VFB 2013 - Grants and Vouchers - Technology Strategy Board


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Presentation by Nigel Walker

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  • Don’t have to be an incorporated business – you will need a business bank account we can pay your claim intoInnovation Vouchers are intended to help you make new connections, so it is important that we know you have not worked with this supplier before. You should show that this idea is a challenge for your business and could lead to an innovative development. We cannot fund training, equipment purchase or standard business advice. In the first round you can select Agrifood, Built Environment or Space. In Round 1 we are unable to accept applications for any other project sectors. We may add other themes to future quarterly rounds.
  • The agrifood and built environment Innovation Vouchers can be used with a supplier of your choiceThe space Innovation Vouchers must be used with one of the ISIC partner organisations.
  • KTP is a three-way partnership involving a business, academic institution (such as university, further education college or RTO) and an Associate (a recently qualified graduate). For the Partnership to be a success and rewarding for all involved, the project should benefit all the participants and that the partners must be committed to and take joint ownership of it. Addressing business issues by facilitating the transfer of knowledge between the knowledge base and business through innovation projects undertaken by high calibre, recently qualified, people under the joint supervision of personnel from the business and the knowledge baseFacilitated by very experienced business AdvisersMicro, SMEs, Large companies, third sector and knowledge based partner
  • The most common project duration is 2 years but the range allowed is ½ to 3 years.The partners jointly specify the nature and level of qualifications required of the Associate and share in the selection, but the Associate is employed by the KB partner.However, although the Associate may have to spend some time using laboratory or workshop facilities at the KB institution, he or she is primarily based at the business and works the Business Partner’s hours of work and holidays.The main academic supporting the project is designated the KB Supervisor and is expected to visit the business weekly (fortnightly if far apart).
  • VFB 2013 - Grants and Vouchers - Technology Strategy Board

    1. 1. Grants and Vouchers Nigel Walker @nigelwalker7 Caroline Clark @science_bristol Pete Stirling @stirlingdyamic #Venturefest
    2. 2. Nigel Walker Technology Strategy Board Supporting business-led innovation
    3. 3. “The Technology Strategy Board is the UK’s national innovation agency. Our goal is to accelerate economic growth by stimulating and supporting businessled innovation.”
    4. 4. Our Strategy focuses on five key areas 1. Accelerating the journey between concept and commercialisation 2. Connecting the innovation landscape 3. Turning government action into business opportunity 4. Investing in priority areas based on potential 5. Continuously improving our capability
    5. 5. Where do we invest ? Projected Programme Budget 2014/15
    6. 6. Who gets the money (£ awarded) 100% 80% Academic Large Medium Small Micro 60% 40% 20% 0% 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012
    7. 7. Our Toolset Range of Tools with different objectives / characteristics Smart Collaborative R&D Launchpad Entrepreneur Missions Innovation and Knowledge Centres
    8. 8. Innovation Vouchers The Innovation Voucher can enable your business to access knowledge for all types of innovation – for example: • ideas for new or improved products, processes and services • using design to improve your ideas • managing your intellectual property
    9. 9. Who can apply? • you need to be a start-up, micro or small and medium-sized business located in the UK • it should be the first time that you have worked with your selected knowledge supplier • the idea should be a challenge for your business that requires specialist help • your idea must be applicable to one of the thematic areas
    10. 10. Innovation Vouchers – next round Applications are invited from businesses in these areas: • Agrifood • Built Environment • Energy, Water and Waste • Open Data Innovators and Inventors • Cyber Security - voucher value up to £5k - October, January, April, July entries
    11. 11. Smart
    12. 12. Smart • A grant scheme to support projects at key stages of development • Open to businesses from all sectors and all technologies • For single company, UK based SMEs - open to Pre start-ups and Start-ups • Always open for applications • Fast process - 30 day decision turnaround, projects start as soon as 20 days after decision • It is competitive! Only the best, most innovative and commercially promising ideas will get funding
    13. 13. • Proof of Market – assess commercial viability – market research – initial planning for commercialisation • Proof of Concept – – – – initial feasibility studies basic prototyping, specialist testing and or demonstration investigation of production options. Pre-clinical research studies • Development of Prototype – – – – pre-production prototype IP protection trials and testing (including clinical) identifying routes to market Smart
    14. 14. What is KTP?
    15. 15. Features of KTP Project duration between 6 months and 3 years Associate recruited jointly but employed by knowledge base partner Associate located wholly or mainly at business premises with Business Supervisor KB Supervisor spends approx. half a day per week at the business premises
    16. 16. Biomedical Catalyst • Joint Technology Strategy Board and Medical Research Council programme investing £180m over 3 years • Delivers growth to the UK life sciences sector through supporting and driving the development of innovative life sciences products and services • Supports both academically- and commercially-led research and development and encourages partnership between clinicians, academics and industry • Aims to move innovative life sciences products and services quicker and more effectively to commercialisation – and ultimately healthcare Watch the video on http://ow.ly/bz2Da
    17. 17. Biomedical Catalyst • Open to both business led and academic led projects • Feasibility Award – enables the exploration and evaluation of the commercial potential of an early-stage scientific idea • Early Stage Award – to evaluate the technical feasibility of an idea and establish proof of concept in a model system • Late Stage Award – takes a well-developed concept and demonstrates its effectiveness in a relevant environment
    18. 18. • Open competitions addressing Public Sector challenges • Applications assessed and most promising ones awarded development contracts • Project risk is managed through a phased process – Phase 1 Proof of Feasibility: 2 - 9mths & £20k to £100k – Phase 2 Prototype Development: up to 2 years and £1M (depends on challenge) • 100% funded • IP rests with the company • Possibility of long term contracts
    19. 19. Collaborative R&D • Competitions within specific technology themes • Supports collaboration between businesses and between businesses and academia • Open to businesses of any size including Start-ups and Micros • £25k - £1m grant • Programmes run from few weeks up to 2/3 years • Intervention rate varies – typically 50% - 60%
    20. 20. Stimulating Cluster Growth Launchpad Enabling young and early stage SMEs with significant growth ambition by being part of a developing cluster: • Innovation through R&D project funding • Business support including coaching & mentoring • Attracting new investment Video application. Open to SMEs that: • Are in the cluster • Plan to start up in the cluster • Move into the cluster • Collaborate with a company already in the cluster
    21. 21. Catapult Centres Business-focused centres that make world-leading technical capability available to businesses to solve their technical challenges The Catapults will provide: • Access to world-leading technology & expertise • Access to world-leading science • Capability to undertake collaborative R&D projects and contract research with business • Strongly business focused with a professional delivery ethos • Critical mass of activity creating a focal point • Skills development at all levels
    22. 22. Knowledge Transfer Networks Aerospace, Aviation & Defence Biosciences HealthTech and Medicines Chemistry Innovation Creative Industries Industrial Mathematics Information & Communication Technologies Electronics, Sensors, Photonics Materials Energy Generation and Supply Modern Built Environment Environmental Sustainability Nanotechnology Financial Services Transport
    23. 23. 25
    24. 24. _connect Investment Network
    25. 25. Nigel Walker Access to Finance Technology Strategy Board www.innovateuk.org nigel.walker@tsb.gov.uk @NigelWalker7 07824 418360
    26. 26. Nigel Walker Access to Finance Technology Strategy Board nigel.walker@tsb.gov.uk @NigelWalker7 www.innovateuk.org