2006 - 2007
NKFM Founded 1955
                                                                             Guiding Principles
Chairman and President’s Message
Looking back at the 2006-2007 fiscal year, the National Kidney Foundation of Michigan
Touching a Child’s Life
NKFM Kids Programs
NKFM has developed and provided three school programs to teachers and their stu...
Preventing Disease in the African American Community
Dodge the Punch: Live Right™
After the tremendous success of the Nati...
Connecting to People with Chronic Kidney Disease
Public Policy Advocacy
During 2007 NKFM advocacy focused on continued sta...
Investing in the Future
Eat a rainbow
Eat A Rainbow is an interactive and kid-friendly health educational
program offered ...
Kidney Ball: Motown Magic
                                                The NKFM gathered its friends and su...
                                                          Statement of Financial Position
Founders : $10,000 +                                                 Benefactor : $3,500 – 6,999
Motor City Sports                Aeroflex/Inmet, Inc.           Christman Company
Larry O’Brien                    Aetna  ...
Energy Products Inc.             Hayes Lemmerz                   Henrietta Kulikamp
Jean Engleman                  ...
Michigan Health & Hospital      Barb Paison                        Maki Shibuta
   Association                  Tom Patt  ...
United Steelworkers of America   Airway Oxygen Inc                  Bridge, Structural, Ornamental
   Local 7237   ...
Debra Dame                      Joseph & Kristine Fornasiero     HemaCare Dialysis Center of
Phil DeBoer                  ...
John & Alfreda Janitz           Martens, Ice, Klass, Legghio &   Nephrology Hypertension
Jay Gregory Enterprises, I...
Progresive Medical Imaging &        ServAPure                         Truth Rejuvenating Center Spa
   Minimally Invasive ...
Volunteer Leadership

                                                                        Board of Directors, 2006-200...
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Program Center
                                         1169 Oak Valley Drive
                                       Ann A...
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NKFM 2006-2007 Annual Report


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NKFM 2006-2007 annual report

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NKFM 2006-2007 Annual Report

  1. 1. 2006 - 2007 ANNUAL REPORT
  2. 2. NKFM Founded 1955 Guiding Principles Mission The mission of the National Kidney Foundation of Michigan • Striving to prevent chronic kidney disease (CKD) and its is to prevent kidney disease and improve the quality of life leading causes; diabetes and hypertension for those living with it. • Pursuing funding in support of our mission • Advocating for people living with and at risk of CKD • Promoting quality of care for people with CKD, diabetes and hypertension Vision Statement • Educating the public about CKD, diabetes, hypertension and obesity • Promoting organ and tissue donation “Making Lives Better” • Supporting research of CKD Key Facts/Statistics 1 in 9 1 in 3 Adults in Michigan with chronic Children born in 2000 who will kidney disease (769,000). Most don’t eventually develop diabetes even know it! (CDC report). Telephone requests for help are Individuals counseled through our 8,944 5,906 cheerfully and professionaly Peer Mentoring program. filled by NKFM staff members. 105,857 8 The number of lifesaving organs Students (high school and elementary) who have a person can donate at his or her learned about kidney disease from the NKFM. death. Keep your kidneys healthy… get checked. 2
  3. 3. Chairman and President’s Message Looking back at the 2006-2007 fiscal year, the National Kidney Foundation of Michigan (NKFM) is proud to still be at the forefront of Michigan’s fight against chronic kidney disease. As an accomplished, dedicated and well-respected organization, the NKFM is pleased with what has been accomplished yet we know there is much more to be done. The startling statistics are what keep us on the path of our mission . . . to prevent kidney disease and improve the quality of life for those living with it. One of every nine Ameri- can adults already has chronic kidney disease and most don’t know it while one in three children born in the United States in 2000 will develop diabetes without intervention. As diabetes is the leading cause of kidney failure, we know the number of people who de- velop kidney disease will rise. This is why our prevention efforts are vitally important. On the heals of the NKFM’s first and very successful prevention programs, Healthy Hair Starts with a Healthy Body™ and Dodge the Punch: Live Right™, the NKFM has been steadfast in it’s efforts to reproduce the wonderful outcomes obtained by these long-run- ning programs. This year we introduced the Eat a Rainbow program which educates kids on the importance