NKFM 2007-2008 Annual Report


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NKFM 2007-2008 Annual Report

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NKFM 2007-2008 Annual Report

  1. 1. 2007 - 2008 ANNUAL REPORT
  2. 2. NKFM Founded 1955 Guiding Principles Mission The mission of the National Kidney Foundation of Michigan • Striving to prevent chronic kidney disease (CKD) and its is to prevent kidney disease and improve the quality of life for leading causes; diabetes and hypertension those living with it. • Pursuing funding in support of our mission • Advocating for people living with and at risk of CKD • Promoting quality of care for people with CKD, diabetes and hypertension Vision Statement • Educating the public about CKD, diabetes, hypertension and obesity • Promoting organ and tissue donation “Making Lives Better” • Supporting research of CKD Key Facts/Statistics 1 in 8 1 in 3 Adults in Michigan with chronic Children born in 2000 who kidney disease (940,000). Most don’t will eventually develop diabetes even know it! (CDC report). Telephone requests for help are Individuals counseled through our 9,319 9,849 cheerfully and professionaly Peer Mentoring program. filled by NKFM staff members. 112,099 8 The number of lifesaving organs Students (high school and elementary) who have a person can donate at his or her learned about kidney disease from the NKFM. death. Keep your kidneys healthy… get checked. 2
  3. 3. Chairman and President’s Message The 2007-2008 fiscal year was a good one for the National Kidney Foundation of Michigan (NKFM). We’re extremely proud of all we’ve accomplished in what most might say was a tough year in Michigan. The NKFM is still on the front line of Michigan’s fight against chronic kidney disease and we have our eyes firmly fixed on the future. The most startling statistic of one in nine Michigan adults has chronic kidney disease changed this year. One in eight Michigan adults now has chronic kidney disease and most don’t know it. One in three children born in the United States in 2000 will develop diabetes. The number of people with kidney disease and associated healthcare costs continue to rise but the NKFM is out front with grass roots, innovative prevention programs that are making a true difference. Taking a page from the NKFM’s first and very successful prevention programs, Healthy Hair Starts with a Healthy Body™ and Dodge the Punch: Live Right™, we’ve developed a number of other programs which have proven successful. This was the second year of our Regie’s Rainbow Adventure program which educates kids on the importance of eating fruits and vegetables using the colors of the rainbow. We’re excited to report we’ve seen the same positive behavior change outcomes we’ve experienced with other prevention programs. Daniel M. Carney President and CEO The NKFM will continue to be the leading non-profit resource for those at risk of developing kidney disease, those who have CKD, the family members it affects, and kidney disease professionals. We’ll continue to advocate for, listen to and empower people across the state whose lives have somehow been touched by kidney disease. M. David Campbell Chairman, Board of Directors The NKFM constantly relies on the guiding principles of the organization which include . . . • Striving to prevent chronic kidney disease CKD and its leading causes; diabetes and hypertension. • Advocating for people living with and at risk of CKD • Promoting quality of care for people with CKD, diabetes and hypertension • Educating the public about CKD, diabetes, hypertension and obesity • Promoting organ and tissue donation • Supporting research of CKD The NKFM was honored to receive a 4 star rating from Charity Navigator, the nation’s premier charity evaluator. The coveted ranking shows that NKFM outperforms the majority of other nonprofit agencies in America in fiscal responsibility. This exceptional designation differentiates us from our peers and demonstrates the reliability and efficiency of the our services. Everyday we’re reminded of the time, talent, and commitment of our wonderful volunteers and friends without whom we would be unable to do what we do. Thank you for helping us to be the most effective affiliate of the National Kidney Foundation and for your continued support this past year. Your efforts are making lives better for others! 3
