Loukas Pilitsis applying successful international methods to assist new en…


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Loukas Pilitsis applying successful international methods to assist new en…

  1. 1. Applying Successful International Methods to assist New Entrepreneursbuild a startupΤρίτη 21 Μαΐου 2013ρ ηΕuropean Maritime Week Conference,University of Piraeus
  2. 2. L f f l i t ti l hLearn from successful international approachesLearn from successful international approachesThe US and Israeli models for angel/seed funding and beyondLearn from successful international approachesThe US and Israeli models for angel/seed funding and beyondDevelopment of newt h l i• Cooperation with technology Institutes• Business oriented academics with foresighttechnologies • Business oriented academics with foresight• IP protectionSuccessfulIncubation/spin offProcess• Successful chemistry between Investor and Investee• Important to identify early the strengths and weaknesses of each business modeland rectify, as needed• Work with experienced investment/incubation teams to ensure smooth processPartner MentoringPrograms• Partnerships with subject-matter experts in the role of mentors for the young/newentrepreneursS ccessf l mi of Ad isors to bring the right res lts is paramo ntStrategic InvestorApproach• Successful mix of Advisors to bring the right results is paramount• Extremely important for the success of a business model is to give the appropriatetime to fully develop1Approach time to fully develop• Strong networks with likely-minded investors for follow-on rounds1
  3. 3. Adj t t G k E i t f f l tAdjust to Greek environment for a successful outcomeAdjust to Greek Environment for a successful outcomeWhat is needed in Greece to help the creation of the Innovation Ecosystem of TomorrowAdjust to Greek environment for a successful outcomep yInternational sectorexpertise with local• Need to combine investment expertise with the right mix of professionals• Important to combine the right resources both international and local to achievetouchExecution ability with• Important to combine the right resources, both international and local, to achieveappropriate execution and IP protection• Ability to navigate complex regulatory and bureaucratic environments in the localmarket to efficiently structure deals and minimize risksExecution ability withthe right PartnersD R i lmarket to efficiently structure deals and minimize risks• Advisors/Partners appropriate mix to provide both international subject-matterexpertise and understanding of Greek culture / approach to startupsDeep RegionalKnowledge andUnderstanding• Paramount to understand both the Greek financial and business market intricatesystems to achieve successful executionRigorous investmentand risk mgmtprocesses• International standard investment and risk management processes• Adhering to best practices2 2
  4. 4. What is needed from the entrepreneur?What is needed from the entrepreneur?• Innovative idea and competitive advantage• Understanding the market and competition• Commitment (lifetime vs lifestyle)• Chemistry between the team members• Patience and perseverance / long term strategy• Good executionGood execution• No fear for failure!3
  5. 5. What is needed from the investor? More than MoneyWhat is needed from the investor? More than Money• Clear chemistry between the investor and entrepreneur• Sector knowledge expertise and operational experience for proper advice/mentoring• Contacts and network to pursue commercial and further funding opportunities• Experience in investing/structuring deals and negotiatingExperience in investing/structuring deals and negotiating4
  6. 6. Who we are Piraeus VC PE GroupPiraeus Venture Capital & Private Equity Group VisionWho we are – Piraeus VC-PE GroupBe the local know-how partner for internationali tit ti d i t i G d thinstitutions and investors in Greece and thebroader SE European / EmergingMediterranean regionActive from angel investing to late-stage private equity:AngelInvestmentsOpen FundSeed InvestmentsPJ Tech Catalyst1 investmentVC InvestmentsPiraeus TaneoCapital FundPrivate EquityPiraeus CleanEnergy LPp8 investments 3 under execution5 investments2 under execution2 investments1 under execution20 investments in 3 ½ years520 investments in 3 ½ yearsCurrent AUM 90 mmDiscussion for F+B /Agrobusiness Fund – Future plan for Tourism FundTarget AUM 200mm in 2014 3
