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BEN Investability Dr James Clipson


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Published in: Economy & Finance
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BEN Investability Dr James Clipson

  1. 1. Driving Innovation Technology Strategy Board Support and Funding OpportunitiesDr Jim Clipson
  2. 2. Driving Innovation Organisation Funding through Competitions Collaborative R&D Grant for R&D Small Business Research Initiative European Opportunities Eurostars
  3. 3. Driving InnovationWho we are as an organisation…• An arm’s length executive body guided by business-led Governing Board• Sponsored by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS)• We work across government in partnership with the research councils, regional development agencies and the devolved administrations• Focused on business innovation and the application of technology• Staff of 140 based in Swindon
  4. 4. Driving Innovation What are we funding?• About 1000 Business-focused R&D Consortia• Usually Business led• Over 3000 businesses are involved• 100 Higher Education Institutes involved• £540m invested – of total £ 1,200m
  5. 5. Driving Innovation Funding through Competitions
  6. 6. Driving InnovationThe “Ideal Project” • A clear commercial opportunity to open up or exploit a significant growth market. • A technical challenge that requires the creation of an industrially driven consortium and innovative and risky research and development to solve. • A realistic project with deliverables and applications that are innovative, commercially exploitable and of wider benefit. • A demonstrable need for support.
  7. 7. Driving InnovationTypes of Project Commercialisation Prod. Prototype System Qual. System Dev. Technology Demo Technology Development Feasibility Blue sky Research Commercial Investment Councils BAS APP EXP Venture Capital TSB and its co-funders funding Market readiness
  8. 8. Driving Innovation Intervention Rates • Basic Research – 75% • Applied Research – 50% - SMEs may get 60% • Experimental Research – 25% • N.B. Rates apply to project. • Maximum grant determined by total competition amount – which varies £1m - £20M.
  9. 9. Driving Innovation TSB Strategic Criteria • Does the UK have the capability?  Significant research capability/capacity to exploit opportunities, • Is the idea “ready”?  Clear opportunity to which this is a timely response.  Speed progress towards more sustainable economic growth. • Is there a large market opportunity?  What is the size of the global market opportunity?  Will it create added value in the UK, taking into account the global market potential? • Can the Technology Strategy Board make a difference?  Can we add value?  Will our investment promote sustainability and quality of life?
  10. 10. Driving Innovation Application Structure The Application is broken down into 4 sections: Gateway: Scope Section One: Business Proposition • Does the project fit the competition • What is the business proposition call? that the applicants are trying to address and exploit? Section Two: Project & Partners Section Three: Value Add Details : • Is the project value for money? • What will the project entail? • Why should the Technology Strategy • Who are the project participants and Board invest? what is their credentials?
  11. 11. Driving InnovationApplication Assessment All applications are assessed by independent reviewers drawn from industry and academia What do they look for? • Clear and concise answers • The right amount of information – don’t give too much detail or making assumptions • Quantification and justification where required • That you‟re the right people with the right bright idea and the means to exploit its potential
  12. 12. Driving Innovation
  13. 13. Driving Innovation Overview • Assist micro, small and medium sized businesses and pre-start-ups • UK wide – Supersedes RDA scheme – Working alongside Devolved Administration schemes – Discussing to align with DAs • Single company grants • Deliver successful new products, processes and services • Economic Growth
  14. 14. Driving Innovation Grant Types • Proof of Market – assess commercial viability – market research – initial planning for commercialisation • Proof of Concept – initial feasibility studies – basic prototyping, specialist testing and or demonstration – investigation of production options. – Pre-clinical research studies • Development of Prototype – pre-production prototype – IP protection – trials and testing (including clinical) – identifying routes to market
  15. 15. Driving Innovation Modes of operation Responsive Thematic • Always open • Single competitions – Batched assessment 6 / – Once off year • Specific competition brief • Any technology or sector – Deadlines • Funds – Topic area – Spread over the year – Funding level – Balanced between grant – Types of grant types • Resubmission not • Resubmission permitted possible (to the same within limits competition)
  16. 16. Driving Innovation Grant Types Grant Type Intervention rate Max grant level Max duration (responsive mode) Proof of Market 60% £25,000 (max 20% 9 months upfront payment) Proof of Concept 60% £100,000 (lower of 20% 18 months or £10,000 upfront payment) Development of 35% medium £250,000 24 months Prototype enterprises 45% small and micro In Thematic mode PoM and PoC can have a 15% uplift (75%)
  17. 17. Driving Innovation Eligibility • UK based SMEs and pre-start-ups • Fewer than 250 employees • Turnover < €50m • Balance sheet < €43m • EU definition: figures-analysis/sme-definition/index_en.htm
  18. 18. Driving Innovation
  19. 19. Driving Innovation SBRI • SBRI is a structured process enabling the Public Sector to engage with Innovative Companies :- • Helping Departments fulfil their Objectives – Using Innovation to achieve step function improvement s • Accelerating Technology Commercialisation – Provide a route to market • Supporting the development of Innovative Companies – Provide a lead customer/R&D partner – Provide funding & credibility for fund raising
  20. 20. Driving Innovation SBRI Key Features • Procurement Process • Engaging with Innovative Companies & Procuring the R&D to :- • Find & eventually procure novel solution to existing problem • Encourage creation of solutions which meet policy objectives • Development Contracts • 100% funded R&D • Operate under procurement rules rather than state aid rules • UK implementation of EU Pre-Commercial Procurement • Deliverable based rather than hours worked or costs incurred • IP rests with Company • Certain usage rights with Public Sector – companies encouraged to exploit IP.
  21. 21. Driving Innovation SBRI Process • Open competition based on PSB Challenges • PSB defines the problem space for which solutions are either absent or inadequate • Competition widely advertised through TSB channels • Reach out to broad spectrum of technology based industry • Applications assessed by PSB and most promising ones awarded development contracts. • Project risk is managed through a Phased process • Phase 1 Proof of Feasibility 2 - 9mths & £20k to £100k • Phase 2 Prototype Development can be up to 2 years and £1M (depends on challenge)
  22. 22. Driving Innovation Current competitions – a sample • Highly innovative strategic technologies in low carbon vehicles • Disruptive technologies in low carbon vehicles • Regenerative Medicine Programme: Developing Therapeutics 2 • Regenerative Medicine Programme: Tools and Technologies • Metadata production tools • Have I got „views‟ for you? Gathering and analysing publicly available data to gain an understanding of current events •
  23. 23. Driving Innovation
  24. 24. Driving Innovation
  25. 25. Driving Innovation
  26. 26. The EUREKA Eurostars Programme > 26 The Eurostars Programme is the first European funding and support programme to be specifically dedicated to R&D performing SMEs. Short lead-time (3 months from cut-off date to funding decision) Projects funded by the respective partners national funding bodies UK – Technology Strategy Board - £3M p.a. The Eurostars Programme is powered by EUREKA and the European Community© EUREKA Secretariat 2008
  27. 27. For more information > > 27 Next closing date – September 2011 Single stage - On-line – In English call.ashx (when details known) The Eurostars Programme is powered by EUREKA and the European Community© EUREKA Secretariat 2008
  28. 28. Driving Innovation Technology Strategy Board Competitions 0300 321 4357