  4. 4. Touching a Child’s Life NKFM Kids Programs NKFM has developed and provided three school programs to teachers and their students for the past several years. Over the last twelve years KICK: Kids Interested in the Care of Their Kidneys has provided teachers with materials and a lesson plan to teach over 834,000 middle and high school students the importance of diagnosing and treating diabetes and hypertension. KICK also makes the case for students to sign the organ donor registry. Kids and Kidneys, aimed at fourth through sixth graders has been used by teachers with 161,000 kids in eight years. This program, recently approved as a supplementary lesson by the Michigan Model for Health education, emphasizes the importance of good nutrition and physical activity as a means to avoid diabetes and hypertension and therefore to avoid or delay kidney disease. Our third school education program, Healthy Kids and Kidneys, utilizes health professionals to teach sixth grade students the importance of developing healthy lifestyles in order to maintain good “kidney health.” The Healthy Kids and Kidneys curriculum, an eight week, one hour per week course, has been honed for five years at Hutchins Middle School in Detroit and in middle schools in Pontiac for three years. In 2007, funding was secured to expand the program from an average of 80 students per year to 450 students per year. 4
  5. 5. Preventing Disease in the African American Community Healthy Hair Starts with a Healthy Body tarts Body™ The National Kidney Foundation of Michigan’s Healthy Hair Starts with a Healthy Body™ program continued its success this year by training more than 270 hair stylists to speak with their clients about living healthier lifestyles. With the help of these dedicated stylists, the program educated 3,956 African American women about the treatment and prevention of chronic kidney disease and its two leading causes; diabetes and high blood pressure. Stylists provided clients in Detroit, Grand Rapids, Flint, Inkster, Muskegon, Pontiac, Southfield and Ypsilanti with important health messages and informational materials encouraging them to make healthy lifestyle choices. The foundation of the Healthy Hair program is based on the strong, trusting relationship African American women typically have with their hair stylists. In the program, stylists serve as lay health advisors with their clients, offering a “health chat,” brochures, and incentives to compel clients to improve their overall health behavior. Referral resources to meet the needs of low-income and/or uninsured clients are also included. Through the program, clients are urged to make healthier food choices, get thirty minutes of exercise on most days, stop smoking, and take medication if already diagnosed. They are also encouraged to visit their doctor to get tested and discuss their risk for disease. Each client receives a “Wellness Score Card” to track the results of their diagnostic tests. The Score Card includes several health indicators such as blood pressure, cholesterol, fasting blood sugar, glomerular filtration rate (GFR), and body mass index. 5
