vleet 1874 Beaver -1896 Beaver, Beaver Co., Utah Charles Van Vleet & Rachel Black Van Vleet - Introduction to Mormons Rachel Black’s brother, William Morley Black, along with a group of neighbors decided during 1848-49 to go to the gold fields of California. They each paid $100.00 which entitled each passage across the plains to California. On 3rd of April 1849 along with 75 men and 30 wagons. The Company went north to Nauvoo, Illinois and rested there. Many of the houses were vacant. They were told the former inhabitants were a lawless set who had been driven out. Along the journey the heard more stories about the “demon Mormons”. On Saturday the 24th of July 1849 they entered Salt Lake City. While resting, William Morley Black made the acquaintance of various Mormons and was highly impressed with the people, the industry and quality of agriculture. He decided to forfeit his stake in the Company going to gold fields of California and to become a Mormon. He worked around Salt Lake City and Sanpete Co. His wife and children were still in Illinois and he wanted to bring them to Utah. . In Oct 1851 he started east in the company with Apostle Orson Hyde and others numbering twenty-five men and seven teams. On the 20th of December 1851 he reached South Canton, Illinois and found his wife Margaret and the children well. He was full of love and zeal for Mormonism, but his wife’s parents were full of bitterness toward Mormonism. He explained that he was returning to Utah, with or without his wife. The next day his wife had everything packed and on the wagon. He lifted her and the children into the wagon. They stayed with friends and he spent the balance of the winter threshing wheat fields.
  3. 3. In the spring of 1852 he went down to Bridgeport, Illinois. He was pained that his parents, brothers and sisters could not see the restored Gospel as he saw it. However, he had joy of seeing my brother Benjamin and sister Rachael open their hearts to the Gospel. A few years later, Benjamin and Rachel both come to Utah When he got home he found a letter a man, Leonard. He had purchased a large stock of goods and wished William to come to Burlington, Iowa. He needed to freight the goods to Utah. This provided means for him to emigrate his family to Utah. About the first of April 1852 they started for Zion. It was the last of May when we reached Omaha, on the Missouri River. We connected with the last, 18th , train of the season, Jamel C. Snow captain. Along the way 20 more wagons were added to William’s group then totaling 40 wagons. On the 2nd of October 1852 they landed at Salt Lake City, Utah. Charles Van Vleet & Rachel Black Van Vleet Lived in Bridgeport, Lawrence Co., Illinois at least from 1846 to 1861-62. Then Came to Utah 1861-62. Unable to locate in Mormon Pioneer Overland Travel Information from: The Van Vleet family departed Bridgeport, Illinois and made the trek across the Great Plains and through the Rocky Mountains to join the other Saints in Utah. They were called to help colonize a new settlement in the Circle Valley of Southern Utah, now the town of Circleville, Piute Co., Utah. Circle Valley being about 220 miles south of Salt Lake City, Utah. As the Van Vleet family and other members of the wagon train headed for the Valley, they came to the mouth of the Circleville Canyon and made a base camp at the edge of the Circle Valley. They pulled the wagons into a circle and were attacked by Ute Indians involved in the Black Hawk War During the battle, two-year-old son Charles Jr.Victor Van Vleet was scalped and mutilated and died shortly. Charles Van Vleet and John James, another settler in the wagon train, built a cabin that is still standing today, and a ranch at the mouth of the canyon where the battle took place. But the Black Hawk War continued to rage on, and things in Circle Valley soon got hostile again. Later Charles sold the homestead in Circle Valley to Maximillian Parker, the father of Robert LeRoy Parker, who would later become known as Butch Cassidy, the famous bank and train robber. The Van Vleet family and Parker family soon became close friends. Also during the Black Hawk War the brother of Rachel Black Van Vleet, Benjamin Black, was killed (1865) by Ute warriors in Ephraim Canyon, near Ephraim, Utah.
  4. 4. During mid to late 1860’s the Van Vleet family moved to Beaver, Utah, and homesteaded a ranch on Indian Creek, about 1.5 miles north of downtown Beaver, Beaver Co. Utah. Circle Valley (Circleville) is only about 25 miles east of Beaver. However, travel between the two towns requires a trip of 80 to 90 miles to get to a pass between the mountains separating the two towns. Find A Grave bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=103606 Charles Van Vleet Death: Feb. 16, 1897, Beaver, Beaver County Burial: HUMountain View CemeteryUH Beaver, Beaver Co., Utah Plot: NA527 Rachel Black Van Vleet Death: Jan. 08, 1908, Lyman, Uinta County, Wyoming, Burial HULyman City CemeteryUH Lyman, Uinta Co., Wyoming Rachel, who was 66 when her husband died remained in Beaver for several more years and then went to live with her son, John and died in her sons cabin on the Smiths Fork Between Mountain View and Lyman, Wyoming. She died on January 8, 1908 and was buried in the cemetery at Lyman. Prepared by J.E.Anderson for Uncle Earl Franklin Baldwin (1909-1970) Great Grand Son of Charles Van Vleet (1820-1897) & Rachel Black (1831-1908)