of eating fruits and vegetables by combining it with a fun and age-ap- Daniel M. Carney propriate educational tool such as the colors in the rainbow. We’re eager to see the same President and CEO positive behavior change outcomes we’ve experienced with other prevention programs. The NKFM will continue to be the leading non-profit resource for those at risk of de- veloping kidney disease, those who have CKD, the family members it affects, and kidney disease professionals. We’ll continue to advocate for, listen to and empower people across M. David Campbell the state whose lives have somehow been touched by kidney disease. Chairman, Board of Directors The NKFM constantly relies on the guiding principles of the organization which include . . . • Striving to prevent chronic kidney disease CKD and its leading causes; diabetes and hypertension. • Advocating for people living with and at risk of CKD • Promoting quality of care for people with CKD, diabetes and hypertension • Educating the public about CKD, diabetes, hypertension and obesity • Promoting organ and tissue donation • Supporting research of CKD The NKFM is continually humbled by the dedication of our wonderful volunteers and friends. Without the time, talent and commitment of people like you we would not be able to do what we do. With your help and the help of many, many dedicated volunteers, we can meet the challenge of preventing chronic kidney disease for future generations. Your ef- forts are making lives better for others. 3
  4. 4. Touching a Child’s Life NKFM Kids Programs NKFM has developed and provided three school programs to teachers and their students for the past several years. Over the last eleven years KICK: Kids Interested in the Care of Their Kidneys has provided teachers with materials and a lesson plan to teach over 800,000 middle and high school students the importance of diagnosing and treating diabetes and hypertension. KICK also makes the case for students to sign the organ donor registry. Kids and Kidneys, aimed at fourth through sixth graders has been used by teachers with 155,000 kids in six years. This program, recently approved as a supplementary lesson by the Michigan Model for Health education, emphasizes the importance of good nutrition and physical activity as a means to avoid diabetes and hypertension and therefore to avoid or delay kidney disease. Our third school education program, Healthy Kids and Kidneys, utilizes health professionals to teach sixth grade students the importance of developing healthy lifestyles in order to maintain good “kidney health.” The Healthy Kids and Kidneys curriculum, an eight week, one hour per week course, has been honed for five years at Hutchins Middle School in Detroit and in middle schools in Pontiac for three years. In 2007, funding was secured to expand the program from an average of 80 students per year to 450 students per year. 4
  5. 5. Preventing Disease in the African American Community Dodge the Punch: Live Right™ After the tremendous success of the National Kidney Foundation of Michigan’s African American salon program, Healthy Hair Starts with a Healthy Body™, the NKFM piloted its first Dodge the Punch: Live Right™ campaign in Detroit in spring 2005. Since then, nearly 200 barbers have been trained. Through campaigns in Detroit, Grand Rapids, Flint and Muskegon, these barbers have reached more than 3,200 African American clients with important health messages and educational materials in an effort to reduce the high rates of chronic kidney disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure in their communities. The program works well based on the strong, trusting relationship African American men typically have with their barber. Like stylists in the Healthy Hair campaign, barbers serve as lay health advisors with their clients, offering a “barber talk”, brochures and incentives to compel clients to improve their overall health behavior. Referral resources to meet the needs of low-income and/or uninsured clients are included. Clients are also urged to make healthier food choices, get thirty minutes of exercise on most days, stop smoking, and take medication if already diagnosed. They also are encouraged to see their doctor to discuss their disease risks, get tested for disease, and “learn their numbers.” Each client receives a “Wellness Score Card” to track the results of their diagnostic tests. The Score Card includes such health indicators as blood pressure, cholesterol, fasting blood sugar, glomerular filtration rate (GFR), and body mass index. 5