  6. 6. Connecting to People with Chronic Kidney Disease Public Policy Advocacy During 2008, NKFM advocacy focused on continued state funding for the Michigan Strategic Plan for the Prevention, Early Detection and Control of Chronic Kidney Disease. As Michigan struggled with difficult economic times, the legislature voted to appropriate $3,999,000 in fiscal year 2007-2008 to the Diabetes and Kidney Programs line in the Michigan Department of Community Health budget. At the federal level, NKFM advocacy also helped provide a new Medicare benefit that will educate people nearing kidney failure about their treatment options of dialysis or kidney transplant. NKFM gained the support of state legislators by educating them about the benefits of disease prevention. NKFM prevention programs target: 1.) primary prevention 2.) secondary prevention focused on early detection and treatment of diabetes and high blood pressure to prevent chronic kidney disease (diabetes and high blood pressure are the two leading causes of kidney failure) 3.) early detection and treatment of chronic kidney disease to delay kidney failure. Programs place an emphasis on high risk minority populations, especially people of African American heritage. The NKFM “People Like Us Take Action” volunteers are our best advocates and the strength behind our public policy success stories. Senator Roger Kahn MD and Representative Gary McDowell were recognized at the NKFM 2008 Champion of Hope Tribute Dinner. Both played a significant role in maintaining the Diabetes and Kidney Programs line in the state budget. 6
  7. 7. Investing in the Future Healthy Families Start with You The Healthy Families Start with You program is stronger than ever. Twenty-five new Head Start staff members in Head Start agencies in Detroit, Pontiac, and Traverse City have been trained to have ‘health chats’ with Head Start parents. These lay health educators have explained the association between lifestyle choices like nutrition and physical activity and risk for chronic disease development to Head Start parents. The cookbook, resource guide, measuring cups, pedometers, and health brochures they distributed helped parents to put healthy lifestyle behaviors into practice. The Regie’s Rainbow Adventure program was introduced into curriculum at Head Start agencies in Detroit and Pontiac. The Regie’s Rainbow Adventure program is a curriculum that emphasizes eating fruits and vegetables that are the colors of the rainbow. Teachers are given 6 stories to read, each focusing on a different color. The plot for each story centers on Regie Rainbow Man, a superhero who must travel to various food islands and eat healthy foods of a particular color to earn his power stripe. Of the 359 parents through Healthy Families Start with You program and 242 children through the Regie Rainbow Adventure program has reached, 60% of adults and their children made at least one healthy lifestyle change, including increasing exercise (41%), increasing consumption of fruits (34%) and vegetables (34%) and reducing consumption of fast food (26%) and pop (22%) among other changes. 7
  8. 8. Development Kidney Ball: Motown Magic The NKFM gathered its friends and supporters for the 3rd Annual Kidney Ball on December 8, 2007 at the Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center. The black-tie event, themed “Motown Magic,” attracted 700 attendees and raised $600,000 for the numerous programs and services the NKFM offers to the many residents currently living with chronic kidney disease and those at risk. The Motown inspired evening included a cocktail hour, dinner, live and silent auctions, and live entertainment by Rumplestiltskin. The soulful sounds of Motown being played throughout the night helped to create an (l to r) Troy and Jean Clarke, Cindy and Steve Shannon atmosphere unlike any other black-tie event in metro Detroit. The Honorary Chairs for the evening were Troy and Jean Clarke. Troy is President of General Motors North America. Steve and Cindy Shannon, serving as Chairs of the event, along with a number of committed Executive and Host Committee members, really helped to make the night a huge success. From the dedication of our outstanding committee to the efforts of our wonderful volunteers, the NKFM is lucky to have so many friends and supporters. (l to r) Mrs. Howard Friedli, Myra Friedli Moreland, Gregg and Connie Rasmussen 8