  7. 7. Piraeus Equity Advisors – Unique skill-setPiraeus VC-PE Group has a unique skill-set to achieve its visionq y qInternationalExecution in difficultPiraeus VC-PE Group has a unique skill-set to achieve its visionInternationalfinancial and sectorexpertisemarkets/partnershipwith subject-matterexpertsPiraeus EquityAd iAdvisorsExecutionDeep regional Rigorous investmentExecutionDeep regionalknowledge andunderstandingRigorous investmentand riskmanagementprocesses6p
  8. 8. PJ Tech Catalyst Fund teamy• Experienced international fund management team• Deep technology and start-up experience• Strong investment sector backgroundLoukas NikosMichaelManagement TeamPilitsisfundmanagerAntoniouinvestmentmanagerDimitropoulosinvestmentmanagerA dCh iV iliK t ArnaudHeninChrisTsangosVasilisTheoharakisKostasMallios7
  9. 9. PJ Tech Catalyst - VisionThe PJ Tech Catalyst team has the vision to:ySupport and help shape a dynamic andThe PJ Tech Catalyst team has the vision to:Support and help shape a dynamic andsuccessful start-up scene in GreeceInvest in and help grow a group of promisingICT start-ups into world class companiesWork with other market participants to developl l t l t d tt t i t t i t G8local talent and attract investment into Greece
  10. 10. Investment Strategy and Focusgy• Seed stage investment -Fund Strategy and Requirements What we look forg• Pre-revenue• Core team assembled• Strong and committed team• Typically 6 – 18 month oldcompany• Select idea stage teams• A great business idea with clearcompetitive advantageSelect idea stage teams• Technology companies (ICT Sector) • Strong international growth potential• Main operations in Greece9
  11. 11. What We OfferPJ Tech Catalyst proposes a deep partnership with investeei th t ffcompanies that offers:1 Investmentf € 0• Equity investment of up to € 750 k per company2 Deep technology management experience2 Deep technology management experience3 International experience and standards for3 International experience and standards forinvesting and structuring the deal4 Global network for business development, follow-on financing and exits10
  12. 12. Incubatoriqbility is a Quest Group of companies initiative in partnership with the PJ TechC t l t F d i i t b id l l t i l t l t ith t bli h d tCatalyst Fund aiming to bridge local entrepreneurial talent with established corporateand subject-matter expert resources, to achieve amazing business results.iqbility offers valuable means to propel a startup forward since the very early stageiqbility offers valuable means to propel a startup forward since the very early stagesuch as: Pre-seed Funding Offi S d I f t t Office Space and Infrastructure Business Support Services (accounting, legal, administrative, IT) Expert mentoring and strategic advice to provide real business synergies plusaccess to seed funding for your next steps,access to seed funding for your next steps,The aggregate value of cash and services is indicatively up to 60K euros and isinvested in a startup against a minimum equity stakeiqbility will assist in the realization of our partnerstartups great growth potential!startups great growth potential!11
  13. 13. Contact UsContact DetailsL k Pili iLoukas Pilitsise – lpilitsis@pequityadvisors.come - l.pilitsis@pjtechcatalyst.com(+30) 695 847 2764Mike Dimitropoulose - m.dimitropoulos@pjtechcatalyst.comm - (+30) 694 029 9409Nikos Antonioue - n.antoniou@pjtechcatalyst.comm - (+30) 694 486 0931m - (+30) 695.847.2764Arnaud Henine - a.henin@pjtechcatalyst.comm (+30) 694.029.9409 m (+30) 694.486.0931Chris Tsangose - c.tsangos@pjtechcatalyst.comm – (+30) 694.456.5087m - (+30) 694.820.0001Kostas Malliose k mallios@pjtechcatalyst comVasilis Theoharakise v theoharakis@pjtechcatalyst come – k.mallios@pjtechcatalyst.com e – v.theoharakis@pjtechcatalyst.comm – (+30) 694.593.536312