  6. 6. Connecting to People with Chronic Kidney Disease Public Policy Advocacy During 2007 NKFM advocacy focused on continued state funding for the Michigan Strategic Plan for the Prevention, Early Detection and Control of Chronic Kidney Disease and several federal issues. As Michigan struggled with difficult economic times, the legislature voted to support our State Kidney Plan and it was fully funded at $507,165.05. Michigan gained support from state legislators by educating them about the benefits of disease prevention. NKFM programs target 1.) primary prevention, 2.) secondary prevention focused on early detection and treatment of diabetes and high blood pressure, the two leading causes of kidney failure, to prevent chronic kidney disease and 3.) early detection and treatment of chronic kidney disease to delay kidney failure. Programs place an emphasis on high risk minority populations, especially those people of African American heritage. The NKFM “People Like Us” grassroots volunteers are our best advocates and the strength behind our public policy success stories. Senator Tom George, MD and Representative Alma Wheeler-Smith are recognized at the 2007 Lansing Champion of Hope event. Sally Joy, the NKFM’s Public Policy Consultatnt, presented the awards. 6
  7. 7. Investing in the Future Eat a rainbow Eat A Rainbow is an interactive and kid-friendly health educational program offered by the National Kidney Foundation of Michigan. The Eat a Rainbow program was developed to educate preschool age children on eating healthy and increasing their physical activity on a daily basis. By relating the colors of fruits and vegetables to the colors of the rainbow, students will incorporate healthy eating in a creative way that is easy for them to understand. The curriculum is structured through activities that reinforce health, math, rhyming, reading comprehension, writing and physical activity and is presented through a series of six interactive books, The Adventures of Regie Rainbow Man. From The Goofy Green Forest to The Purple Paradise, each book focuses on a specific color from the rainbow. There is a related food activity that will allow for food sampling. The program effectiveness is measured by pre- and post-tests given to students on a weekly basis and pre- and post-tests being given to the parents at the beginning and the end of the program. The Eat a Rainbow program began in June 2006 and has educated 250 children to date. 7
  8. 8. Development Kidney Ball: Motown Magic The NKFM gathered its friends and supporters for the 2nd Annual Kidney Ball on December 2, 2006 at the Marriott-Detroit Renaissance Center. The black-tie event, themed “Motown Magic,” attracted 650 attendees and raised $400,000 for the numerous programs and services the NKFM offers to the many residents currently living with chronic kidney disease and those at risk. The Motown inspired evening included a cocktail hour, dinner, live and silent auctions, and live entertainment by the Jerry Ross Band. The outstanding atmosphere was created with huge Motown themed tapestries, cut-outs of classic Motown acts such as the Supremes and Temptations as well as the soulful sounds of Motown being played throughout the night. Steve and Cindy Shannon served as Chairs of the event. Steve is the General Manager of SAAB Automobile USA and Cindy is Vice Chair of the NKFM Board of Directors. The Honorary Chairs for the evening were Rick and Kathy Wagoner. Rick is Chairman and CEO of GM Worldwide and Kathy is Coordinator for Early High School Success at Detroit Country Day School. From the dedication of our outstanding committee to the efforts of our wonderful volunteers, the NKFM is lucky to have so many friends and supporters. 8
  9. 9. Financial Statement of Financial Position June 30, 2007 (With Comparative Totals For June 30, 2006) Assets Liabilities and Net Assets June 30, June 30, 2006 2007 2006 2007 Liabilities Assets Accounts payable and accrued Cash and cash equivalents $1,427,285 $1,730,658 $314,383 $195,452 expenses Investments 1,769,535 1,953,191 88,601 122,283 Deferred revenue Accounts receivable 706,688 587,535 Total Liabilities $402,984 $317,735 Prepaid expenses 28,890 61,460 Property and equipment, at cost, less accumulated depreciation 1,947,811 1,879,825 Net Assets $379,506 and $309,082 Unrestricted Beneficial interest in assets held by 25,000 25,000 Unrestricted, undesignated $5,111,476 $5,546,526 others Unrestricted, board designated 88,140 113,140 Temporarily restricted 253,249 235,908 Total Assets $5,905,209 $6,237,669 49,360 24,360 Permanently restricted Total Net Assets 5,502,225 5,919,934 Total Liabilities and Net Assets $5,905,209 $6,237,669 Revenue Expenses *The National Kidney Foundation of Michigan paid 25 percent of our net revenue to The accompanying (selected) our National Organization. These funds are included in the summary of expenses. financial information is The following is an allocation of expenses paid by our National Organization from derived from the audited revenue received by all affiliates: Research 11.97%; Public Health Education 11.48%; financial statements as of June 30, 2007, prepared by Professional Education 29.01%; Patient Services 18.04%; Community Services 15.25%; Yeo & Yeo. A copy of these Fund Raising 4.78%; and Management 9.47%. statements is available upon request: call NKFM at 800- 9 482-1455.