  9. 9. Financial Statement of Financial Position June 30, 2008 (With Comparative Totals For June 30, 2007) Assets Liabilities and Net Assets June 30, June 30, 2008 2007 2008 2007 Liabilities Assets Accounts payable and accrued expenses $272,714 $195,452 Cash and cash equivalents $2,251,183 $1,730,658 86,343 122,283 Deferred revenue Investments 1,895,693 1,953,191 Total Liabilities Accounts receivable 612,455 587,535 $359,057 $317,735 Prepaid expenses 60,8381 61,460 Net Assets Property and equipment net 1,812,365 1,879,825 Unrestricted Beneficial interest in assets held by 25,000 25,000 others Unrestricted, undesignated $6,094,255 $5,546,526 Unrestricted, board designated 25,000 113,140 Total Assets $6,657,334 $6,237,669 Temporarily restricted 154,662 235,908 24,360 24,360 Permanently restricted Total Net Assets 6,298,277 5,919,934 Total Liabilities and Net Assets $6,657,334 $6,237,669 Revenue Expenses Research- 3% United Way - 3% Other - 1% Management - 6% Public Education - 53% Program Fees - 5% Professional Education - 8% Community Services- 8% Contributions - 14% Grants/Contracts - 49% Patient Services - 11% Fund Development- 11% Special Events - 28% *The National Kidney Foundation of Michigan paid 25 percent of our net revenue to The accompanying (selected) financial information is our National Organization. These funds are included in the summary of expenses. The derived from the audited following is an allocation of expenses paid by our National Organization from revenue financial statements as of received by all affiliates: Research 10.95%; Public Health Education 10.87%; Professional June 30, 2007, prepared by Education 30.82%; Patient Services 17.22%; Community Services 15.09%; Fund Raising Yeo & Yeo. A copy of these 5.08%; and Management 9.97%. statements is available upon request: call NKFM at 800-482-1455. 9
  10. 10. Donors Founders : $10,000 + Michigan State University/ Novartis Pharmaceuticals Abbott Laboratories Michigan Nutrition Corporation Advanced Strategies Network Print Tech Inc. Group, Inc. Otsego Club and Resort Dr. Michael and Linda Amgen, Inc. Pfizer, Inc. Smith-Wheelock BCBS Accident Fund Roche Laboratories, Inc. UAW GM Center for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Ruth Mott Foundation Human Resources Michigan SKF Automotive Division University of Michigan Tom and Vicki Celani Sigma-Tau Dialysis Centers - Ann Charity Motors Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Arbor Dairy Council of Michigan Kurt and Peggy Smith Richard and Kathleen Dow Corning Corporation Dr. Paul and Carol Smith Wagoner Fieldstone Alliance Stanton and Associates, Inc. Wayne State University Fresenius Medical Care Michigan Department of GMAC Financial Services Community Health General Motors Corporation Steelcase Foundation Benefactor : $3,500 + Genzyme Suburban Automotive Aline Undershill Orten Greater Kalamazoo United Consultants Foundation Way Timkin Company Alix Foundation Phil Hagerman University of Michigan Dave and Leslie Backus Harry & Margret Towsley Norman Yatooma Bayer Foundation Blue Care Network Henry Ford Health System Chateau Andelot William and Beverly Hoglund Trustees : $7,000 + Troy and Jean Clarke Jackson National Life Buick Division Comerica Bank LaFontaine Automotive Daniel and Linda Carney Dr. Dennis and Sue Group DaVita, Inc. Dahlstedt McCann Erickson Eli Lilly and Company Detroit Marriott at the Meijer, Inc. Janice Frazier Renaissance Center Merrill Lynch George Weston Bakery Frank and Susan Emerick Metro Health Gift of Life Michigan Fannie Kraft Foundation Michael Flora & Associates Israels Designs for Living Forte-Belanger Catering Michigan Kidney Nephrology Associates of Company Consultants, P.C. Michigan Art and Susan Franke 10
