Reading techniques i newspaper goodies


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Reading techniques i newspaper goodies

  1. 1. PARTS OF ANEWSPAPER Nameplate / Flag  Banner Head Ears / Pugs  Byline Teaser/Skybox  Dateline Banner story /  Cut / Photo Splash  Cutline / Caption Folio  Photo credit Headlines  Jumpline
  2. 2. PARTS OF ANEWSPAPER  Nameplate / Flag
  3. 3.  Teaser/SkyboxEars / Pugs Ears / Pugs Folio
  4. 4.  Banner Head HeadlineHeadline  Banner story / Splash Headline
  5. 5. BylineDateline
  6. 6. Cut / PhotoCutline / Caption  Photo credit
  7. 7. Jumpline
  8. 8. ad th e as M
  9. 9. MastheadKickerDeckSecondary parts:Thumb cornerExclusive/ScoopGutter
  10. 10. AD L IN H E E A title givento a news item
  11. 11. FUNCTIONS OF HEADLINES• Headlines give readers the newsat a glance.• Headlines draw attention and capture drama.
  12. 12. Beautifulprincess marries prince charming; Shrek commits suicideThird little pig foundguilty of stealingmermaid’s voice
  13. 13. Snow Whitebrags about notreally likingporridgebelonging to thebears
  14. 14. The good fairy wins prize for refusingto deliver Pinocchio’s conscience
  15. 15. Headlines organize the newsand the newspaper. Headlines capture a tone that is consistent to the story. TONE -- refers to voice, focus, overall identity and purpose
  16. 16. FUNDAMENTAL STEPS INWRITING HEADLINES : 1. Read and summarize the story.
  17. 17. Dozens of students at Angeles CityNational High School became illyesterday after being served a tunalunch in the school cafeteria,officials said. Forty-two third-, fourth- andfifth-graders were taken to twoarea hospitals, where most werereleased after treatment for food poisoning and dehydration. Eightstudents were kept overnight forobservation at Angeles Medical Center.
  18. 18. Guide Questions:What are the key words?What is the point of the story?What does the lead/lede and the nut graf say?
  19. 19. 2. Cast the summary in a sentence.
  20. 20. Some guidelines: Demand accuracy. There is no place in newspapers for headlines that are not absolutely accurate. Near enough is not good enough. Keep it short and direct. Write active, rather than passive, heads. Almost every head is improved with a strong verb.(a THESAURUS is a good investment!)
  21. 21. WHAT CAN I CHANGE Ask yourself: WITHOUT CHANGING OR CLOUDING THE MEANING OF THE SENTENCE? Make every word count. Avoid headlines that waste words. “Eating" is far more direct than “being served with"
  22. 22. 3. Shorten the sentence by putting it in headline form
  23. 23. The Basics of headline form:  Usepresent tense. Ex: Angry GMA promises to wipe out Abu Sayyaf Duterte wants Misuari freed
  24. 24.  Eliminate the articles a, an and the Ex: Skip the highway, mayor appeals to the motorists `The Aviator’ wins 3 awards
  25. 25. Replace the conjunction and with acomma.Example: Pangasinan groups, execs act to revive mangroves DENR to probe Gov, son on illegal logging raps
  26. 26.  Use figures rather than writing out numbers higher than one.  Teenager killed, 2 hurt Example: in collision  Attack on rebel leader kills son, 3 others in Arayat
  27. 27. • Drop the end punctuation• Use single instead of double quotation marks • Example: •Al-Qaeda capable of ‘devastating attack,’ says UN
  28. 28.  Use semi-colon when there are 2 subjects.  Example: Trapped child freed from cave; Rescuers lauded for ‘heroic’ effort For future-tense headlines, replace WILL with TO Example: 3 Celebrities to appear on game show
  29. 29. Supply attribution where neededExample: Eating more fat raisescancer risk, new studyconcurs New research underscores link between cancer, high-fat diet
  30. 30.  Use common abbreviations that are approved by your stylebook Example: Ebdane warned of DPWH syndicate  DBM passes buck on ‘love bonus’
  31. 31. Avoid bad breaks Never divide a first and last name Ex: Victory for Al Gore seen Never divide a title and a nameNever hyphenate to end a line Ex: Promising edit- ing career end- ed by lousy head
  32. 32. Avoid adjective-noun break when each has a meaning distinct from its parts Ex: Ex-con is fried chicken chain’s manager of year• Rewritten version: Ex-con named best manager by chicken chain
  33. 33. Avoid preposition-object breakEx: Republican support for tax break guaranteed Pray for Pope; don’t speculate
  34. 34. 4. Substitute shorter words and terms for long ones to make the headline fit
  35. 35. 5.Avoid headlinese Headlinese – clichedterminology of short words