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Parts of Newspaper


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Published in: Education
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Parts of Newspaper

  1. 1. Article that expresses the stand/opinion of theeditors and publishers on a current issue.Though you are entitled to your own opinion, youcan affirm your opinion by reading editorial on acurrent issueThe kto12 is more importantly filled with accurateproficiency in education.Authentically it offers a big salutation to all students,according to an anonymous person quoted ,”educationis not filling of pail but the lightering if a fire”.Example
  2. 2. Account of events that have recently happenedAccording to the Department of Education(DepEd) Secretary Armin Luistro, theimplementation of the program will bedone in phases and will be progressivelyintroduced in the other grade levels insucceeding school years.Example
  3. 3. Type of news story that develops the writing fromthe angle of human interestGrowing up is a huge deal for everyone, realizing what you reallywant and who you want to be. Of course, there are basic requirements thatare part of growing up and one of those is education. Education is a universalmust in part of growing up whether you are homeschooled, regular school oronline without learning, thriving and completely putting up your barracks anddefense for education.Part of our education is our second parents, the sometimes not-so-favorite person of everyone. There are those students who has their owntype of ‘’favorite teacher”. Some prefers strict teachers while others areintrigued by those who are easy-going and excited to listen to others, ateacher who can be their best friend.Example
  4. 4. You may not like all your teachers but there will always be that one who can make yousmile, the type who walks in and everyone just lights up and there are also teachers whocan make you stay up all night just to review for exams.Being a student, as everyone would say, is living as if the world is against you or you’refighting with a battalion when your only weapon is a wooden sword. There comes a timewhen you leave your class or you’re absent for a day because you feel like not going toschool. But no one really knows who lives the hardest life, the grade marker, or thegrade recorder.Most people would say that teachers are leaving the dream, that they just give youactivities and record your scores. Their life is not what fantasies are. They do the hardestwork, teaching a classroom with seventy students and do it all over again for six classes,that is surely not easy. They have to leave their family behind for 8 hours a day, eventheir children, those young, vulnerable children asking why their parents are alwaysaway, and they have to work like a horse for families.
  5. 5. Express the columnists views or stand onany issue of the dayReports on the status of different businesses andindustries
  6. 6. Nonito was totally in control from the start tofinish of the fight while Nishioka did notengage much nor establish anything big.The 29-year-old Donairefloored Nishioka in the 6th roundNonito Donaires record improved to 30-1-0,19 KOs with a left uppercut to head.Gives us news on the result of national andinternational games and their advance reports onschedules.
  7. 7. Publishes readersopinions, reactions,comments, and thelike.