  10. 10. Donors Founders : $10,000 + Benefactor : $3,500 – 6,999 Print Tech Inc. Renal Advantage,Inc. F. Joseph Abood Abbott Laboratories The Robert Wood Johnson Advantage Health The Advanced Strategies Group, Foundation Alix Partners Inc. Roche Laboratories, Inc. American Regent, Inc. Aline Underhill Orten Ruth Mott Foundation Baxter Healthcare Corporation Foundation, Inc. Dr. Paul & Carol Smith Bayer Amgen Stanton & Associates Inc. Mark & Kathy Behm Baird Steelcase Foundation Butzel Long Capital Title Insurance Agency The Harry A. & Margaret D. Capital Area United Way Charles J. Strosacker Foundation Towsley Foundation Capital Cadillac Chris Christensen UAW-GM Center for Human Paul Carollo DaVita Total Renal Care Resources Stephen Carollo Dow Corning Corporation W. K. Kellogg Foundation Charity Motors Estate of Mary B. Ericksen Chateau Andelot Art & Susan Franke Community Health Charities of Fresenius Management Services Trustees : $7,000 – 9,999 Michigan Fresenius Medical Care Peter & Emajean Cook General Motors Corp. North Blue Cross Blue Shield of Dr. Jerry Dancik American Operations Michigan Diplomat Specialty Pharmacy Genzyme Daniel & Linda Carney Steven & Kathleen Dolan Henry Ford Health System & Eli Lilly and Company Fannie Kraft Foundation Greenfield Health System Epoch Restaurant Group Foresters No. 1136 William & Beverly Hoglund Gift of Life GlaxoSmithKline Lou Leonard McCann Erickson Dan Hall Estate of Thomas Ly Ortho Biotech Products Bob Herr Meijer Sigma-Tau Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Jim Jenkins Merrill Lynch Dr. Michael & Linda Smith- Johnson & Johnson Services Michigan Kidney Consultants Wheelock JP Morgan Michigan State University St. John Health System William & Kirsten Kelly Microheat, Inc. The KMW Group, Inc. Michael & Maggie Marcantonio Nephrology Associates of William Beaumont Hospital McNaughton & Gunn, Inc. Michigan Mid-Michigan Physicians, PC Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corp. Morgan Stanley Estate of Wilma Page 10
  11. 11. Motor City Sports Aeroflex/Inmet, Inc. Christman Company Larry O’Brien Aetna Kit Clark Pfizer ALCOS Douglas Comb Pfizer Foundation United Way American Income Life Comerica Bank Campaign Amgen Foundation Matching Comerica Wealth & Institutional Pinnacle Construction Gifts Program Management Pioneer Construction Ray and Alice Andrews Community Choice Michigan Plymouth Community United Astellas Pharma US Inc David Conlon Way Axios Terence Conway Dr. Robert Provenzano Rudy Banka Benjamin R. Crabill Sanofi Aventis Brendan Bashaw D. Craig Tim Schowalter Bay Regional Medical Center Cross Country Automotive Steven & Cynthia Shannon Kenneth & Lorraine Beesley Crowe Chezek Shire Scott Bernecker Eric & Stephanie Dahl Sign Boys LLC Dennis Bernick Dennis Dahlstedt Michael Sisskind Better Life Institute John David St Mary’s Health Care Tom Beyersdorf DaVita at Home St. Clair Specialty Physicians Dennis and Carol Bielecki Dell Direct Giving Campaign The Taubman Company Robert & Katheryn Bender Eric Delong Paul & Georgette Thompson David Blair Delta Dental Plan of Michigan Ken Thompson Borda Lorenz and Geggie PLLC Delta Technologies Group Frank Uller Ryan G. Bovia Gary & Deborah DesChenes Underground Printing Larry Brady Dr. Sundeep & Manmett Dhillon Watson Nephrology Mary Brecht Dialysis Associates, P.C. Barry Werthmann Michael Burns Don Gooley Cadillac, Inc. Estate of Ella Butterfield The Dow Chemical Company Margaret Byington Downriver Community Federal David & Patty Campbell Credit Union Leadership : $1,000 – 3,499 Canaan Foundation DTS Winkelmann 24 KT Diamond Boutique John Carson Francis Dumler MD ABN AMRO Services Co. Robert Causley Fred Dunn Abood Law Firm Tom Ryan Centurions, Inc. Dykema Gossett J. Douglas & Peggy Adair Jim Cerratani James Edwards Advantage One Federal Credit Emergency Restoration Comp. Union 11
