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  • Letter of opinion

    1. 1. Letter writing How to write a formal letter of opinion. A useful guide for level B1 and above.
    2. 2. What we will learn. • Writing a formal letter of opinion • Expressing agreement • Expressing disagreement • Providing solutions
    3. 3. Read the article Our World Abused dolphins Yesterday, a march was organized by animal lovers protesting against the bad living conditions of dolphins in aquariums. Considering the fact that some species of dolphins are threatened with extinction, leaflets were handed out informing people about how much these creatures suffer by performing dangerous tricks in small pools. It should also be noted that these animals sometimes are not treated very well and that in a few cases they do not get enough or proper food.
    4. 4. Writing task Write a letter to the editor of Our World expressing your opinion about dolphins in aquariums giving reasons and providing solutions to the problem.
    5. 5. Before writing think about this • Do you think that wild animals in captivity suffer? Why? Why not? • Do you think wild animals should live in their natural habitat? • Are you concerned about the extinction some wild animals face?
    6. 6. Before writing decide: 1. What style of letter would you write? a. Formal b. Informal 2. How would you start your letter? a. Dear Friend, b. Dear Editor, 3. How would you finish your letter? a. Yours sincerely, b. Yours, 4. What is the purpose of the letter? 5. How many paragraphs would you divide the letter into?
    7. 7. How to plan the letter. (1) Introduction Paragraph 1: Make your topic and opinion clear - dolphins in aquariums - Your objection to keeping them in such places
    8. 8. How to plan the letter. (2) Main Body Paragraph 2: Give reasons for your disagreement. - Interested in animal welfare Some species face extinction Unnatural living conditions Not enough space to swim in Perform dangerous tricks abused, underfed
    9. 9. How to plan the letter. (3) Main Body Paragraph 3: Provide solutions to the problem - Effective measures for their protection - Bigger pools, proper food - Better treatment
    10. 10. How to plan the letter. Conclusion Paragraph 4: Restate your opinion hoping this problem will be solved - Hope for editor’s invaluable help - Promotion of a project for animals in captivity
    11. 11. Useful set phrases (1) Dear Editor, Introduction: paragraph 1  Having read your article concerning …… I am writing to express my opinion about …..  I was very much concerned to read that ….  I am writing in connection with / in reference to your article in (name of the newspaper / magazine)
    12. 12. Useful set phrases (2) Main body: Paragraphs 2 & 3 Expressing agreement / disagreement / making suggestions  First of all, it would be / it would not be a good idea to …  I totally agree / disagree with ….  Consequently, I strongly object to the existence of aquariums  In my opinion / view, I think we should / could …..  I would suggest you protect …..
    13. 13. Useful set phrases (3) Conclusion: Paragraph 4 - To sum up / Summing up / To conclude - Concluding, I hope that ….. / All the above considered, I believe that …. - I would appreciate it if you looked into the matter …. - Yours sincerely, name and surname
    14. 14. Some linking words and phrases (1)
    15. 15. Some linking words and phrases (2) To add some more points: - Besides (this) - Moreover - In addition (to this) - What is more - Furthermore - Apart from this
    16. 16. Some linking words and phrases (3) To conclude: - To sum up - Summing up - Considering the above - Taking everything into account - To conclude - In conclusion - Finally
    17. 17. Model letter Dear Editor, Having read your article concerning dolphins in aquariums, I am writing to express my opinion and my objections to this situation. As a member of an environmental group I am very interested and worried about the dolphins, some species of which are facing extinction. Consequently, I totally disagree with keeping dolphins in such unnatural living conditions. They do not have enough space to swim in, and they suffer when they have to perform tricks to entertain people. Moreover, it is known that these animals are very often abused and underfed. For all these reasons, I believe that the authorities should take effective measures to protect them. They should force owners of such centers to keep dolphins in bigger pools, feed them more properly and treat them in a humane way. Summing up, I hope that you will offer invaluable help to the promotion of a project for the protection of animals in captivity. Yours sincerely, Jose Louwes
    18. 18. Keep in mind. Salutation Opens a letter written to: Dear Sir ---------------------------------------- A man whose name you do not know Dear Sirs --------------------------------------- A company Dear Madam --------------------------------- A woman, whether single or married, whose name you do not know. Dear Sir or Madam -------------------------- Letter to a person of whom you know neither the name nor the sex
    19. 19. Special notes
    20. 20. Lesson completed Now you have learned to write a formal letter of opinion.