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Rachel Green Jove


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Rachel Green Jove

  1. 1. How Peer-Reviewed Video Publications Will Save Science
  2. 2. Amgen Study 100 scientists tried to reproduce findings of 53 landmark articles Successfully reproduced 11% 89% Not reproduced
  3. 3. No reproducibility = NO SCIENCE
  4. 4. Text article Position the metaphase spindle at 3 o’clock and hold it with holding pipette. Apply piezo pulses to penetrate the zona pellucida. Touch the metaphase plate with the enucleation pipette. Aspirate the spindle and withdraw the pipette.
  5. 5. Usage growth – web traffic • 300,000 unique visitors per month • 80% from academic instituitions
  6. 6. Subscribers: universities, colleges and pharma/biotech companies
  7. 7. Dr. Maria Toledo-Rodriguez, University of Nottingham By having the video protocol ... anybody can quickly learn the technique whenever it is convenient for her/him saving them lots of time, money and frustrations. Dr. Rich Condit, University of Florida You can't figure out how to do this stuff just from reading the literature, you have to have somebody show you ... this is amazing! Lalitha Chandrasekher, PhD student, Georgetown University Thank you for creating and developing such an astounding resource for scientists! This is truly going to rapidly advance progress in all fields of research and the potential applications are endless.