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Program And Portfolio Management


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A tutorial by Simon Bor, presented at InflectraCon 2019, in Cincinnati, OH on September 10, 2019

Published in: Technology
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Program And Portfolio Management

  1. 1. Program & Portfolio Management @Inflectra | #InflectraCon
  2. 2. Simon Bor Head of Products, Inflectra
  3. 3. Session Aims Spira’s different workspaces Our vision Sneak peak Feedback from you
  4. 4. Spira’s different workspaces
  5. 5. Workspaces in SpiraPlan 6.0 Program Product
  6. 6. Our vision
  7. 7. Workspaces in SpiraPlan 6.x Program Product Enterprise Portfolio
  8. 8. What will this help you do? Is a program of products running late? How ‘done’ is a portfolio? How are the big risks across an enterprise mitigated?
  9. 9. How: concept Enterprise Portfolio Program Product Product Program Product Portfolio Program Product Product Product Program Product Product Product Program Product Product
  10. 10. Sneak Peak
  11. 11. The new workspace dropdown
  12. 12. First phase Requirements ‘complete’ Simple and transparent methodology Make it scale up the hierarchy
  13. 13. Number* Percent complete* Start date End date * based on statuses
  14. 14. Standard views that roll up
  15. 15. and...
  16. 16. Feedback
  17. 17. Potential future phases Risks Quality and code metrics Incidents More complex metric of “complete” (eg story points, task effort or progress, test coverage)
  18. 18. Discussion topics Most important metrics to measure Key analysis leaders care about What is essential for first version Cool ideas for enhancements