  11. 11. Chris and Patricia Gearhart University of Michigan Beaumont Hospitals Greenstone’s Fine Jewelry Transplant Center Community Affairs Hachette Filipacchi Media Jesse Vivian and Advocacy U.S. Watson Laboratories, Inc. Mark Behm Earl Hale William Beaumont Rolfe Behrje HealthPlus of Michigan Hospital, Royal Oak Dennis and Diane Bernick International Brotherhood Wolverine Fur Company David Berry, Jr. of Teamsters Wright & Flippis, Inc. Jason Bessert Knights of Peter Claver Dennis and Carol Bielecki Raffi and Patricia Kuredijian Kalyan Biswas LifeSecure Insurance Leadership : $1,000 + Boehringer Ingelheim Company ACS Consultant Company Parmaceuticals Eugene Lovasco F. Joseph Abood Jeff Bolkema Luitpold Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Abrams and Associates Daniel and Linda Bomberski Laura Marble Actions Benefit Company Borders Michael Marcantonio Advanced Health Media Andrew and Lisa Boschma NASCO Aero Filter, Inc. Botsford Kidney Center Nu Image Laser and Agent Alliance Corporation John and Kathleen Brennan Medical Spa Agent Benefits Corporation Dale Brown Ortho Biotech Products All Class Transportation Builders Iron Paradies Metro Ventures and Limousine Caidan Management Mark Perius, R.D. Alliance for Paired Donation Company Robert Provenzano, M.D. American Laser Centers, LLC M. David and Patricia Renal Advantage Brentwood Amylin Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Campbell Richard and Helen DeVos Ray and Alice Andrews Anthony and Eva Cannarsa Foundation Alpollo Mortgage Group, Chase Home Finance Sanofi-Aventis LLC Chevy Racing Steven and Cynthia Shannon John and Celeste Arle Michael Chires Michael and Susan Sisskind Dr. Gary Assarian Christman Company St. Clair Specialty Physicians BBK Consulting Community Choice Michigan St. Mary’s Health Care Barry and Catherine Community West Credit Sterling Group Limited, LLC Barnes Union Taubman Company Phyllis Barone Carolyn Cook Toigo Group International Bartech Group, Inc. Peter and Emajean Cook 11
  12. 12. Donors Richard and Ruth Cottrell Farhi Collection Howrani Photography Convenant Healthcare Robert Farrall Carlos Hurches Benjamin Crabill Financial Designs, Inc. I.B.O.P.O.E. of West Cross Country Services Foresters Michigan Daughter Corporation Joseph Gadaleto Rulers Club Michelle Crossley Rodrick and Linda Gillum Ingenix, Inc. Dave Custer GlaxoSmithKline Richard and Ruth Ingham Detroit Regional Chamber Global Hue Inter-Office Construction, Inc. and Affiliates Global Impact International Specialty Tube Dykema Gossett. PLLC John Smith JP Morgan Dr. Jerry and Emillie Dancik William Goldsmith Michael Jandernoa Leroy DeLisle Grand Rapids Press Johnson & Johnson Delta Dental Plan of Grand Valley State University Johnson & Johnson Michigan Luke and Dr. Darla Granger Services, Inc. Robert and Cathy Denious Jerry and Lynne Granger Mark Jones, M.D. Gary DesChenes Greektown Casino Kebler Plumbing & Detroit Medical Pharmacy, Greenfield Health System Heating Company Inc. Bingham Farms Marueen King Brent Dewar David and Lisa Haboian Hank Kinzey Dialysis Associates Larry Hakim Bill Kishler Jodi Lyn Dobat Harvey Cadillac Company Knight Consulting Steven and Kathleen Dolan Hayes Lemmerz Kohl’s Domaine de Joie International, Inc. John Krasula Downriver Community Health Alliance Plan Randy Kunz Federal Credit Union Deborah DeBoer Henderson Keith and Kathleen Langham Downriver Fil-AM Frederick and Karen Richard and Ruth Larabee Association Henderson Laramie Crane Rental Francis Dumler, M.D. Edward and Liza Hennessy Company E. T. MacKenzie Company John and Judy Herrygers Barbara Launstein Encore Development Tara Hodge Terry and Kathleen Lauritzen Group, LLC Peter and Amy Hoglund Alan and Shelley LeCrone Energy Products, Inc. Joe Hohner David and Ellen Leitch Epoch Restaurant Group Jeff rey Hoppie Lewis E. Wint & Son FEDCOM Credit Union Michael Hourani, M.D. Funeral Home 12