  12. 12. Donors Energy Products Inc. Hayes Lemmerz Henrietta Kulikamp Jean Engleman Health Alliance Plan Richard LaBelle Garwood & Carol Erickson HealthPlus of Michigan Michael & Maureen LaFontaine Extang Richard & Deborah Herpich Keith & Kathleen Langham Fed Com Credit Union John & Judy Herrygers Alan Lapczynski Marlin Feyen Janice Hile LaSalle Bank (ABN AMRO Nicole Fillmore Mark Hiser Services Company) Lawrence Fink Ernie & Shirley Hodas Claudia Lee Pat Fitzgerald John & Dayle Hoffecker Fran Lee Kevin Fitzgerald, MD Peter Hoglund Robert S. Levine James Flaherty Mark Holowicki Lifescan, Inc. - Johnson & Kathleen Fleece Dr. Michael & Jane Hourani Johnson Services Inc. Foresters Charles Hurches Eugene & Jeanne Lovasco Independent Order of Foresters Hylant Group of Ann Arbor John & Susan Maciak No. 1151 Hypertension Nephrology Dr. John Magee Theresa Franckiewicz Associates P.C. Michael Magee Frank J. Mayer & Associates IAP Michigan, Inc. Magna International Kevin & Gwen Furlong International Specialty Tube Dr. Crystal Martin Gambro Renal Products, Inc. Israels Designs for Living William & Tomasine Marx Kevin & Sharron Gay Michael J. Jandernoa Bruce T. McConnell Richard Genthe Jonathan Jensen Kathleen McGoldrick Janice George Johnson Controls Medco Health Solutions, Inc. Zelda Geyer-Sylvia Harold & Sally Joy David & Linda Mehney Rodrick & Linda Gillum Kebler Plumbing & Heating Co. Metro Hospital Lawrence & Kate Gladchun Dale Kemp Daniel Meyer Gratiot Medical Center Kem-Tec Land Surveyors Michael Harrison, Inc. NW Detroit Dialysis Greenfield Kent County Youth Fair Michaels & Associates, Inc. Health Systems Adrian Kiel Michigan Association of Health Art Greenwald Kiwanis Club of Ann Arbor Plans Robert Guindi Foundation, Inc. Michigan Association of United David Gurevitch David Klaasen Ways David Haines Knight Consulting Inc. Michigan Daughter Rulers Club Robert Hamilton The Kresge Foundation Michigan Dialysis Services Harvey Cadillac 12
  13. 13. Michigan Health & Hospital Barb Paison Maki Shibuta Association Tom Patt Eric & Carol Simmons Michigan Treasure Hunters Paul L. Nine and Associates P.C. Kristian Skogen Michigan Vascular Center David Peters Elizabeth Smallwood Mid-Michigan MRI, Inc. Philips Kurt & Peggy Smith Midwest Health Plan, Inc. Phoenix Contractors Inc. Dr. James Sondheimer Steven Migdal, MD Joseph Pittel Southfield Chrysler Jeep Frank Migliazzo Polish Falcons of America Sparrow Health System Michael Mihalich Kristopher Powell Spectrum Health Kelly Miller The Private Bank St. Joseph’s Healthcare Brian & Anne Minbiole Dr. Paul Ragatzki Paul Steel Ernest Moegelin Reader’s Digest Foundation Dr. Richard & June Swartz Molina Healthcare of Michigan Renal Associates of West Swearingen Visions Wilfred Moran Michigan Stephanie Sweeney Mullendore & Thrall Request Foods, Inc. Swiss Re Life & Health America Mulligan Heating Inc Ridgeway Industries Inc. Nantucket Multi Managers LLC Larry Robson, MD Takeda Pharmaceuticals North NKF Grand Valley Chapter Rockford Construction Co. Inc. America, Inc. Garry & Brier Neel Linda Rodney Target Neiman Marcus Thomas Rotte TCF Foundation John Nellis Maria Rubley Joseph Terebisi Nephrology Center Yvon Russell Benjamin & Julie Teske Nephron