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John O'Dea, Enterprise Ireland


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Support for Pharma and Life Sciences Innovation

Published in: Health & Medicine
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John O'Dea, Enterprise Ireland

  1. 1. Support for Pharma andLife Sciences InnovationJohn O’Dea, Enterprise IrelandBio Pharma SummitOctober 2012
  2. 2. Irish owned enterprise World Class Inward Investment Research 2
  3. 3. What I IWill Cover What Will Cover1 Enterprise Ireland’s Role Agenda2 Support for Industry3 Support for Start-ups 3
  4. 4. Supporting Innovation in Pharma and Lifesciences• Innovation-Led High Potential Start-ups• Client company investment in R&D• Commercial return from state research• Collaboration between industry and academia• Drawdown by industry and academia from FP7 etc• Seed and Venture Funds
  5. 5. Commercialisation Fund Support for commercialisation of research from third-level institutions Commercialisation Fund C PlusCF feasibility - Stages/ Go-No Go Bench Market Typically 2- 5 YEARS
  6. 6. Third Level Spin Outs 120 118 100 95 93 80Number 67 LOAs 60 56 Spin outs 40 35 31 31 28 20 12 13 8 7 5 0 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011
  7. 7. Date for your diary;Wednesday 28th November Aviva Stadium
  8. 8. Innovation Support for industryTechnology Centres(~€2 million p.a. over 5 years)EU FP7, ESAIndustry Led Research projects(~€2-3 million over 2-3 years)Innovation Partnerships Collaboration(up to €300k over 18 months) Complexity NumberR&D Fund: Small Projects [<€150k] PartnersLarge Projects [<€650k]Innovation Vouchers ( €5K) Budget
  9. 9. Technology Centres• Irish companies, multinationals, research institutions• Undertake market-focussed strategic R&D• Industry led• Enterprise Ireland and IDA Ireland Usually based in a University with support from partner colleges to deliver on the research needs of the companies
  10. 10. Technology CentresBiorefining & Bioenergy Food for HealthIT Innovation Manufacturing ResearchApplied Nanotechnology Energy EfficiencyComposite Materials International Energy CentreMicroelectronics Learning Innovation Connected Health Financial Services Cloud Computing Data Analytics Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
  11. 11. Pharmaceutical Manufacturing PMTC• Improve manufacturing competitiveness of Irish sites and companies• Undertake research in advanced manufacturing technology with application to Irish pharma industry.• Source additional funding through company projects and EU programmes .• Showcase advanced pharmaceutical manufacturing expertise• Support academic-industry collaboration
  12. 12. Pharmaceutical Manufacturing PMTC Initial research focusProcess Analytical Technology (PAT) to improve costcompetitiveness through • Rapid Microbiological assays • Continuous Processing – as opposed to batch • Soft sensors for process monitoring and control • API-Real Time Release • Packaging/authenticate/trace and security. Brendan Lawlor, Interim Research Manager
  13. 13. Industry-led Research Networks (ILRP)• Medium-term shared agenda research by groups of companies• Research contracted to a publicly-funded research institution with funding from Enterprise Ireland Animal Health Finished Medical Devices & Medical Aids Diagnostics
  14. 14. Innovation Partnerships• Typically individual collaborative projects between companies and researchers• Up to €300k• Up to 80% funding from Enterprise Ireland
  15. 15. R&D FundSmall company 45%Medium Company 35%Large Company 25%Simplified Application for Small R&D Fund<€150k
  16. 16. So you want to start a technology business; How can we help? 
  17. 17. 100 new HPSUs per year, 20% Life-science Background of Promoters Other 5% Serial Promoter Indigenous 16% 37% 3rd Level 10% MNC 32%Most HPSU Entrepreneurs were managers inIndigenous Companies or Multinationals
  18. 18. Business Partners
  19. 19. Where’s Sally?
  20. 20. EI AssistanceThe support you can get from us depends on where you are.1. Get to Investor Readiness • Build Business Plan We’re a 1. Raising investment Development  Agency2. Growing the Business
  21. 21. Get to Investor Readiness A Range of Supports Investor Ready Workshops MentorMarket information Pitch preparation New Frontiers Programme Trade Fairs Seed Capital Technology Assessment CertificationInnovation Voucher Value Proposition Workshop Business Angels Introduction to VCs Feasibility Study
  22. 22. What we look for at Seed Stage Large Market Opportunity [especially if VC needed] Barriers to Entry [current, future?] High Growth, Scalable
  23. 23. HPSU Investment Due Diligence - the Business Plan • Market Risks • Execution Risks • Financial RisksEI funding depends on exports, jobs & cash needEI Investment is in equity [CCRPs]Minimum of matching external fundingAverage initial investment €250k
  24. 24. FundingPre-SeedSeed Funds €124 million VC Funds €520 million
  25. 25. Applied Process Consulting