  13. 13. Michael and Lauren Malinzak Kenneth Montemayor David Polens Marquette General Hospital Frank Morelli RCO Engineering, Inc. Martin, Arrington, Desai Robert and Mary Morley Radio Disney William and Tomasine Marx Morley Companies, Dr. Paul Ragatzki Mazada North American Incorporated Rand Construction Operations Kenneth Morrison Engineering, Inc. Chris McMurray Motor City Central Parking Regional Dialysis Bay City McNaughton & Gunn, Inc. Nagle Paving Company Reliable Fire Protection, Inc. Greg Meehan Nantucket Capital Reliant Renal Care Flint Jason Mellon Management, LLC Reliant Renal Care Michigan Association of National Benefits Plan James Rivecca Health Plans Kathleen Nauer Gaynell Roundhouse Michigan Council No. 25 Garry and Brier Neel Sams Club Foundation Michigan Dialysis Services Neiman Marcus Michele Samuels Michigan Health and Nephrology Center Mike Santi Hospital Association Richard and Alice O’Donnell Joan Scheel Michigan Organization OmniCare Health Plan John and Patricia Schimpke Diabetes Educators William and Debbie Oppat Herbert and Barbara Scogg Michigan Treasure Hunters Oracle Security Corporation Michigan UAW-CAP Phillip Orleskie Benjamin and Maire Seymour Council Tim Otto Harry Silverman Michigan Vascular Center Nancy Oxendine Simmons Financial Mid Michigan Health PTI Satellite Paint, LLC Planning, LLC System David Page Bob Skandalaris Mid Michigan MRI, Inc. Pat Scott Jewelers Tom Smigielski Mid Michigan Physicians, Gerald Pearsall SoBran Inc. P.C. James Peters Sparrow Health System Midwest Health Plan, Inc. John Peterson St. John Health System Jim Miklas Phoenix Contractors, Inc. Karen Stachkunis Miller, Canfield, Paddock Physicians Organization Steelcase, Inc. and Stone of West Michigan Dewey and Anne Steffen Ernest Moegelin Foundation Molina Healthcare of Pioneer State Mutual Steve & Cindy VanAndel Michigan Insurance Foundation 13
  14. 14. Donors Straayer Brothers Barry Werthmann Marlene Benedict Sunsair Medicals Aesthetics West Michigan Surgical Jerry Berkesch Dr. Richard and June Specialists, P.C. Dr. Alan and Barbara Berlin Swartz Westmaas Electric Brett Bernard Swearingen Fine Portraits Company Kathleen Bogas Swiss Re Life & Helath Westside Beer Distributing Eric and Julie Borman America, Inc. Grant Wilhelm Mike Britt Takeda Pharmaceuticals Michael and Nancy Wilson Kurt Broadbridge North America, Inc. Al Wissam Frank Brosius, M.D. Target, Inc. Yeo & Yeo, P.C. Angela Brown John Taylor Donal Young Helen Bugli Brian Tiller Janet Young Dr. Timothy Bunchman Victor Torres Steve Zemcik Butzel Long Truth Rejuvenating Center Jayne Canever Spa & Salon Jeanne Carlson UAW Region 1-D Partnership : $ 500 + Annabelle Ingham Carney USWA Local 1900 A. Alli Jewelers StephenCarollo Todd and Tracey Uguccioni AXA Foundation James and Perry Carroll Frank and Nancy Uller Neal Adams Jeremy Chain Michael and Joanne Ulnick Teddy E. Addington Edward and Kathleeen Underground Printing Advantage One Federal Cleland United States Steel Credit Union Curtis Collins Corporation Syed and Salma Ahsan Liam Colvin Upper Peninsula Managed Louis and Joseph Alioa David Conton Care, LLC American Association of Conner Creek Academy Urban Health Care Plus Diabetes Educators East D. Craig Valassis American Regent Continental Teves, Inc. Pamela Vandekerkhove Doug Baker Peter and Virginia Corriveau Varsity Lincoln-Mercury, Inc. John and Debbie Bamberger Court Benevolence No. Jon Vigi Ronald and Nancy Battiata 1136 Independent Michael and Cynthia Wagner Baxter Healthcare Order of Foresters Wal-Mart Corporation Credit Union One Wal-Mart Foundation Bay City Vascular Crowe Chizek and Kit Walk Joseph Beals, M.D. Company 14