Associates Saline Electronics David & Margaret Thompson NES Rentals Sam Eyde Management Co., Three Rivers Corporation Carmen Nesenson LLC Sheila Thurston New Center Council Sam’s Club Foundation TrueNorth Development, Inc. Rick Nichols Michele Schneider Robin Trybon Paul and Susan Nine Lisa Schutz Jelic Tube City IMS Novo Nordisk, Inc. Mario Sciberras Twin Lakes Homes LLC Oakland Hospital Herbert & Barbara Scogg University of Michigan Oliver Products Company Scott Sedam United Food & Commercial OmniCare Health Plan Debra Shah Workers Local 876 Orotho Biotech Products LP Stanley & Diana Sherman, MD United States Steel Corporation Daniel Ouellette 13
  14. 14. Donors United Steelworkers of America Airway Oxygen Inc Bridge, Structural, Ornamental Local 7237 Linda Allen & Reinforcing Iron Workers Josephine Unitis Allstate Giving Campaign Local 25 University of Michigan Galens Dr. Fahd Al-Saghir Bryant Broder Children Fund Arbonne International Gregory Brogan Upper Peninsula Managed Care Arbor Research Collaborative for Wayne Broich Urology Surgeons PC Health Ray Brown USW District 12 Edward & Donna Archey David Buckland USW Local 1900 AT & T United Way Employee Builders Iron USW Local Union 12934 Giving Campaign Timothy Bunchman, MD USWA, District 1 Azar’s Oriental Rugs Julia Burnard Valassis Gregory Baker Brian & Judith Caldwell D. Craig & Nancy Valassis Baker College Jayne Canever Vanigas Federal Credit Union Charles & Roberta Barcia Capitol National Bank Antonio Vasquez, M.D. P.C. Jessica Bates James Carollo G. Richard & Kathy Wagoner Bay City Vascular, P.C. Trina Carr Walmart Richard Beckermeyer Martin Carver Samuel Walters Thomas Belanger Martin & Dianne Caspers Wanigas Federal Credit Union Alan & Barbara Berlin James & Angela Ceely Brenda Werdon Scott Berman Champion Group Inc. West Michigan Surgical Brett & Melissa Bernard Cheboygan Memorial Hospital Specialists, PLC Jay Bernstein Walter Chrusciel West Michigan Nephrology PC Samantha Bewick Citadel Broadcasting Company West Side Beer Eric & Nicole Bielecki The Coca-Cola Company & 711 Steve Wilber Linda Black-Michon Fifth Michael & Nancy Wilson Mike Boback Lon & Kate Coleman Wolverine World Wide Dan & Linda Bomberski Buck Coleman Donald Woodward Thomas Bookout Comcast Kevin Zuchnik Daniel Borreson, MD John & Erika Copeland Botsford Kidney Center Peter & Virginia Corriveau William & Beth Bowers Stephen Craigie William Branham Alex Cross Partnership : $500 - 999 Crown Steel Rail Company Diane Adams Cynthia Daly Syed Ahsan, MD 14
  15. 15. Debra Dame Joseph & Kristine Fornasiero HemaCare Dialysis Center of Phil DeBoer Jerry & Sue Fortenberry Flint M. Susan Delonis Four Seasons Nursing Center Heart of West Michigan United Robert & Cathy Denious Janice Frazier Way Brian Denny Jeffrey French Helen’s Café DBA Taco Bell Michael Derita Fresenius USA Manufacturing Ward Hennessy Detroit Door & Hardware Co. Inc. Jeffrey Hepburn Inc Don Friday Donn Herreman Detroit Medical Center FYI, Inc. Milton Hill The Diamond Connection G & B Rigging & Dismantling Cathy Hitchmough District 2 Council USA-AFL- Corp Paul Hoge CIO General Physics Stephen & Kathleen Homan Kim Ditmar Carol Gerlach David Horning MD Gary Dixon Matthew & Kelly Gerlach Robert & Renee Houchen Jodi Dobat Goldberg, Persky & White, P.C. Hour Detroit Don Massey Cadillac Grand Rapids Community Melissa Houvener Roger Dooley College Lijuan Hu Dort Federal Credit Union Grand Valley Credit Union Stephan Huber Jonathan Eber Mike Grant Douglas Hughes EES Coke Battery, LLC Great Lakes Dart Association