Importance of IAO Accreditation for Schools


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IAO’s accreditation for schools ensures that schools providing international level of education and learning resources to students get recognized on a global scale. IAO’s international accreditation reassure parents that they have chosen the right place to fulfill their children's learning & development needs. IAO’s accreditation influences more and more parents to opt for your school, with the assurance that they are rightfully investing in their children's academic welfare and future.

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Importance of IAO Accreditation for Schools

  1. 1. Importance of IAOAccreditation for Schools
  2. 2. What is IAO? Mission “To establish, preserve and promote the finest educational standards worldwide by acting as a catalyst for vv information, training and networking to traditional and non-traditional educational institutes”
  3. 3. Scope of IAO’s Accreditation for Schools• IAO is an internationally recognized quality assurance agency that accredits elementary/primary and secondary schools all over the world• IAO’s accreditation reassure parents that they have chosen the right place in order to fulfill their children’s learning & development needs• Accreditation of international level by the IAO influences more and more parents to opt for your school, with the assurance that they are rightfully investing in their children’s academic welfare
  4. 4. IAO Provides Elementary/Primary and Secondary Schools Worldwide With an Opportunity to Acquire its Internationally Acclaimed Accreditation• IAO grants accreditation to schools that embark international level of education and learning facilities for their students.• IAO sees it as its responsibility to provide elementary/primary and secondary level schools operating worldwide, with the opportunity to receive recognition & accreditation on a global scale• The IAO has devised a stringent evaluation criterion to benchmark schools against quality international practices• Schools that demonstrate dedication towards quality education encouraged internationally and provide modern learning facilities to students are deserving of IAO’s prestigious accreditation
  5. 5. Who Should Seek IAO’s International Accreditation?• Schools are not stagnant entities and are always moving in a certain direction. The IAO’s accreditation assists schools in changing for the better in an orderly and systematic way. It brings a dynamic culture into the school by engaging every staff member in a process of organizational assessment.• The IAO’s accreditation process is stringent; not overwhelming, but surely demanding. The end results though, are well worth the investment.
  6. 6. Why Should You Seek IAO’s International Accreditation?Parents are looking for high-quality elementary/primary and secondaryeducation. Your schools involvement in the accreditation process (that too of aninternational level, that the IAO offers) raises the schools commitment to qualityeducation and advanced students’ learning0through this intentional investmentof yours.
  7. 7. International Accreditation Received by the IAO Endorses The Following With Your School’s Name• A curriculum based on sound principles of child development• Nurturing interactions among children and staff• A healthy and safe environment for children• A sufficient teachers and administrative staff to children ratio• Strong communication among parents and staff• A commitment among staff to the continual development of teaching skills• Developmental appropriateness of the curriculum• Plentiful materials to stimulate learning• A developmental focus that meets the needs of the child as a whole• A set up that emphasizes language development and a print-rich environment*• A set up that encourages exploration and discovery*A print rich classroom is one in which children interact with many forms of print including signs, labeled centers, wall stories,word displays, labeled murals, bulletin boards, charts, poems and other printed materials.
  8. 8. What is IAO? About IAO • Offers Secondary Accreditation to An international and independent traditional, non- traditional & vocational quality assurance agency working education providers to improve educational standards globally • Supplements regional accreditation • Evaluates an institution through its patented Points Profile System • Has presence in over 25 countries • Has a global workforce of more than 100 accreditation professionals • Formed strategic alliances with numerous regional accrediting agencies • Recognized by different global accreditation