  15. 15. Currie Foundation/ Patricia Folkertsma-Garrett JPMorganChase Universal Forest Fresenius USA Pennie Jackson Products Manufacturing, Inc. John and Maria Johnson Charles Dankanics GHS - Dearborn Mark Johnson Davison Decca Club Terry Gould Harold and Sally Joy George and Amy Grand Rapids Industrial Raymond and Sharon Kelly DeGraffenreid Process Kempton Elementary Robert and Peggy DeVries Griffith Laboratories, Inc. School Becky Dell Henry and Hildegarde Robert and Peggy Kilbridge M. Susan Delonis Grysh Kiwanis Club of Ann Arbor Darcel Deneau H.I. Foundation, Inc. Stewart Kniff Brian Denny Liz Haar James Knox Dentemax David and Bronwyn Hain Denise Kobos Kevin Dodge Joseph Hamway GeorgeKouba Jeff Donnelly Mark Harris Dean Koulouras Dort Federal Credit Union Haworth Tanya Kuzminsky Downriver Chapter of Healthcare Choice of Labelle Management/ Credit Unions Michigan Grand Beach & Sugar John Dunn Jeff and Lulie Heichel Beach Resorts Mark and Lori Dunny William Henn Mark and Vera Lautzenheiser Ed’s Reliable Appliance Bernard Hetrick John Leekley Repair Ronald and Nancy Hoehn Louis and Julianne Leonard EES Coke Battery, L.L.C. David and Jennifer Holcomb Christina Leventhal Arthur and Janet Emerson Stephen and Kathleen Robert and Margaret Levine Terrance Enoch Homan John and Kathleen Liadis Erhardt Andrew and Claudia Hopper Life Enrichment Center FMC Battle Creek Noth Jim, Denise and Rachael Keith Loruss FYI, Inc. Hunter MHI Promos Cynthia Falska Hurley Medical Center Macomb Internal Medicine Farmers Insurance Group Hypertension Nephrology Joseph and Cathy Maiorana Farrell Executive Associates, P.C. David Maiuri Sealcoating, Inc. I.B.P.O.E.of West Joseph Maiuri Joy Fishman Michigan Active Stephen and Christine Michael Flora, Sr. Exalted Ruler Makowski 15
  16. 16. Donors Lucille Malloure New Zion Baptist Church Rock Financial Vincent and Debra Marino Sally Nicholas Linda Rodney Mason Auto Body Repair, Inc. Daniel and Barbara Niemann Gail Rogers Mazzola Financial Northern Capital Andrew and Karen Rooke Services, Inc. Corporation James and Peggy Rosenfeld Denise McCarty Numerex Thomas Ruane, M.D. Bruce McConnell Fernande O’Donnell Ruder Finn James and Dianne McPharlin Old World Industries, Inc. Rosa Salas Medplans Daniel and Faith Olmstead Norman and Iris Salters David and Barbara Meline OnStar Events Committee Schakolad Chocolate Larry Merx Leo and Pamela Otto Factory Metropolitian Owens Fence, Inc. William and Kathleen Nephrologist Michigan Beatrice Palmer Schimpke American Nephrology Henry and Talbot Payne Craig Schuchard Nurses Association Bruce and Kimberly James Schultz Michigan Design Center Peterson Sealant Equipment & Michigan Golfer’s Guide Clay and Kate Phillips Engineering, Inc. Michigan Infrastructure Debra Pickens Charles and Geraldine Seip & Transportation Marek and Margaret Lori Shannon Association Piotrowski Tony Shkreli Michigan Primary Care Plante & Moran, PLLC Roger and Janet Shoemaker Association Allen Platt, DDS Carl Siebers Michigan Vascular Access PC Praxair, Inc. Patrick Sieloff Stephanie Mickens Priority Health Managed Thomas and Rosa Simmer Frank Migliazzo Benefits, Inc. Laurie Smith Stan and Maria Mocarski Red Bull Mike Smith Raj and Pratibha Modi Red Run Golf Club Mary Smith John & Lisa Morris John and Laurie Reizian Suzanne Smith Multicultural Blank Renal Associates of Grand Southfield Internists Student Union Rapids Daniel Spillard Lynn Mustazza Harvey and Robin Reznick Stallion Enterprises, Inc. NSF International Rick Young & Associates Strategic Staffing John Nellis Gerald Rigg, M.D. Solutions, Inc. Nephron Associates, P.C. Dr. Larry and Sally Robson Thomas Stuit 16
