The Rise and Rise of Ebooks - Anne Worden


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  • Introduction to Early Modern English was only purchased on 2 November in response to reading list needs
  • Over 1,500 distance learners, particularly in Criminology
  • The Rise and Rise of Ebooks - Anne Worden

    1. 1. The Rise and Rise of E-books: A Case Study from theUniversity of Portsmouth, UK Anne Worden Faculty Librarian: Humanities and Social Sciences November 2012
    2. 2. Background• UoP is a post-1992 university with c20,000 FTEs• Trial of networked e-books began in 2004• Number of bought-in e-books has increased from 15,000 to around 90,000• Books from Credo Reference, DawsonEra, ebrary, MyiLibrary, Oxford Scholarship Online• Since 2005 use of e-books at Portsmouth has increased by well over 1000%• UoP has the highest use of e-books in the UK (SCONUL Strategic Planning Data 2010-11)
    3. 3. E-book Section Requests600000050000004000000300000020000001000000 0 0 1 2 /5 /6 /7 /8 /9 /1 /1 /1 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2
    4. 4. E-book Survey Participants• Spring 2009 survey• 903 Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) & 208 Technology students• Spring 2012 survey• 1118 HSS & 101 Technology students  646 female 18-23 yr old HSS students  322 male 18-23 yr old HSS students  28 HSS students aged 24-29  41 HSS students aged 30+  81 HSS part-time mature students from School of Education
    5. 5. Do you use e-books for every assignment? 70 60 50 40 2009 30 2012 20 10 0 HSS Male HSS Female HSS Part-time Technology 2012 Percentage saying “Yes”
    6. 6. How useful are e-books for your course?60504030 Not at all20 Some use Quite useful10 Very useful 0 Percentages by age and course group
    7. 7. How useful are e-books for your course?70605040 Not at all useful30 Some use20 Quite useful Very useful10 0 Percentages for female HSS students
    8. 8. How useful are e-books for your course? 60 50 40 30 Not at all useful Some use 20 Quite useful 10 Very useful 0 Percentages for male HSS students
    9. 9. Why do you use e-books?45403530 HSS 0925 HSS 12 HSS Part-time20 Tech 0915 Tech 121050 Convenient Easy to search Print taken Prefer online Other Percentages choosing each option
    10. 10. Student Views – Advantages 1 So useful especially if it’s a book everyone on the course needs and there are not enough hard copies Really convenient Languages Yr 4 to useIt is easy to Languages Yr 1bookmark pagesand highlight so that It saves trouble ofyou can go back to going into the library and carrying theresearch easily book back homeEnglish Lit Yr 3 MSc Computing
    11. 11. Student Views – Advantages 2E-books are easier to flick The word searchthrough to find the right is very useful andchapters relevant to often saves timeassignment reading Languages Yr 2 irrelevant pages Sociology Yr 3 Brilliant, life saver! Extremely usefulCopy and paste and easy to usesaves a lot of English Lit Yr 3time when using You don’t have toquotes in any essay pay fines!! Languages Yr 2 Languages Yr 4
    12. 12. Given a choice, I would prefer to use: 70 60 50 HSS 09 40 HSS 12 HSS Part-time 30 Tech 09 Tech 12 20 10 0 E-book Print No preference It dependsIn 2009 59% of HSS & 44% of Tech students responding preferredto use a printed book. In 2012 it was 51% HSS and 35% Tech.
    13. 13. Given a choice, I would prefer to use:9080706050 E-book40 Print30 No preference20 It depends100 Percentages for female HSS students
    14. 14. Given a choice, I would prefer to use:70605040 E-book30 Print20 No preference It depends10 0 Percentages for male HSS students
    15. 15. Discriminating consumers• For reading a novel, I would have a printed version, but for research and other I would use an e-book English Literature Yr 1• Prefer printed books for long articles, e-book for short references English Literature Yr 2• For reading I prefer printed copies. For extracting quotes, e-books are better Politics Yr 1• Large books are better to read from paper copy - foreign language sources are easier to read from paper copy Languages Yr 2• Whether it’s for pleasure or research Eng Lit Yr 1
    16. 16. Top 10 UoP e-books accessed in 2011• 70,131 Sage dictionary of criminology• 34,669 Biosocial Criminology: New Directions In Theory• 26,254 Contemporary Leadership Theories• 20,857 Future Savvy: Identifying Trends to Make Better Decisions & Manage Uncertainty• 19,464 Constitutional and Administrative Law• 19,099 Labour Relations in the Global Fast-Food Industry• 18,009 How to Price: A Guide to Pricing Techniques and Yield Management• 17,205 Doing Your Research Project: A Guide for First- Time Researchers in Education• 17,123 Introduction to Early Modern English• 15,174 Afghanistan: How the West Lost Its Way
    17. 17. Why is use so high at Portsmouth? Environmental factors• Sheer number of e-books available (& on library catalogue)• Increased no. of students but lack of space and money to increase no. of multiple copies• Significant number of distance learners
    18. 18. Why is use so high at Portsmouth? Student factors• Students value convenience of e-books• E-books give fair access to all, regardless of how late they leave it to look• Word searching tools & copy+paste assist students who are short of time• For many students finding books in a physical library is difficult – e-books particularly benefit these students• Enthusiastic take-up by Humanities & Social Science students
    19. 19. Why is use so high at Portsmouth? What’s happening on the ground• Promotion of e-books by lecturers & deliberate inclusion as key weekly reading on reading lists – Strong engagement across Humanities & Social Sciences• Demonstration of e-books by librarians – Hands-on workshops a part of Study Skills units• Systematic checking of reading lists for e-book matches• Buying e-books which match weekly reservation requests – Algerian War book bought just before Easter reached 3081 section requests in 21 days – European Revolutions 1848 book bought just before Christmas had 17099 section requests in January 2012
    20. 20. Top student concerns re e-books• More e-books should be made available “Would be even more useful if there was more available” Languages Yr 1• Downloading to Kindles etc should be possible “Would like to be able to download to Kindle for all e- books” Computing Yr 2 “They’re great – provided I can read them on any device I own” Computing Yr 1• Moving through pages should be easier “If the page turning system were made easier it’d be great” American Studies Yr 1• Find reading on-screen uncomfortable “Sometimes they hurt my eyes to read” Criminol Yr 2 “I don’t like reading text on a computer screen” Computing Yr 1
    21. 21. The final word…