Frank & Melisa Hux Ralph & Patsy Elkins Great Lakes Health Plan David Hyde Marlene Ellis Ryan & Michelle Gregg Tamer Ibrahim Randall Ellsworth Cynthia Grzelak Duane Ice Emerson-Prew, Inc. Paul Guaresimo Industrial Contracting EQ-the Environmental Quality Mark Guidobono Corporation Company Vince & Michelle Halek International Auto Processing Farrell Executive Sealcoating Handzon Training International Door, Inc Inc. Cheryl Harrington International Union of Jeffrey Fawcett Mark Harrison Operating Engineers #547 Sarah E. Fay-Simons Venita Harrison Todd Irwin Jay Fishman Estate of Grace Hartshorn Margaret Jackson John Flikkema, III Steve Hayes James Jaeger Michael Flora Health Plan of Michigan, Inc. James Murphy Jamison Group, Elena Ford Inc. 15
  16. 16. Donors John & Alfreda Janitz Martens, Ice, Klass, Legghio & Nephrology Hypertension Jay Gregory Enterprises, Inc. Israel PC Clinic., P.C. Mark Jeannette Tomeka Mattison Jack and Jane Nichols Jenkins & Company PC Chris McMurray Lou Northouse Ronda Jewell Meadowbrook Country Club Richard O’Donnell John A. Papalas and Company Metropolitan Nephrologist PC Hard O’Donnell Mark Johnson Elizabeth Meyer Fernande O’Donnell Nancy Johnson Michael Flora and Associates Ohio National Financial Services Joseph Kapp David Michalski Old World Industries Tanya Klain Michigan 312 American Joseph Orban Mary Kogelschatz Nephrology Nurses Assoc. Otho Innovation Inc. Kohls Michigan Active Exaulted Ruler Richard & Leocadia Ottenbacher Chad Koster Council Joseph Ozdowy Olaf Kroneman Michigan Dental Association Sara Parke-Laprise Dan & Audrey Kubicz Michigan Design Center Holly Parker Brandon Kummer Michigan Maritime Trades Port Peak’s Rendezvous, Inc. Steven Lambrecht Council Erica Perry Gertrude Lederer Michigan Primary Care Brenda Pescia John & Gerry Leekley Association Clay Phillips Steven Leng Michigan Regional Council of Phillips Service Industries, Inc Robert & Barbara Lenz Carpenters Clay Phillips, III Life Enrichment Center Michigan UAW-CAP Council Physicians Health Plan of Mid- John Lineman Michigan Vascular Access Michigan Linkfield & Cross Jayme Miller Mark & Debra Pickens Lions Interantional 11-D2 Mirror Mirror Nancy Piontek Kathy Lipscomb MNP Corporation Plante Moran Nicole Lovell Paygie Moore Pongracz LaLonde Jewelers and Richard Lupu James Mullendore Gemologists John Lyon Franklin Murphy Timothy Porter Lucille Malloure NABI Biopharmaceuticals Ricardo Portillo John & Kim Maniaci Richard & Kathleen Nauer PPOM John & Melissa Maniou NCI Building Alfred Preis Vincent & Debara Marino Dennis Neilbarger ProCoil Company Anthony Marocco Sr. 16
  17. 17. Progresive Medical Imaging & ServAPure Truth Rejuvenating Center Spa Minimally Invasive Shell Lubricants and Salon Therapeutics Jeff & Vicki Sherrick Steven & Sharon Tschirhart Senator Mike Prusi Scott Shumway Don Tuitel Eric Rabaskas Simms Chevrolet Company UAW Region 1-A CAP Campala Harish Reddy Mark & Elizabeth Skidmore United Steelworkers Renal Dialysis Centers Skip’s Comeback Inn USW District 11 Kelsey Rettenmund Thomas Smigielski USW Local 12585 Jeanne Richards Stephan Speth USW Local 2659 Frantina Richards-Redmon Archie Spring USWA District 11 Dr. Gerald and Gertrude Rigg Betty Springfield Utica Lease Co Francis Rivard State Capitol Vac-All Service, Inc. Douglas Robbins Nathan Steele Ellen Vanduyvenvoorde Roy & Maureen Roberts John & Theresa Stevenson Jerry VanLeeuwen Phillip Robinson Catherine Strumbos Matt & Chris VanVranken Dr. Leslie & Diane Rocher Marvin & Linda Sumter David Wagner Amy Rodgers Eva Sweet-Phelps