  17. 17. Douglas Sturdivant SarahKate VanAuker Syntel Kirt and Tamera VanPutten TCP Dearborn Robert and Jan VanSchoick The Fund for Medical Matthew and Chris Research & Education VanVraken Sheila Thurston John and Margaret Mary Tobin VandeGuchte Toyota Motor Sales USA, Peter and Jayne Venlet Inc. Ralph Vigliotti Troy School District Talanki Viswanath, M.D. Trustinus Melissa Wagner Tim Turczyn Josephine Wallace UAW Region 1-A Cap Wallace Enterprise of UGL-Equis Washtenaw USW Local 2-00501 Steve Ware USWA District 2 Darryl Washington USWA Local 12585 Bob Waun USWA Local 12934 Wayne County Dept. of United Food & Health and Human Commerical Workers Services United Steelworkers David and Cynthia Weinert District 11 Eva Wendt United Steelworkers Laurie Westgall District 9 Cecil White, Jr. Unitedhealthcare Services, K. Wiggins Inc. Jackie Willis Universal Forest Products, Dr. Douglas and Margo Wolf Inc. Xpress Spa Uptown Catering Gowhnou Yang Vac-All Service, Inc. Kenneth Zeiter Dominic and Stacy Vallecorse Dr. Jerry and Barbara VanLeeuwen 17
  18. 18. Volunteer Leadership Board of Directors, 2007-2008 Officers The National Kidney Foundation of *M. David Campbell, Chairman *Steven L. Dolan, 2nd Vice Chairman Michigan is made up of a governing *Robert Provenzano, M.D., Tomasine Marx, Secretary Board of Directors, several advisory Immediate Past Chairman Andrew Boschma, Treasurer councils, a professional staff, and *Cynthia Shannon, 1st Vice Chairwoman *Daniel M. Carney, President and CEO hundreds of volunteers who are Directors at Large committed to our mission. The Board is the governing body of the Foundation, Eunice Myles Jeff ries involved in policy decisions, fundraising Mark E. Behm Hon. Kirsten Frank Kelly and program development. Renee T. Farhat David W. Potts Beverly Hammerstrom Michael S. Sisskind Janice G. Frazier Scientific Advisory Board, 2007-2008 *Jerry Yee, M.D., Chair Crystal A. Gadegbeku, M.D. *Keith Bellovich, D.O., Past Chair Mary Ellen Larson, RN *Will Beierwaltes, PhD, John Magee, M.D. Research Chair Tej K. Mattoo, M.D. *Mary Stapleton, R.N. , Timothy J. McDonald The Scientific Advisory Board advises Patient Services Chair Silas Norman, M.D NKFM regarding programs and Joseph L. Blount MD, MPH Paul Ponstein, D.O. services, including research, public M. David Campbell Noreen Rossi, MD education, patient services, and Jean Chabut Thomas Ruane, M.D. professional education. Members Paul Dake, M.D. Rajiv Saran M.D. are experts in the field of nephrology Andrea DeKam, LMSW Elisea Singson, MD – physicians, researchers, nurses, * Executive Committee nutritionists, and social workers. NKFM Executive Staff Daniel M. Carney, Denise Beach, President and CEO Director of Health Initiatives Linda Smith-Wheelock, Lisa Schutz Jelic, Executive Vice President and COO Director of Special Events Maurie Ferriter, Art Franke, Director of Programs & Services Director of Diabetes Education Beth Bowers, Regional Director 18
  19. 19. Program Center 1169 Oak Valley Drive Ann Arbor, Michigan 48108 Phone: 734-222-9800 800-482-1455 (in-state) Fax: 734-222-9801 www.nkfm.org Regional Offices Detroit / SEMDON Grand Rapids / TENDON 1900 East Jefferson, Suite 222 260 Leonard NW, Suite 2 Detroit, Michigan 48207 Grand Rapids, Michigan 49504 Phone: 313-259-1574 Phone: 616-458-9520 Fax: 313-259-1855 Fax: 616-458-9532 Flint / ECDON 411 E. 3rd Street, Suite 2 Flint, Michigan 48503 Phone: 810-232-0522 Fax: 810-232-0533 Keep your kidneys healthy… get checked. The National Kidney Foundation of Michigan provides diabetes prevention programs through the Diabetes Outreach Network. nal Kidney Michigan