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AS Portraiture Assignment Brief 2013


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AS Portraiture Assignment Brief 2013

  1. 1. AS Black & White PORTRAITURE PROJECT Deadline Date: Thursday 14 / Friday 15 November Aims This project will give you an opportunity to explore location portrait photography, whereyou will learn how to use natural light and some simple lighting techniques effectively. You will be required to use the aperture settings on your camera to control the background in your images and you will be required to work in black and white for this project. This is a strictly NO FLASH project, to be shot on manual and extend the skills you have already learnt in the technical assignment. Name of Student: __________________________ Block (circle): B - C - Task 1. Title page Should include the following: - Portraiture Black and white title page, clearly labelledwith visual examples in sketchbook - A summary of what portraiture is, with visual examples of the sub genres annotated. 2. 6-10 images of Lighting Techniques - Photograph, annotate and explain 6-10 different lighting and compositional techniques printed no smaller than A5 each in your sketchbook. This can include: 1. Classic portrait – createyour ownhome made studio 2. Environmental Portrait – shooting on location using natural lighting demonstrating some of the following: even tones/split lighting/shadows/direct sunlight 3. Using 3 different reflectors 4. Natural light using a window 5. Portraits at nightusing an ambient light source e.g. lamp/computer screens/led video light (NO FLASH) 6. 3 different crops: close up/mid close up/full length 3. Photoshop – print screen any skills you have used e.g. levels/cropping/cloningimages/colour manipulation 4. Planning for final pieces. - a brainstorm of ideas a final explanation of what you are doing and why 5. Artist case study - Analysis on one photographer and their body of work, looking specifically at how they use lighting in 3-4 images. This photographer must connect to your ideas either visually or visually and conceptually. 6.Final Outcomes See PowerPoints on moodle or blog for help on how to research - Artist statement (see example on blog/moodle) - 2-4 final outcomesprinted A4 on photographic paper F Done?