Ron Wantuck Andrew & Karen Rooke A.G. Switous Steve Ware Susan Rousseau Thomas & Nancy Taylor Wayne Tool & Supply Co. Michael Rumbarger TCF National Bank Todd Wenzel Stephen Ryan Telemus Capital Partners Amy Westergaard-DeDoll Richard Sands The Ann Arbor News Wolverine Tractor & Equipment Sappi Fine Paper Muskegon Mill The Champion Group, Inc. Company Scantibodies Clinical Laboratory, The Honest Foundation Wright & Filippis, Inc. Inc The Professional Educators Dr. Jerry Yee & Virginia Schakolad Chocolate Factory Group, Inc. Romano John & Patricia Schimpke Thomas D. and Company Salon Tom Yehl Betty Schneider Ernest Thompson Pamela Zahler Craig Schuchard John Thornton Zamler, Mellen & Shiffman Robert Schwiring Joy Tiefenbach James Zboja Scosche Steve Timmis Patricia Zifferblatt Sealant Equipment & Todd’s Services/Auto Rain, Inc. ZLB Bioplasma, Inc. Engineering, Inc. Total Packaging Concepts, Inc. Dee Segula 17
  18. 18. Volunteer Leadership Board of Directors, 2006-2007 Officers The National Kidney Foundation of Michigan is made up of a governing *M. David Campbell, Chairman *Steven Dolan, 2nd Vice Chairman Board of Directors, several advisory *Robert Provenzano, M.D., Tomasine Marx, Secretary councils, a professional staff, and Immediate Past Chairman Andrew Boschma, Treasurer hundreds of volunteers who are *Cynthia C. Shannon, 1st Vice Chairwoman *Daniel M. Carney, President and CEO committed to our mission. The Board is the governing body of the Foundation, Directors at Large involved in policy decisions, fundraising and program development. Eunice Myles Jeffries Mark E. Behm Hon. Kirsten Frank Kelly Renee T. Farhat David W. Potts Beverly Hammerstrom Michael S. Sisskind Janice G. Frazier Scientific Advisory Board, 2006-2007 *Keith Bellovich, D.O., Chair Frances Downes, Ph.D. *Paul G. Smith, M.D., Past Chair Jack M. Flack, M.D., M.P.H. *Jerry Yee, M.D., Chair-Elect Mary Ellen “Mel” Larson, R.N. *William E. Smoyer, M.D., Secretary John Magee, M.D. The Scientific Advisory Board advises *Will Beierwaltes, Ph.D., Teg K. Mattoo, M.D. NKFM regarding programs and Research Chair Timothy J. McDonald services, including research, public *Mary A. Stapleton, R.N., Elisea Singson, M.D. education, patient services, and Patient Services Chair Thomas Ruane, M.D. professional education. Members are Patrick Brophy, M.D. Mohammed Tinawi, M.D. experts in the field of nephrology Jean C. Chabut, B.S.N., M.P.H. Joseph L. Blount M.D., M.P.H. – physicians, researchers, nurses, Paul Dake, M.D. Paul Ponstein, D.O. nutritionists, and social workers. * Excectuive Committee NKFM Executive Staff Daniel M. Carney, Denise Beach, President and CEO Director of Health Initiatives Linda Smith-Wheelock, Lisa Schutz Jelic, Executive Vice President and COO Director of Special Events Maurie Ferriter, Art Franke, Director of Programs & Services Director of Diabetes Education 18
  19. 19. Blank Page 19
  20. 20. Program Center 1169 Oak Valley Drive Ann Arbor, Michigan 48108 Phone: 734-222-9800 800-482-1455 (in-state) Fax: 734-222-9801 www.nkfm.org Regional Offices Detroit / SEMDON Grand Rapids 1900 East Jefferson, Suite 222 731 Front Street NW Detroit, Michigan 48207 Grand Rapids, Michigan 49504 Phone: 313-259-1574 Phone: 616-458-9520 Fax: 313-259-1855 Fax: 616-458-9532 Flint / ECDON 411 E. 3rd Street, Suite 2 Flint, Michigan 48503 Phone: 810-232-0522 Fax: 810-232-0533 Keep your kidneys healthy… get checked. The National Kidney Foundation of Michigan provides diabetes prevention programs through the Diabetes Outreach Network.